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Avatar f tn What type of crowns are they using? Perhaps you have an allergic reaction to the metal that may be possibly inside the crown. So 14 was done and now 19 is bothering you more? I thought that 19 was bothering you first. They probably touch each other when you bite down.
4462134 tn?1355857915 My mother is 62 and had a quad bypass in April 2009 along with complications including HIT syndrome and also a slight stroke. She was released about a month later but continued with a small wound to the lower sternal area. She went to Wound Care around 7/2009 and had a CT scan that supposedly came back without any noted pus pockets.
Avatar f tn In the early 90s, I had an abscess make an opening in the front of my gums and start draining. It seems that the metal point in my root canal caused the abscess and an endodontist did a second root canal, removed the metal and used gumma percha and it was fine. Now it’s 2018 and I have a soreness beneath my nose and I thought it was from clenching my teeth while I sleep. That was until I just poked my finger up there and there is a swelling about the size of a raisin and it is painful.
Avatar n tn I have had a number of experiences, from basic cavities, fillings, to replacement of metal fillings with epoxy, root canals, infections, extractions, and now contemplating implants. I wish my parents had shown me their dental problems and given me very intelligent warnings about keeping my teethBroken or knocked out tooth Dental care - adult Dental x-rays Development of baby teeth Development of permanent teeth Plaque and tartar on teeth Teething Teething symptoms Toothaches.
Avatar n tn He is allergic to any type metal, so in order to close him back up they used an alternative. The altenative was some type of surgical rope. His chest still moves. The doctors thought that scar tissue would eventuallly knit him back together, but failed. So far they have found nothing that they can use to correct this problem. Any metal at all is out of the question. You can actually feel his sternum move when you touch it.
Avatar n tn last week i developed an abcsess in my tooth. my cheek became very swollen. the doctor said the infection from the abscess had passed from my tooth into my cheek. they put me on keeflex. within 24 hours about 60% of the swelling in my cheek had subsided. i am now on day 6 of a 10 days worth of the keeflex.
Avatar n tn I have had a metal taste in the center of tongue for about 3-wks. No teeth problems as far as I know.
Avatar n tn My 47 year old wife has had a headache for about a month,she says it starts at the top of her head above her right eye.Now she has had a metal taste in her mouth.I am at a loss as what to do, can anyone help.
Avatar f tn I got a Total hip replacement due to AVN more than 7 months ago. The prothesis is metal on metal uncemented. My X-RAY, Bone scan etc are normal. There is no loosening, no infection and X ray looks normal. I still have thigh pain. Is there a treatment. No doctor has been able to diagnose the problem.
Avatar n tn Supposedly all went well, but then two weeks later she started feeling nauseous and began vomiting. So she went to the ER and an abscess was found and drained and it turns out she has a bile leak. They attempted to place a stent to help with the drainage, but the doctor wasn't able to do so due to my mom's anatomy. So now my mom has a drainage pouch attached and we are waiting for the bile leak to close. My question is what kind of time table should we expect to face for the leak to heal?
2061075 tn?1330810178 I had surgeries to correct a bad break to my ankle I have maybe 12 screws 3 metal plates and a wire keeping in place. This was May 25,2011 about 4 months ago an abscess formed on my ankle it was lanced by doc and sent off some puss stitched up and 2 weeks later had stitches removed and still it oozed. Went to surgeon and he lanced sent off and put me on antibiotics (I also have an ileostomy) 2 weeks stitches out and doc said it came back staph???
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Avatar n tn As I was about take my head out, I accidently bump and sorta stab my head with the dull metal stick used to move the steering wheel up and down. At the moment I got a quick strong headache but I just took it as a mild pain for the hit. Two days later, a strong headache came about on the left side where I had hit my head and as rub my head I found a small lump on the side of my head about the back of my ear. That night, I could not lay on my side because it was even painful to brush my hair.
1527966 tn?1301370683 Not sure what is causing this. Have you been to the dentist lately? Sometimes you can have an abscess your unaware of and this will cause the infection on your gums. Rinse with warm salty water several times a day. If problem continues, see your PCP or dentist. An infection should not be ignored.
Avatar n tn In these reported cases, skin patch testing for metal hypersensitivity was strongly positive for titanium and nickel, supporting the role of the titanium bioprosthesis in the development of DRESS syndrome. In some instances of titanium reactions, it has been necessary to remove the prosthesis. This is a serious decision and any consideration of it should include consultation with an allergist/immunologist.
