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Avatar n tn 1) There are several different types of abscess but the most common is a periapical abscess in which there is a cavity in the tooth that invades the pulp of the tooth. The bacteria then travels down the pulp into the jawbone and begins to destroy the jawbone.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had jaw surgery last July, 2007 for my upper and lower jaw. I have recently developed a dental abscess on the lower left side of my gum. It is located below the screw they placed during surgery. I went to my local dentist and he told me to contact my Maxillofacial Surgery and prescribed 500 mg of Amoxicillin because it may be related to the screw. I have no pain at all in my tooth only the discomfort of having a swollen gum and what feels like like a hard bump a little above the abscess.
Avatar f tn Now Day 2 of meds my cheek is swollen. The infection is in #3 tooth upper molar. Btw the tooth is broke.
Avatar n tn The symptoms I am having every day are dizziness, fatigue, sensitivity to light, burning eyes, extremely dry lips, stiff neck, lumps on my hard palate, bad taste in mouth, tightness in my face(sides of jaw towards the back), one sided sore throat(same side as lumps), sinus infection symptoms sometimes, and every once and a while it feels like pus or some foul liquid draining through my teeth. I know it is hard to even guess without seeing a patient sorry.
Avatar m tn It has been drained and I am taking antibiotics, but now my lower jaw is starting to hurt. Can this abscess be spreading from upper to lower?
Avatar f tn I have an abscess in a broken tooth on the upper right side, 2nd tooth from the back. I feel a lump on the upper portion of the gum line, near where the jaw connects. My cheek is swollen and I have a bitter taste in my mouth. I am afraid that it has spread into my cheek cavity. How serious is this? What is the worst thing that can happen if I am unable to go to a dentist? I don't have any insurance. Should I go to the emergency room?
Avatar f tn Symptoms you should worry about include the swelling spreading to the places of your head/neck region. Depends on whether its the upper or lower jaw, it'll have a tendency to spread a direction. Is the swelling worsening at all? Has it spread around the eye or down into the neck area? Any problems swallowing or breathing?
Avatar f tn He said a upper tooth on that side showed infection and it had already had a root canal and crown, so he retreated the tooth. He said the tooth smelled horrible while he was cleaning it out. He wasn't going to put me on antibiotics but I kind of insisted. It has been several weeks and the nodes in my neck are still swollen and now the ones under my jaw are swelling up and I have stiffness at the base of the back of my head and neck..
Avatar m tn A month ago I woke up feeling sore in my left side through from my jaw down to my chest just above the top of my breast. By the end of the day I was in huge amounts of pain and couldn't move. The pain then moved into the front of my left shoulder going over the chest area and under the armpit. It started to get better but then I got the same pain in the right shoulder which travelled down my arm.
Avatar m tn It started with a terrible toothache, once I went to the dentist they noticed on the x-rays I had a severe infection in my front tooth and it had gotten to around my upper jaw. I had the root canal done and after I was prescribed the z-pack antibiotic, I'm allergic to penicillin so I had to take zpack. For the past 3 days I have been incredibly sore, and I have been taking a lot of pain pills and the zpack.
Avatar f tn ..upper back pain neck pain the sides of my neck and some jaw pain .i have been having this problm for over a year were one day the back of my ears started to hurt then next thing i know my full upper back feels like my muscles are being teared apart, my neck starts hurting and the sides of my neck not my throat. the pain radiates all the way to my jaw and sometimes headaches that leave me disoriented.
Avatar n tn 1) Yes, it is very well possible that the abscess may grow within the jaw and weaken the jaw. I haven't seen a broken jaw due that before but it can spread within the jaw bone and cause extensive damage. Another more likely scenario is that the abscess will escape the jaw bone and spread to the soft tissue of the head which is extremely dangerous. It can spread down the neck and cause breathing problems or spread to the spaces near the brain.
Avatar f tn I had a 2 fillings performed on an upper tooth on about a little over a month ago. Before I went in for the filling, I'd been having terrible tooth pain and had developed an abscess on the gum above that tooth. At the same time, I was experiencing a pressure/pulling sensation down my jaw, around my ear and down my neck. I was first given a round of antibiotics, and the pain, abscess and pressure/pulling sensation all went away.
Avatar n tn Hi, about a year ago I had a filling in my upper right molar that broke and was re-drilled and replaced with a large filling. It's the tooth that's 2nd from the back not including the wisdom tooth which i had removed 5 years ago. So, a year ago when I had it re-filled it was rather "sore" for a couple months, and I experienced and on and off low grade fever for many months as well.
Avatar f tn I have noticed a swelling or thickening in the gums in that area for some time. My dentist monitors my tooth mobility in that area. In the last 2-3 months I developed tenderness in that area and it bled every time I flossed for about a month. In the last few days I have developed constant aching in that part of my jaw and and it is very tender near one tooth in particular. This tooth also moves slightly when I push it.
Avatar n tn no inflammatory disease to blame, no tumors in the brain. Meanwhile my routine dentist appt revealed an abscess in my upper left tooth #14. I felt nothing there because the root was dead...but my face had begun to grow numb and the ENT said it was "just one of those things...come back in six months". My Endodontist, however, was determined to figure it out when all my symptoms of head pressure and hair pulling disappeared after the root canal.
