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Avatar n tn I just recently had another MRI which showed no abscess present but a mild broad based disc bulge at L3-4 and L4-5. Could this be related to the abscess? I had an MRI about two days after the site was lanced the first time since they were concerned about meningitis. Also, are epidural abscesses very common? What is the main cause of them? I had an unbelievable uneventful pregnancy but this has really made me question whether I want to have another child.
Avatar n tn ) After feeling the scalple slicing open my abscess, then the doctor found a previous abscess under that one and had to slice it open as well. After all of this, it was time to begin packing the wound with this stringgy gauze filled with antibiotic by using a small pair of sissors to do it. I felt everything! It felt like he was poking the abscess with the sharp sissor and then dragging it around the inside edges of the wound. Another very painful and tramatic experience!
Avatar f tn Hi! I had lower back pain and an MRI showed following findings: - Sacralisation of L5 vertebra - An altered marrow signals involving L5 and S1 vertebrae including left ala with an associated soft tissue representing granulation tissue / abscess in paracentral region (left > right) as well as an intra spinal anterior epidural soft tissue component compressing thecal sac and nerve roots of lumbo-sacral plexus s/o- An infective -inflammatory pathology like Koch's.
Avatar n tn I am sorry to hear about your medical problems. If there is a painful lump under the incision it can be an abscess or a clot. Also, since you have leg pain, you should get an ultrasound of the lump and dopplar studies of the leg blood vessels to rule out clots. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn Over a month ago, an abscess formed on the back of my thigh (midway between bottom of buttock and top of knee). I was on vacation and delayed medical care. Finally it became huge and I went to ER where it was lanced and packed and I was given Bactrim and Cipro for 5 days. I used compresses on it. The culture came back (days later) as strep. After another 10 days, it reddened again and seemed a bit bumpy. I was put on 10 days of Clindmycin. Just completed that course.
Avatar n tn I have a small lump on my knee about the size of three pimples together and its been there for about a week now and i cant pop it, i was just wondering if it could be dangerous in any way?
Avatar n tn Rest lay out on yourcouch with your foot on you pillow and one under your knee Ice get an ice pack on tour knee Compress take the ice pack and compress it to your knee with a towel Elevate pillow under knee
Avatar f tn I've also been experiencing daily tremors and twitches. Within the last week, I've been experiencing pain behind my knee and last night I felt a bulge. It is not an abscess, but more of a swell. I didn't do anything physically that would have casued and injury and while slightly overweight I'm not obese. The pain increases when sitting or standing too long. I don't have any visible varicose veins and have no history of that.
Avatar m tn the pain has gone away a week later but its still there, when i try to lean and kneel on that leg there is pain right at the point so i trying to take it easy (i pull heavy pallets around my work alot) now my knee is popping when i swing it and the joints on the side of the knee hurt so i'm not sure what is going on and the bump is still right below the knee. there is no heat coming from those spots and no redness it not tender to the touch.
Avatar f tn Other than this it can be a slipped prosthesis, a Baker’s cyst (cyst in popliteal fossa at the back of the knee caused by fluid built up under pressure within the knee cavity in response to an inflammatory problem within the knee), an abscess, a lipoma or a muscle tumor. Try and consult a doctor and get the basic investigations done like X-ray of the joint and if this does not reveal anything then a MRI of the joint. For all you know, the problem may not be related to the prosthesis.
Avatar n tn hi I have had a lump on the side of my right knee now for two weeks its very painful to the point I can barely walk on my right leg and the lump has gotten bigger what should I do or what is it?
Avatar n tn Other option that can be foreseen with such a bad knee would be an knee replacement. To comment on such a surgery requires in depth analysis of your condition.
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago,I found a pimple(or so I thought)on my leg under my knee but when I tried to pop it,it wouldn't pop.I kept trying and soon it went away but 3 days ago,it came back as a huge,quarter-sized painful boil.Then two more zit-things popped up and (as much as I told myself not to) I popped those too...the boil really hurts and I'm scared a spider may have laid eggs in my leg.I tried cleaning it with an alcohol swab and putting neo sporn with pain relief in it but it didn't work.
Avatar n tn missed dental abscess caused infection in both knee replacements. Is the dentist liable for this misdiagnosis?
Avatar m tn Hello! I'm an almost 57yo active male and just recently a small (silver dollar size) lump or protrusion, bony in appearance, has developed along the outside of my right leg located approximately 1" to 1-1/2" below the midline of my kneecap. In addition, I began to experience some "popping or clicking" sounds in this knee starting in my early 30's which have come and gone over the years without any noticeable pain or swelling.
