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Avatar n tn I don't want to scare you , Is it on the surface and red or deep and feel like a bead under the skin?call a doctor and until you get in mark it with a permanent marker and see if it gets bigger,,It is important not to out this off,hoprfuly it's nothing but if it were to be a lymph node or a breast lump it will need a biopsy time is important .
Avatar n tn my boyfriend has developed an abscess in his armpitt.the doctor cut it opened and gave him antibiotics.few days later he developed one in his groin area and another one on his head.it seems they groing everywhere.i also developed two little ones on my face.what can this be from?, help. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/240352'>Underarm abscesses</a>.
Avatar m tn Good evening,i have the following problem. Like 4 weeks ago i got an abscesse in my left underarm, i went to the doctor he gave me some antibiotics and it was gone. Then a week ago it came back and it was a little bigger this time. I went to a surgeon and he opened it, and i had to change the bandage every day. Now like 2 days ago there was it again, and i have no idea what to do.... can i put some magnesium sulphat paste on it and see if it gets the job done?
Avatar n tn For about a year or two Ihave been getting rashes and multiple abcess at a time in both of my under arms, the abscess have appeared in other areas of my body as well. In the past my doctors just keep treating me with antibiotics but they really dont seem to help or keep them away. Cancer runs in my family, my mother fought a long battle with multiple myloma, and my sister is fighting sarcoma. My sister had one of her hips removed in May and now she has tumors in her lungs.
Avatar f tn I have an abscess that developed in my underarm and went through 5 iterations of infection, lancing, draining, antibiotics over an 8 week period, before finally going to a surgeon to get some relief. I had surgery 4 weeks ago where he removed a golf ball size cyst from the area. Since then have been back in the ER 2 more times for more lancing, draining, antibiotics. The surgeon keeps saying, its left over infection and it will heal eventually.
Avatar n tn (I have read somewhere that amoxycillin aren't any use for Staph infections and do you think that this is what this is, from the description?
Avatar n tn but wife after under arm pain and swelling in underarm pls give any sugestive any medicision pls reply me thanks
Avatar m tn They think it was all an abscess. I had two tubes put in since it was deep in my right armpit.. did a follow up on Friday, got a new tube put in.. today I just got my culture back and not understanding it. I have a follow up with my dr tomorrow. I get my results sent to email and on my online health acct. Do anyone know what this means? I know its best to wait to see the doctor tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Hello there; I wonder how I can distinguish between underarm lymph and sweat glands? Thanks.
Avatar n tn my wife has just been took down for surgery to drain an abscess in her arm pit are there any common complications
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been extremely nervous about a swollen bump i found earlier today about an inch under my underarm. I recently was bitten by a spider on my back, and it caused a major bump and was thinking it could ultimately be a cause of swelling there in a lymph node? I looked online and it really scared me as a lot of the suggested causes aim towards cancer. I also talked to someone else and they said it looks kind of like a blocked sweat gland?
Avatar f tn Hi. The tender lump on your armpit could be a beginning localized infection like an abscess. The armpit is prone to develop infection especially after shaving or when there is too much sweating. There is a condition known as hidradenitis suppurativa which involves the sweat glands of the underarm and groin. It would be best to see you doctor for further evaluation. Take care.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been having pain in my left underarm for about 8 months now. It wasn't bad for most of those 8 months, I just noticed it when I would lie down to go to bed, and it wouldn't last very long. However, now it seems to have gotten worse. I don't notice any lumps. It seems to be below the arm pit and also runs a bit below my left breast (but not on the left breast). Does anyone know what it is? Don't have health insurance to go to the doc.
Avatar f tn The abscess may not be secondary to breastfeeding. Inflammation of the areolar gland can produce abscess. This may be brought about by a break in the skin/areola, producing a superimposed infection and thus abscess formation. If there is an abscess, incision and drainage must be done and the specimen is sent to the pathologist for evaluation. Good luck.
Avatar f tn There are many, many causes of underarm lumps, and the vast majority have nothing to do with cancer.The most prevalent cause of a lump in the armpit is infection. An infection can be localized to the armpit itself (perhaps a nick from shaving) or it can be more widespread.. you may also have a boil or abscess just under the skin. If it's a swollen lymph node,this could be caused by an infection somewhere in the body.
