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Avatar m tn Dear Guys, I developed abscess three times with in two weeks interval in my groin area.....the last two were big and required surgery with full ansthesia. My doc therefore suggested to escape the shot at least for one week so i did not take the shot last week. I continued to take it again but I developed another abscess on the preannal position. I am afraid it will force me to discontinue the therapy. Has any one exprienced such problem during therapy?
Avatar f tn As the surgeon was out of the city so i thought not to go with a new doctor/surgeon, then in another 7-8 days a big abscess was formed and it busted automatically on 1st of August, almost 350-500 ml puss came out then. I got a swab/puss report on 5th of August and it indicated "Staphylococcus Aureus" bacteria. After looking into the report, my surgeon advised me to start "Dalacin C - 300 mg" twice a day and then I continued it for 4 days.
707589 tn?1228942907 About a year ago I was admitted to the hospital for having an abscess in my throat. I was in there for about 4days. I was told that I need to have my tonsils removed. I have not had them removed. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had that problem and had it reoccur thankfully I have not had a reaccourance but it is on my mind everytime I get sick.
Avatar f tn Hi All, I have got a 4-5mm intersphincteric abscess which clearly shows up on an MRI scan. When i went in for surgery to cut it out, my surgeon said he couldn't find the abscess and that there isn't anything he can do to help me as he cannot feel it or find an internal opening from where the abscess is draining inside the anal canal, despite the fact he knows its exact location on the MRI scan! I was devastated when he told me this as this abscess is ruining my life.
1657910 tn?1302375661 My doctor ordered cultures of the fluid to see what grows. Nothing every grows in my case. Yes it is a new abscess that delevoped in the same spot as the abscess that was surgically removed in Dec 2010. My surgeon did tell me it could happen again. So I wasn't to shock that it developed again just bummed out that it happen again. I was very happy when the surgeon did say I wouldn't have to have surgery again. I don't want to have to heal from a open wound again.
Avatar m tn With my health issues Im having along with the crack in the tooth and it being loose, do I pull it or can it be saved? Keeping in mind, I have a tooth on the other side that is chipped and filling came out ( no pain or issues) and after cancer treatments that one will be fixed since the chip is above the gumline.
Avatar m tn I was sufferring from very much pain, confusion in mind, very simple food intake. I want to know how much time it will take to completely recover from Liver Abscess. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/233486'>Recovery from liver abscesses</a>.
1657910 tn?1302375661 I have never had discharge that was mainly bloody - have you had this looked at by now - any explanation? Anything to ease your mind about this - it would be worrying. I don't think I have come across this in my research anywhere...a similar experience, except possibly from posts of one other member I believe, who had quite serious inflammation. I won't go on the Prednisone again either, except if absolutely necessary - due to mental side effects I experienced when weaning.
1548207 tn?1303457780 There is a lot of good info on here from other ladies about using pantiliners in your bra and non stick bandages for the leakage. I like to "milk" mine to help express the fluid and assist with draining. I think I might be the odd one out, but I just handle mine on my own and just clean them and use antibiotic ointment. I did learn though that if they are an open wound you really do need to go to the doctor to have them pack it and dress it.
Avatar f tn Many thanks for your reply. It put my mind in peace.
Avatar n tn I am sure he will do everything he can to save the tooth. I am in your situation with broken teeth, infection and pain medicine. Its not fun. I would say from experience until the infection is cleared up some they may not attempt any procedures.... it just depends on how infected the tooth is... good luck! I hope everything goes well for you...
1078123 tn?1255914486 They put him on prednisolone. It didn’t help. He was paralyzing slowly in crucial pain, especially partial paralyses on his rear paws but still has sensation. I took him to other hospital and they told me he needs surgery. The test and surgery cost around $4700, which I couldn’t afford it. I looked for, called and wrote to different pets organizations, asking for financial aid. No one replied.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies So I went in last week to have the abscess drained and the breast specialist said he was only able to get out half of the fluid due to the thickness of the fluid. I'm not sure what this means? Have any of you ever experience this ? I go this thursday to see the infection disease dr and see what the culture results say?!?!
1219288 tn?1266694789 You are additionally sarcastic, just because the person answering did not agree to your plan and nobody would have from your comment. I currently have a huge boil in not the greatest location either, and it does not hurt at all. Hot showers or a bath in Epson salt actually helps the most most of the time. There are both ER doctors and PC and everyone else for that matter who makes mistakes; does not mean you eliminate the whole profession or specialty.
Avatar f tn You can try swishing warm salt water around in your mouth. That helps sometimes. Are you taking Ibuprofin or aspirin between your vike doses? That may help too.
