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Avatar f tn If you have an abscess I would recommend seeing your doctor. I am not sure where you believe the abscess is. The doctor can examine you and determine if you need any treatment, make sure the doctor is aware of your pregnancy if any medication or treatment is ordered. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn While I was on interferon therapy and my resistance was low, I developed an abscess on my buttock that was drained and healed. For several months now I have had pain that feels deeper in the tissue, possibly in the ischeum. It has never come to a point and there is no drainage that I can detect. I cannot see any external signs of swelling or redness. Have not been feverish recently. Could this be an ischiorectal abscess or possibly pudental nerve pain?
702286 tn?1239015260 If you have an active marble sized abscess at your ankle from missing a vein with an unsterile solution you will want to see a real doctor...............this is not the time to self medicate...........
Avatar f tn A week back, I developed a pilondial abscess from a B-12 injection in my glute. The medication must have moved. It started out as a soreness I initially thought was related to my lower back from working out, but in a matter of a day grew worse. I was unable to sleep and on top of this was battling a cold. So, I was experiencing chills but it could also be from that I was barely even able to sit down.
Avatar n tn I am 42 year-old, I had a cyst near the nipple of my right breast and was aspirated after making a mamo and ultrasound and was diagnosed by the pathologist as an abscess. I was on antibiotic for 10 days. The lump almost disappeared but pain persisted and became sometimes stronger specially around the nipple. I went yesterday to the doctor again and made another ultrasound and he told me that there is a scar tissue left and I have to wait 2 months for a follow-up by an ultrasound.
Avatar m tn My 1 year old grandson had developed a Perianal Abscess and had a surgery under GA. Some 20 ml. pus was removed from a 5 cm deep cavity near anus at 01 O'Clock position and 1 cm away.The surgeon put a drain pipe which did not stay more than 1 day and then it was not replaced.He was given antibiotics for 2-3 days and kept under observation and sent home after 5 days.He was advised Betadine sitz bath after each poo. No other medication was prescribed.
Avatar f tn I finished the medication everything was fine until April. Same thing again, Was given the same meds and everything was fine. I was referred to a oral suergon to have the tooth extracted. Made an appointment but cant be seen till 8/8 { EVERYONE IS REFERRED TO THEM}. Now as of 3 days ago the same thing has happened.A friend of mine gave me some of her amoxicillin to take untill i can get to the dentist again. Now Day 2 of meds my cheek is swollen. The infection is in #3 tooth upper molar.
Avatar n tn ) After feeling the scalple slicing open my abscess, then the doctor found a previous abscess under that one and had to slice it open as well. After all of this, it was time to begin packing the wound with this stringgy gauze filled with antibiotic by using a small pair of sissors to do it. I felt everything! It felt like he was poking the abscess with the sharp sissor and then dragging it around the inside edges of the wound. Another very painful and tramatic experience!
Avatar n tn i posted before. i had an abscessed tooth and the abscess spread into my cheek. my dentist put me on keflex but after 10 days there was still noticable swelling in my cheek. so now the dentist has put me on a stronger antibiotic. when i woke up this morning i felt a very large "bubble" on my inside cheek.
Avatar m tn The fact that the abscess has hardened and draining it was not possible,I presume your Surgeon wants to run more tests probably to evaluate the extent of this abscess or because he thinks that it could be something other than an abscess,such as scar tissue,a fibroadenoma, fat necrosis or other growth. I think your Surgeon is doing the right thing to further investigate this lump, before considering surgery.
Avatar f tn Reason being, the area just underneath the cheekbone is still tender - almost a week later. The Dentist had to provide additional numbing medication during the crown prep and she also did a filling on #12 during the same visit. There is an area near #12 that feels really strange when I lightly press on the cheek.
Avatar n tn It went away in a few days. She said its an abscess. I got another one now and its really small comapared to the one I had before but its on the right side this time she prescribed me dicloxacillin again and said it should go away soon. This time it didn't need to be popped because its really small and donts hurt at all like the first one. Hope this helps but I do suggest to anyone to not rely on a fourm / website for info to go to a doctor or emergency room to get it taken care of.
Avatar m tn I have an abscess and I am being treated with antibiotic. The swelling didn't start till after I started the antibiotic. Why is that?
Avatar n tn The healing process depends on how long it takes for all the rubbish to come out and how deep the abscess is. If the root of the abscess is left, it will continue to fester. Make sure that you take the antibiotics as prescribed and do as the doctor advised you. Take pain relief medication as prescribed on the packet to help lessen the pain.
