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Avatar f tn This is the fourth month in a row of abscess bursting open during PMS. This has definitely gone cyclic for me. Have stopped seeing the doctor since a month or so and no medicines either. Cleaning and dressing my own wounds. Hope they remain infection free like before. Have included lots of veggies since April and less of meat and chicken. Have also added lots of fatty fish. Nuts are also on the list. Reduced dairy and gluten though not out totally :) ..
Avatar f tn I have a fistula that resulted from a perianal abscess that I had in June 2010. It was finally diagnosed as a fistula in December 2010, and I've been seeing the colorectal surgeon who diagnosed it since then. The tract opening is adjacent to my vagina, which is awesome. So far I've had three surgeries: 1) draining seton placement (January 2011), 2) fistula plug placement (March 2011), and 3) another draining seton placement (October 2011).
Avatar f tn He started showing serious attitude problems, disrespect ( When I would of have cooked a meal for him or did something for him he wouldn't say thank you, even when my mom did it. He made stupid jokes that would make no sense ( I have a good sense of humor by the way) and sometimes **** me off or hurt me or sometimes he would make them seem so serious that I won't take it as a joke and then he would tell me I needed to chill that it was a joke.
Avatar m tn ) Jokes aside, they will prescribe oral prednisone for a week, since they claim it is not long enough to cause permanent "damage". Long term usage of prednisone is indeed harmful. After all, it takes down your immune system. My MD wants me to take a week worth (for my AI disease) but personally scared to even take 1 pill. That's me though :) I hear you about supplements.
Avatar n tn Sneezing, coughing and lifting set it off like a fire cracker and sex is pretty much no more because its hurts very much and all jokes aside that just ***** (sorry for the blunt words there). The doctor that did the surgery was offending I went back to him so he sent me to a pain management doctor and he tried injections directly at the site of the surgery. OMG do not allow them to try this I have had the most terrible time with urinating now.
Avatar f tn he took me walking this morning at made some pretty good jokes and my expense and made me laugh alot.. he promised to be here for me.. kid is a computer nut.. he has already been helping me with work.. who knew I could lean on my 15 year old son? He is my pride.. he said to trust him.. and talk with him.. and we can help get through this together and help get dad back on his feet.. reminded me that we are a family, which means when the times are tough, we band together.
Avatar f tn tube and ventilator. (Family learned how to read lips, she seemed to be doing well. jokes, smiles.) Doc. tried to ween her from vent.on the 2nd now she is back up to 95% 10 peeps rspr. 45-55 . Family can't even touch our talk to her for the last two days.Doc say it is cause she is irritated by all the activity but for the last two day the rspr 40-60 just as high saw them myself and Now is on 3 diff sedatives to slow rspr. doc.
Avatar n tn Take a bath in Tea Tree Oil (Only pour about 20 drop in the bath tub and DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY ON AN OPEN WOUND (The bath will burn a bit after 10 minutes) Only stay in for 20 minutes max Ecinacea and Garlic supplements are good to help your skin heal faster Use a lotion with Vitamin E in it because Vitamin E is what helps skin heal and stay healthy ** Also Permetherine is very toxic to the body and afterward I experience very painful abscess so be careful and if you get these see a doctor imm
Avatar n tn heart tests all gud, been on antibiotics fo last two weeks but to no avail, these episodes ae severe during night time, symptoms tends to lessen a little while i make myself busy wth something, Docs are having different opinions ranging from amoebiasis, peptic ulcer to subacute lung infection leading to abscess formation in chest etc. etc. ......some says drinking lot of water may help.