Avatar m tn I can't say for sure beyond firstly, no root canals. You don't want to keep the dead tooth partially intact. This has been linked to health issues. Get it pulled. Secondly, I'd say, maybe. Especially if the symptoms began similarly to when the tooth worsened. However, this is unlikely, due to the stomach acid and the long journey from mouth to intestines including all enzymes etc. It sounds more like fat accumulation/malabsorption, which could be an issue with your liver.
Avatar n tn I dont know whats wrong with you, I would have preferred that or recommend me to another doctor or specialist. In my mind, I was thinking I am fine but its all in my head, as my doctor pretty much put it. So, I did some online researching and found out that I have tooth "abscess". I did notice this but didnt think it was serious. I visited a great dentist and he said that I have two teeth infections/ and abscess.
Avatar f tn I HATED the feeling of taking prednisone and the side effects, which in my case, was a severe anxiety attack when the dose was lowered, along with many other physical and mental symptoms - corticosteriods shut down your entire adrenal system, which runs many important funtions in the body and mind, and when you withdraw the corticosteriod, sometimes the adrenal gland does not kick in appropriately, which can cause a myriad of chemical imbalances in the brain and body.
Avatar n tn Diverticulosis. No evidence of diverticulitis or abscess and then Small cystic areas in both ovaries likely physiologic cysts. No inflammation was found in my bowel other than some diverticulosis, which was expected. This is GOOD NEWS. Anyway, they mention "this was present before." I pulled up my CT from before - August 2005 just before my bowel surgery and it said: "Uterus and adenexa: Unremarkable with no pelvic masses seen. Two clips suggest prior tubal ligation.
Avatar f tn Now I have been to a cardio, done the stress test and the echo, but of course in the back of my mind I am thinking that something has come up since those test (which was last summer) or they missed something. I am not kidding, this has become so debiltating. Some days I can make myself believe that it's anxiety, but most days I really do believe I have some disease-mainly heart disease. Since I suffer with heart palps it just makes my fears seem more real.
Avatar n tn Was prescribed Zithromycin (doctor said it was an abscess), and it rapidly went away in 3-4 days of antibiotics. Pressure remained. Slight metallic/bad breath taste in my mouth. Pressure is extending down the left side of my face (across the cheek bone) and ending at my molar. Saw a dentist, and he stated everything loked fine (except for some cavities). The following week was given an antiinflammatory, which didn't help.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for those possibilities which I will keep in mind, I'm going to get tested pretty soon abyway, I have had a pretty bad yeast infection problem for 7 years now that I am due to look into too
Avatar n tn You could have pain in your breast associated with hormonal changes linked to your menstrual cycle and that seems the most probable cause in your case as you do not describe any lump etc. Just follow up with your physician for a detailed clinical evaluation and that should put your mind at ease.
Avatar f tn Basically, an abscess is an accumulation of fluid, debris, pus-like material, and other gunk that builds up into a big pocket in your breast. It is kind of like a HUGE version of a blister (Mine have all been the sixe of a golf ball or larger). Your body tries to wall this off from the rest of your body, and then slowly pushes it out. Sometimes an abscess can start close to the surface, and sometimes it can start deep in your breast. Basically, it is like a walled off area filled with fluid.
1142537 tn?1261115600 I am sure the word "cancer" is in the back of your mind. It is extremely unlikely that this is the case. Drnee outlined the probable causes. You have to get this lump looked at and evaluated by a physician as soon as possible, because encapsulated infections and abcesses progress, and the progression is not a good one. You don't want to turn a minor problem into something that is potentially life-threatening.
Avatar f tn Hi, Malignancy in the male breast is relatively rare compared to gynecomastia that presents with breast enlargement or a painful lump under the areola. Keep in mind that typically a cancerous lump would be painless. What your husband has,could also be a cyst,an abscess caused by infection or hormone related.Since this lump is causing pain,tell your husband not to ignore it and seek medical attention to determine if medication or some type of testing is needed.
Avatar f tn If the medication is making you feel bad, consider getting a second opinion - and bear in mind that steroids can slow down skin healing. Not sure where you're based, but I saw Dr Zammit in Brighton hospital. He is a very calm, reassuring voice of reason. I hope things improve for you soon as I know how awful it is.
Avatar n tn The pain, for example, can be due to infection and inflammation (mastitis). You may want to perform a breast self exam to see if you can feel some lumps in your breast and axillary area. For added peace of mind, you can also consult with a doctor and request for a mammography or breast ultrasound to be done. I'm giving you the address of a web page which illustrates the steps in performing a breast self-exam: http://www.breastcancer.org/symptoms/testing/self_exam/bse_steps.
Avatar f tn Stay positive because you want to avoid manifesting anything bad into your life. And I want to say too, it doesn't mean that you should ignore your symptoms. Not at all. At one point I was calling my doctor every week. It made me feel better to have someone check out what was going on with me. And it gave me piece of mind when a doctor told me that I'm okay.