Avatar f tn On Sunday, I sought medical treatment at a local clinic as my doctors office was closed. They lanced, drained, and packed the abscess. The PA did things much differently than I've ever had done before. Firstly, he used no lidocaine or numbing medication, as he said it doesn't help. Let me tell you-this was much more excruciating than the other lances I've had done. Also, he didn't squeeze the pus out, he just let it drain on its own.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a abscess above my main "chewing" tooth on my upper right side. I am under no illusions, I need a root canal or an extraction which I have been putting off for a long time. Anyway, I am on day four of Flucloxacillin tablets, however, my cheek is becoming slightly more puffy as the days go by. Starting to look a bit like a hamster now. The pain from the abscess near the tooth has gone, only extreme pain is when I apply any sort of pressure to the cheek.
Avatar f tn 6) and the doctors ruled out strep and mono once again and put him on the same medication regimen. Could his symptoms possibly stem from a tooth abscess?? If not a tooth abscess what else do you think could be causing his symptoms? Thank you in advance for your response.
Avatar f tn Untreated Mastitis usually results in the formation of an abscess. Any untreated infection is NOT a good thing ... it can only get worse. The abscess may have to be drained and left open to heal from the bottom up and that certainly isn't cheap. How about a refill of the antibiotic you were prescribed ?? The Pharmacy could call the Dr. and get an OK on that. You can't just let an infection continue without treatment.
Avatar f tn Hello, I cracked a tooth next to the front tooth like 3 month ago , iI developed an abscess my face swell up It was so bad that my eyes shut from being so swollen,i went to the ER and an oral surgeon open up my gums To drain out the infection. my is he left a drainage in my mouth & said i must come back on tuesday to remove it I was on heavy medication and so much pain did not bother to ask why the drainage was keep there for 2 day. I Have go back Monday to remove it.
945369 tn?1320833037 ( I am considering taking medication for suppression for breast milk. The surgical wound is still open and will take another 4 days to heal at least. It is leaking pus and milk all the time. My body is still producing milk in the operated breast. Are there any known side effects or long term issues with taking medicines for suppressing lactation?
Avatar f tn Hi! I had lower back pain and an MRI showed following findings: - Sacralisation of L5 vertebra - An altered marrow signals involving L5 and S1 vertebrae including left ala with an associated soft tissue representing granulation tissue / abscess in paracentral region (left > right) as well as an intra spinal anterior epidural soft tissue component compressing thecal sac and nerve roots of lumbo-sacral plexus s/o- An infective -inflammatory pathology like Koch's.
1657910 tn?1302375661 I just had an abscess open and it is draining red blood primarily. Is this normal? Should I put a call into my breast surgeon to be on the safe side? My regular abscesses are the regular pus with blood mixed in at times, but never just blood. Can anyone help?
352862 tn?1196803180 My son had a craniotomy on July 25th at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, RI to remove an abscess from the left side of his brain(Speech/Language area) the size was about the size of a golfball. I was told the abscess was caused by microaerophilic streptococci and we (I and the infectious Disease docs) have never been able to determine what could cause this. My question is what are the chances that this can redevelope? I know he will now be at risk for seizure...
Avatar m tn I cannot diagnose nor can I say that giving this medication is the right or wrong medication to give her. I would only review the information I have provided, and keep going back until they can figure out why this happened. I have provided some package information regarding Dilantin for you to review. Best of luck. Jennifer R RPh www.drugstore.
Avatar n tn my questions are how exactly does the infection from the abscess get into your cheek and even though i am now on day 6 of my medication there is still some swelling in my cheek that feels hard to the touch. all the pain from the infection as been gone for some days now and i did notice a little more improvement in the cheek today, but how long should it take for the swelling to completely go away?
Avatar n tn If not, please let me know and I will answer this question. The medication (most likely an antibiotic and a pain medication) will help with the healing and the swelling shoudl subside in a few days.
Avatar m tn I went on antibiotics first and then after popping the abscess on several occasions only to have the abscess come back. I know it isn't recommended. The pain went away but the abscess remained. It would calm down / deflate after a good cleaning (waterpik, brushing session and then Listerine for 5 minutes) but the next day when I would eat food especially spicy foods or heavy flavored drinks, the abscess would start to swell up again.
Avatar f tn Hi, Antibiotics can take a few days to start to help. If you don't have some pain relief by tomorrow (Thursday), give your dentist a call and tell him. He may want to change the antibiotic. If you can take the prescription dose of Advil (ibuprofen), that's what I would do. Motrin (the RX equivalent) is 800mg of ibuprofen three to four times a day. GOOD LUCK. Please let us know how you are doing.
Avatar f tn I had an vallecular abscess on my lingual tonsil drained 1/17 in an emergency procedure. they told me it was in a rare location and that my vocal chords were hemorraged in surgery, so that i would be sore a while. there were loculations in abscess. "the tonsils did show exudate tonsilitis biltaterally but no evidence of obvious abscess.