Avatar n tn He decided on root canal and called the endodontist (appt is for Thursday). The dentist showed me the film and although the tooth root looks okay (no black area of abscess), there is a "white ring shadow" above the tooth root. He said that is indicative of a sinus problem. He asked if I had a cold or sinus infection but I haven't had any cold or nasal drip for years.
Avatar n tn Then last summer I began to notice a red angry spot on the area just above the calcaneus which rapidly developed into a large abscess. being self -employed I rapidly was in financial distress and have been since so have been doing my own wound care.
Avatar n tn most dentists use a cheapo metal that contains nickel beneath the porcelain crowns. you can develop a metal allergy over time. also an ill fitting cap or 'pocket' where bacteria can grow and collect should be looked into. supposedly, i was told the smell was comming from a rush of red blood cells and tissue reacting to the nickel in the crown.
Avatar m tn I'm guessing it may either be some trauma to the area, gingivitis if you haven't had a cleaning in awhile, or possibly an abscess on the tooth. Since you had a filling, there's always a chance that the tooth may have gotten infected inside.
Avatar n tn I guess I had to adjust my biting habits to evade the occassional pangs of pain that shot up. Also, I used to sense pain when metal touched the cap. Few months back I visited another dentist (since I moved from that city) for scaling and I had severe pain in my molar after scaling was over(I had told that guy to watch out the RCT one yet he maintained that it didn't matter and I literally felt cement falling out when he scaled under the capped molar).
168348 tn?1379360675 Half the scar had abscess and the other side was ok and 1/4" above is where I had the infected granuloma removed 6 weeks post-op and he went deep to be certain got it all and that was benign .. scar tissue from an unknown infected cyst that infected the incision. I know many have asked for a recent pic .. HERE IT IS!
Avatar f tn I had an abscess rupture, post surgery, causing peritonitis, they opened me up pulled everything out hosed out the puss that filled me.
Avatar f tn Ever since the back of the right side of my head feels like I have a metal plate that has been placed inside. My right side of head feels numb but at the same time I am in so much pain. Part of the pain goes deep into the center of the back of my head. The other part of the pain is at the lower part of the back of my head right at my neck. I get very little sleep due to not being able to lay on my back and having to sleep on my left side.
12289107 tn?1424482214 Even with a photo we might still have no idea. It could be an abscess, but of course I am only guessing. When is your vet appt? It's very good he is still eating and drinking...
Avatar f tn Today i noticed one of the sides was swollen and there was a black substance coming out of the other side. I did my research online this seems to be a gum infection and/or abscess of the tooth and very painful for the cat. I've never grabbed this cat, nor will it let me take it somewhere, it moves tries to escape doesn't like to be grabbed. Please tell me if there is something i could take, any antibiotic or pain killer or anti inflammation, anything.
Avatar n tn I had an xray taken on #30 in July now I have a visible abscess. The ligament is also widened. This is one of my chewers that I put pressure on and constantly grind with. So I am thinking I need to get the one side completed so I can chew. I am a dental assistant for 18 years and I have not seen this before. I have talked with several colleagues also. I thought I would get a different perspective.
1936185 tn?1323548773 How can I describe this pain, to the best of my ability? It's as if you are constantly placing metal to your fillings (in your teeth). That's how it feels, in all of my bones. My bones ache so much, and sometimes the pain reminds me of continuous electric shocks shocking my bones. My knees hurt so much, my right hip pops out of place too often, and a lot of the time, I cannot feel my feet, hands, toes or fingers. I lose circulation until my feet are purple!
1414187 tn?1283273243 I went to my dentist complaining of severe pain in the left side of my jaw under my molars. After an xray my dentist discovered an abscess. I wanted him to pull the tooth associated with the abscess, but he insisted on saving the tooth. I followed his advice and had the root canal done. He did it himself with no assisiance and it took four visits to complete. He replaced all four canals. I have had pain in this crowned tooth ever since and it has been nearly a year now.
436713 tn?1408888330 I'm not sure about all of your symptoms but your foot could have a hair line fracture that did not heal correctly, the wounds could be an abscess that developed for scratching you skin while dirt was under your nails or scratching your skin against a dirty piece of metal or sharp object and the lump under your arm could be that the gland under your arm need to be surgically removed that will also cause an abscess to develop under your arm.
Avatar f tn My symptoms began about 2 years ago with back to back sinus infections. I consulted an ENT who spent less than 20 minutes w/ me & suggested a CT scan which showed minimal mucus lining in my maxillary sinus cavities. At that time I couldn't be assured it would help & ultimately decided not to go through with the procedure. A month or so later I had severe pain in my left cheek/jaw & then my gum began to swell substantially.