Avatar m tn We took him to the emergency vet, and they kept him a few days and took blood samples and were able to open his jaw to see if he had a tooth abscess and they took xrays also. He was given antibiotics and steroids. They said they couldn't find any cause or problem, and was very frustrating for us because not only was that visit and procedures over $1,000 the swelling is now returning. The swelling did go down while he was on steroids. He is eating and running about normally.
Avatar f tn I have noticed a swelling or thickening in the gums in that area for some time. My dentist monitors my tooth mobility in that area. In the last 2-3 months I developed tenderness in that area and it bled every time I flossed for about a month. In the last few days I have developed constant aching in that part of my jaw and and it is very tender near one tooth in particular. This tooth also moves slightly when I push it.
Avatar m tn Most of the time it is just that, but sometimes it gets more acute and I feel pain constantly - it is still located mainly in the right upper back jaw (sometimes it feels as if it was in the cheek, but I can't find any single painful spot when I touch it - nor is there one on the gums), as if in the teeth, but also below the right nostril. Sometimes also the right tonsil and the lymph nodes on the neck are swollen and painful.
Avatar f tn The 2nd tooth was pulled 3 weeks ago, and although that area on my jaw is definitely better, the other area of my jaw to which the infection spread (up towards my ear, concentrated in my jaw joint) still hurts VERY much. And I still have the fever. I do feel better overall, I no longer feel as ill as I did before having the 2 teeth pulled, but the painful ache in the jaw joint area really concerns me.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have been having upper mouth pain for about 3 days. There is no abscess or infection of my teeth. I went to the dentist 3 weeks ago and was given a clean bill of health. I went to the dentist today and he said he is not sure what is causing the pain. He took a bunch of x-rays, but could find nothing wrong. He said it's not a cracked tooth, cavities, or an abscess. I have already had all my wisdom teeth pulled. Sometimes the pain is also referred to my lower jaw.
Avatar f tn I wasn't aware that we could get arthritis in the jaw and ear areas. That's a worry! I wear hearing aids and yesterday had to remove one as it was too painful to wear. It seemed as if my ear was too small for it to fit. If it doesn't improve in a day or so I'll go to the doctor, or maybe dentist? Not sure which.
Avatar m tn I have an upper left molar which required an emergency root canal during a hiking trip in France due to an abscess in 2011. They redid the root canal (or finished it anyhow) when I returned home, but were not entirely happy with how it was done. Since then, I've had fleeting pain around the tooth, but repeated xrays showed nothing at all unusual. In October 2013 I was in Hong Kong for a job interview and the gum above the tooth became sore and bruised.
Avatar m tn I would have a very low grade fever that would come and go. Then, I started having this EXCRUTIATING pain in my jaw, in my right maxillary sinus, and down the right front side of throat. The pain would get very bad for 15 minutes, die out for 15 minutes, come back, die out, come back, die out..etc. Each time I would have this pain, I would fight it away with Amoxicillin and lots of mouthwash, and it would go away usually for weeks and then it would just come back again like before.
Avatar f tn This lasted about 3 days. I did not eat. Since then, I have had this pain in my upper left abdomen and it radiates to the back. My stool is light. Don't know if it is considered clay colored. I went to my primary and he suggested gallbladder, even though the pain was in the left. He did blood work and ultrasound and said everything looked. The pain came on so bad the one day I called 911 cause I thought I was going to pass out and I was home alone with my daughter.
Avatar n tn t hurt but area between my upper and lower teeth in back of jaw hurts - pain is at times a 10. frozen in my seat at work it hurt so much - can't even think straight. also radiates to my lips and left jawline. and behind my jaw below my ear hurts. my tongue is fine and has never hurt and i have all feeling in it. so i called my dentist and described issues. he thinks his associate who did the filling hit the nerve with the needle and this is nerve pain.
Avatar n tn now about 5 years ago i found a abcess in my mouth i let it go and a abcess (boil) on the left side of my neck right along my lower jaw bone.
Avatar f tn I suffer from chronic tension headache and since the jaw surgery they have become debilitating. Important to mention my lower jaw and upper broken abscess molar are both located on the left side. I have been extremely depressed as my best friend passed away and my ex boyfriend tried to kill me all in a month. Hence the broken jaw.
Avatar f tn I have a 'blister' at the back of my mouth on the gum between the upper and lower jaw (past my teeth). It is painless, has been coming and going for the past few weeks and often pops with a fairly tasteless fluid. IIt is about 1mmx5mm. I also have enlarged glands on that side of my neck which ache (scanned 18 months ago and said to be reactive lymph glands) and suffered sudden hearing loss in that ear in November 2006.
Avatar m tn I have a root abscess from a broken tooth on the upper jaw. A week ago I had a severe pain on that tooth and I started taking Amoxicillin 500mg as my dentist prescribed in case of infection when he opened it to clean the roots.The next day the part next to my nose got swollen but the pain has gone.After 5 days on Amoxicillin the swell is not visible but I can feel it when I open my mouth. The thing that get me worried is that slight pressure feeling on my cheek and the upper eyelid.