Avatar m tn Hi, about 4 weeks ago I had a pain in my bellybutton it felt deep down in the belly. A week later the pain suddenly went and there was puss and a tiny bit of blood coming from the button. I had suffered from a peri anal abscess about 2 years ago and the puss was very similar. The doctor took a swob and it came back fine and i have had two sets of anti-botics. I am still feeling rubbish and my belly button in still very moist when i out my finger in and it does smell a bit.
Avatar f tn Soon after, I started getting extreme tenderness all around and pain in the underarm and in my breast as well as some breast swelling. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn It started with a inflamed hair follicle that lead to an abscess on my underarm. I had to get that drained and packed and was put on Bactrim (antibiotic)... since then i've been getting dizzy and feeling like i'm going to faint. It comes with anxiety and it's terrible! I've never felt like this before.
Avatar f tn In jan i had swollen lymph nodes that started on my upper arm and then moved to my underarm I then started running a high fever and very ill I went to the Dr and said i had a abscess he gave me alot of meds and the swelling went away along with the pain. Now it is March and my husband has the same symptoms he went to the Dr and now they are saying it is cat scratch fever even though we have but maybe on or two symptoms that are common in cat scratch. I was very very ill.
Avatar n tn Infections like this may also explain the soreness in your left underarm area as the infection may drain to the lymph nodes there. However, it maybe very hard to differentiate between an infection and a malignancy, that maybe is the reason why your doctor recommended a mammogram. The mammogram can somehow give us the idea if we are dealing with a malignancy or a benign condition. Your joint stiffness maybe a separate problem.
Avatar f tn Now today Wednsday, its still increasing pain (no need for hospital though) my underarm pain is starting to hurt in my inner arm and also that lump is now 2 inches and hurts like a M-F'a! (Sorry) I call and call and I am getting no answer I dont believe what she had gave me was a good answer! (by the way no insurance) and i think that they are pushing me away b/c of no insurance. I just dont know what to do. I cant hold my children due to this "lump". I need some advice!
Avatar f tn I have what looks kind of like a pimple on my left breast. I can see some yellow in the center but it is not ready to be popped and it is not painful. It's been there almost a week. Could this be some form of breast cancer like inflammatory breast cancer?
Avatar m tn The only activities that I have done out of ordinary are cleaning and working in hot tub for extended period of time and sleeping in a hotel room. These spots and tenderness occurred almost overnight. Please help with any advice as the spots have remained for the past two days...they seem to have improved slightly but still remain. I would just like to know what has caused them. Thanks for the help J.
Avatar f tn I have a big bump under my arm and it keep coming back. It comes back in the same shape and place under my arm and today it popped because of the way my arm was positioned, and some stuff that was not thick like pus but had the consistency of like syrup. And I squeezed it a little more then I seen blood so I stopped and now I have a tissue under my arm and theres brown stuff on it like old blood. And I also put vaseline in it and that didn't help.
529385 tn?1212794874 I read some of these posts and relalized that it sounded like what i went through. how you know is this i had bumbs that would appear every once in a while . they would start out small and red. then get bigger and get a white top on them. with in a couple f days the tops would become dry and the skin would peel. then finally the skin would come off and there would be a big hole there filled with blood, and white smelly stuff. if hurt really bad too.
Avatar n tn The area that I was referring to (where a small lump was felt) is in the right axilla (below underarm near side breast area). When I saw the doctor I was told it was an abscess (boil) which needed to be drained and she did. Afterwards I had to continue going to the ER for more follow-ups (wound check). At another visit I was told that I also had cellulitis (infection of the skin) and was again told that I needed to take the antibiotics that was prescribed.
Avatar n tn arg. i had sex with a CSW in july and now im feeling the after effects. of course i used a condom(who wouldn't with a hooker). long story short.....massage parlor in china, many different positions ect ect. the only problem was i had a scab with an ingrown hair in it inches above my penis just about where the hair stops. not a regular scab, abcess or w/e black and **** (its gone now healed over) but i can't seem to wonder if this woman had HIV.
1074328 tn?1255596533 9 to 1to retest and above 1 positive). Currently I am witnessing an excessive underarm sweating and I had a penile abscess that required a surgery, all blood test came out normal but I still have this fear that prevents me from moving on with my life. Is it wise to re test or I should move on?
Avatar f tn On a lighter side many infections like pharyngitis, poor oral hygiene or abscess or any other infection in the body can cause these symptoms. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!