Avatar m tn I have a pimple/cyst sort of bump on my left knee cap, and it's reddish purple. It dosnt hurt, its about the seize of a large pea. its really annoying and ugly. AND IT WONT POP! i even tried poping it with a pin, and it didn't work. PLEASE HELP.
Avatar f tn I need help and advice. I have a very long history of problems with my knee. It started by tearing my MCL and ACL back in college. These were repaired, but unfortunately I had infection after my surgery that went to my bone and joint. Fast forward 10 years and I am now 38 years old. The septic arthritis and the toll the initial injury took on my joint was great. My doctor decided that it was time to do a replacement in Sept 2014. I did great for 2 wees, then had some redness and swelling.
1250698 tn?1371354879 He was given Rocephin IV today and finally got cultures done on the abscess on his leg. I would have thought the cultures would have been the first thing they do for treatment, but I guess not. They're basically doing them because he is not responding to any antibiotics he's taking, pill nor IV...which is scary. This thing on his leg pretty much has a mind of its own. The core itself is purple, has 4 heads, and about the size of a golfball.
Avatar m tn I went to a dermatoligest before he told me i had a lipoma on my knee. For some reason it went away by it self after a few months. I just got a new one on the same leg but it's in front of my leg. Could it be possible that it moved? I'm not sure what it's. I'm scare that it's cancerous.
Avatar f tn I have a bump on the side of my left knee it started off looking like a pimple but then it grew into a large red bump. I tried to bust it but nothing came out it doesn't hurt but I can tell its filled with something and it looks awful. What could it possibly be?
Avatar f tn extremely swollen right leg especially around knee joint - could not even bend knee, terrible hip pain and two days later a tooth abscess. What are the chances I can tolerate Boniva once a month? My Endocrinologist wants me to try it.
Avatar n tn Some conditions include poorly controlled diabetes, knee/hip replacement surgery, valvular problems in the heart, etc. If the infection is extensive and there is a risk for airway obstruction or spread to other places of the face/head, then antibiotics should be given. Usually if the infection is minor, extraction will solve the problem. An infected area is highly acidic due to the production of acid by bacteria in an abscess. An anesthetic solution is basic.
Avatar f tn I notice I have a enlarged lump behind my knee. My doctor doesn't seem to know how to diagnose it. I have difficulty standing long in the last month or so due to this and ALSO my veins behind the knee are enlarged at the times the lump is larger causing a lot of pain on the whole back of leg. I don't know who to see= a orthopedist or a venous specialist or both?
Avatar f tn The bump is only easy to locate when the hip bone is sticking out and I can wiggle/move the bump around. It's similar to when you relax your knee and move around your kneecap ... except not normal. It feels bruised and when I laugh or cough, it's slightly painful. None of it is severe pain. I just don't know how it happened. There's also a small dent in my right hip bone. I can feel it. It's different from my left hip.
Avatar m tn In all probability, this is an abscess or collection of pus. A lump at the ankle can be due to a cyst, a hematoma, localized collection of fluid, a varicose vein causing venous pooling, arthritis or due to infection. First consult an orthopedic specialist and get an X-ray and or CT scan of the ankle. This will give a clear picture regarding the swelling. Take care!
Avatar m tn 15 months later after an ACL surgery he developed an abscess above his kidneys which they said was related to the appendectomy. They removed one abscess and drained another one and sent him home on IV antibiotics. A year later after ACL surgery on the other knee, he ended up with another abscess which they drained and did another round of IV antibiotics. Now, a little less than year he is pretty sure he has another abscess. No surgery this time.
1373228 tn?1278560848 Alright, I came to this site looking for help, on a particular problem I seem to be having in my inner thigh area (specifically on my right inner thigh, about half way between my groin and my knee).
Avatar f tn I'm tired and my body is way tired. The posterior chamber of my left knee is giving me all kinds of fits. I have a dark spot with ulceration that hurts in the roof of my mouth that probably needs to be biopsied, removed or drained if it is an abscess before I develop osteomyelitis if that already isnt a problem. In addition, I cant stop being so cold.Maybe I am running fever and dont realize it? Bible Study was good tonight. The childrens arks with rainbow have turned out beautifully.
Avatar n tn He also had a minor injury on his right knee which is 2-3 months old and has not got healed inspite of putting ointments and all.Also after such a long dosage of antibiotics it should have healed by now but no such luck.Help me i,ve changed 2 vets and am in consultation with one more but there treatment is same and i,m worried about my pet.
Avatar n tn I fell from a bicyle around 2 months ago and hit the asphalt with my knee, so I had an area of skin there scratched. Nothing seriousl really, I`m sure everybody has had a number of those and so did I when I was a little younger. But the difference now is that the patch just wont heal. The skin just won`t restore itself to normal again. The damaged patch of pink/red has endured for 2 months now neither growing nor skhrinking in size.