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Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, I have been diagnosed for Potts spine last march (2007). I was recommended "AKT-4" (medicine 1 morning+2 afternoon+1 night) treatment course. After 2 months of medication MRI was taken and it showed further destruction of spine in L3-L4 region and elevated ESR of 116mm/hr. My medicine was changed to "4D plus" (1 morning+2 afternoon+1 night) and after 2 weeks ESR level was down to 96mm/hr and bone showed slight improvement.
357139 tn?1220104712 I am currently undergoing ATT therapy for potts spine-- involved abscess, psoas abscess.....drained. No neurology when diagnosed. Now completing 7 months (only medication no surgical treatment) but pain is not completely gone....still have pain in the back if i sit for 4-5 hrs. can walk around on a leveled surface. how long does it going to take for complete recovery?????
Avatar n tn dental procedures cause agingAbdominal mri Aging and exercise Aging changes in body shape Aging changes in skin Chest mri Heart mri Liver spots Lumbosacral spine mri Mri Mri of the head Nuclear ventriculography trauma. A pulled tooth can result in numb toes and leg cramps, an overdose of anesthesia can last for two weeks and cause stomach problems, physical imbalance, or more. Root canals and dental infections can affect heart rate. Antibiotics can problem digestion.
Avatar m tn 4 days ago, my back was fine. Then I got a small lump just below the shoulder near the spine. within 3 days the lump got bigger and red, and painful to touch or sit against a chair. The day before I noticed it, I was standing under a fruit tree in the neighborhood picking fruit. So I don't know if it is a bug bite or a cyst or something else. Any ideas?
1146080 tn?1261456820 There is a chance that what you feel is not a lump but tense muscles. It could also be an abscess or collection of pus if it is painful. Also there is a huge possibility that there is pinched cervical spinal nerves causing all this pain. This can happen due to overuse of computers, work involving straining of neck, herniated disc, canal stenosis, bone disease, spondylosis, poor posture etc. Use a hard bed to sleep. Avoid a pillow. Roll a towel and place it under your neck while sleeping.
Avatar f tn *Constant pain on top of head -aching/burning feeling -sometimes feels like a stabbing pain -most of the time the pain felt is towards the front near my forehead. *Facial pain -Mainly my right cheek (pain feels aching/burning with a feeling of numbness occasionally) and sometimes my upper forehead hurts *Tooth pain -The front tooth and gum I haven't had any other symptoms (dizziness, nausea, etc.).
Avatar n tn The lump is located near the end of her spine, close to her tail. The lump feels squishy, like it is filled with liquid. It is about and inch in diameter and about half an inch tall. I tried to find something on Google, but could find nothing. I breed rabbits, and occasionally during the summer some kind of larvae gets under their skin and forms a lump, but since it is winter, I do not think this is likely.
Avatar n tn Hello, The first possibility is of a boil or abscess in the area. The second possibility is of a perineal hernia. It is a hernia involving the perineum (pelvic floor), mostly found in men and often appears as a sudden swelling to one side (sometimes both sides) of the anus. Second possibility which comes to my mind is of pilonidal cyst.
Avatar m tn I cannot pin point anything that makes them worse and they occur in random spots. Lately, the pain as occurred near the front of my neck in the vicinity of the arteries. The scalp pain occurs in random locations. Could this be nerve pain? I'm more concerned about it being an issue with my arteries/blood vessels.
Avatar f tn The doctors said this was an abscess and needed draining. It was drained continuously, in and out of surgery and it was still leaking. They then informed us that it had been drained completely, performed skin grafting and it still leaks through a whole of what looks like a pimple. This might even be where it was drained from. The doctors have no answers and she is so scared to go through yet another surgery.
Avatar n tn ) Within 7 days, I developed very sensitive patches of skin on my forearms and the base of my spine. I thought I had the flu-soon the lymph nodes in my neck swelled, my gums swelled, and it became nearly impossible for me to eat or drink anything without taking a massive amount of ibuprofen. Meanwhile, I had developed lesions in my mouth that appeared to be cold sores. I went to the emergency room when I became so dehydrated I couldn't sleep (my heart was pounding "out of my chest.
Avatar f tn I get headaches sometimes, they always start at the base of my head, near my neck, and then make my whole spine hurt, but I figured that's from my tooth abscess. I eat a Weston A. Price diet, have been for a few years, and while it had helped me a TON with all my previous health problems I used to have, this is coming out of nowhere. I'm not out of shape either, I'm definitely not anemic.
Avatar f tn My pulmonary consultant doesn't know what else to do so he is just blaming it on my radiation treatments even though they were no where near where the pain is at.
Avatar f tn this happens once or twice a day, but not every day. She will run away as if she thinks someone hurt her even if no one was near her. Very odd. 2 weeks ago she did have a fever and vomiting. I suspected garbage gut cause she will get into stuff if you just let her out instead of going out with her. any help is appreciated.
Avatar m tn 2 benign cysts were found in my neck. I had an MRI of my spine. That's where the cysts near my thyroid were first noticed. The doctor then ordered an ultrasound to obtain exact measurements. Fluid was later obtained for biopsy which came back negative for cancer. I do believe this has been the cause of the pain. At times the pain would be higher yet I think that was referred pain. I haven't yet had them removed. After my very recent hysterectomy, that's enough surgeries for awhile.
Avatar m tn I now have a cyst or abscess close or at my armpit which was discovered via ultrasound on Tuesday. I have been complaining of discomfort there for months. Has anyone else experienced problems in the same location? 5 abscess drained during the week; E.R, doctor called the woundcare "Specialist" who now wants to see me on Monday. Funny that he was content to see me in "7 Weeks" when it was red, swollen and painful a week ago.
Avatar f tn I initially thought that I had a bug bite that created an abscess. I had that drained three months in a row before it was kept open and packed from the bottom up by a home nurse. I had two wide open incisions then a mastectomy of the left breast in Oct. of 2008. In May of 2009, I had the right breast removed as well as a lump on my breast plate. Each pathology report came back as granulomatous mastitis.
Avatar f tn I have also developed a site of major inflammation at the base of my spine, and had spinal biopsies, whole body bone scans, etc., to try to determine what it is, but no one knows, although they do think (my rheumatologist and the breast surgeons), that the two sites of inflammation are related. Anyway my first bout was much like others here - very involved, large mass, which I treated with prednisone and many drainings. My inflammation likes to abcess and drain.
Avatar f tn Let me get this straight. We check a perfectly normal person into the hospital and then set about dang near killing him." I have not had your experience with colonoscopy. However, I did have a very similar experience with docs and diarrhea. I had diarrhea half-dozen times every day for six months. NOBODY knew what was wrong, and was I ever upset and angry. So, I had to figure out what it was because I thought I was gonna die.
Avatar n tn I had scoliosis spinal fusion in 1991 with two metal rods and various hooks placed on each side of my spine. Most of the spine was fused. I believe only the last bottom two are not.I started to feel like they were pushing out toward my skin and the doctor agreed to remove them in 1997. They had indeed gotten close to my skin and were irritating my shoulder blades. They also had a lot of bone fusion around them and the surgeon had to cut them out in small peices. I have had NO problems since.
Avatar f tn Now lips and chin number. On 2 antiobiotics since original opening of abscess--Flagyl and Clindomycin. Area of abscess better but pain in face and numbers lingers on. Have felt very sick. WBC was normal but this was after many days on antibiotic. Sed rate high. Went to dentist first who thought it was salivary gland infection-def not a tooth. Went to ENT and she said not salivary gland. They could see infected area.
Avatar n tn I had an accident 17 yrs ago and have had pain in my back right side near spine under shoulder blade. Now hurts when I swallow, especially something cold. Thinking I have a ruptured or herniated disc which has caused a nerve to be tender! And when I swallow it puts pressure on the raw nerve or the cold water irritates like a tooth ache. I'm no doctor but I'm very analytical of this and hoping MRI finds something out.
Avatar f tn April of this year, it became more frequent and now is present almost all the time. (main pain is 2-3 inches left of spine near tailbone). This week, I had several extreme shooting, electric pains that last for a couple of seconds and then disappears. This comes with bending or twisting. I do have mild osteoporosis and osteopenia in lumbar and hip. Have a family history of bad back. Mother had osteo and broken back several times. Sister has had 2 back surgeries, one spinal fusion.
295767 tn?1240191914 I knew in the back of my head that something was up, but cancer was never anywhere near my thoughts being that I was only 27 years old with no family history of this disease. I had started to gain unexplained weight rapidly in a matter of 3 months, and the fatigue had us all confused. I had just opened a hair salon in 2006, so we all thought this had to explain my weight gain (stress) and fatigue.
Avatar n tn One tooth fell out 2 weeks after his yearly visit so back to the vet on Thursday was told no sign of abscess or infection. I gave him bones used enzymatic toothpaste when HE would allow me yet it didn't work out and I feel terribly about this. He was supposed to go in for a dental last year but I put it off b/c my friends said I was insane to put a dog under anesthesia for a cleaning and I was scared to put him under and didn't know what I know now.
Avatar n tn In August of 2007 I suffered from a perianal abscess which had to be lanced. The resulting fistula did not heal and I was scheduled to have surgery. The discomfort of my bum caused me to sit abnormally and favour my right side. I began to have mid/upper back pain mostly to the immediate left of my spine. My chiropractor and massage therapist suggested that the chest discomfort could be muscular/skeletal related.
Avatar f tn An ilius might explain the nausea but I'm not sure if an ilius can cause back pain, unless it is somehow causing pressure against your spine. Did they find anything wrong with your actual spine? As for a herniated disc, I doubt that would be causing you extreme nausea and headache. Do you remember doing anything (like exercise, extreme movement) to hurt your back? How's your mattress? Until recently, I had an old mattress and I suffered with lower back pain for years.
222080 tn?1189759422 Hello Liz Yes I have the same thing after only 6 years one of mine came off only that I had a X-ray for a kidney problem did I find out it is up near my gallbladder. I was so worried as I do not wish to have any more children as If I did I would not have had it done in the 1st place I was beside myself. My Gyno said it is a common thing and not to worry about it he did reassure me that I would not fall pregnant as once the tubes have been clipped it seals them shut.
2186126 tn?1384961026 She still manages to go outside to potty and just wants to be near me. She sleeps all the time and hasn't eaten hardly anything in days, but still drinks water. Her time is nearing an end. This is the second dog I have had with Cushings.