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Avatar f tn My 9 month old cat recently had an abscess that burst on his side. I took him to the vet two days ago and he was put on amoxicillin. Today, right next to the burst abscess there is another abscess formed. There are not visible wounds so there is nowhere to drain from. He does not feel warm to touch on his nose or his ears. The vet is closed for two days and there are no emergency clinics near me. Please offer advice on how to help my Oliver.
Avatar n tn I have an abscess right above my eye tooth on the side of my nose what can I do about it now I have a dental appointment on Friday
1399266 tn?1280640704 It is a tough situation. Antibiotics are for bacterial infections so unless the abscess is a secondary diagnosis to a bacterial infection, the antibiotics won't make it go away. On the other hand, if she reacts to anesthesia, putting her under to pull the tooth would be a problem. I would suggest further discussion with your vet so that fully understand the risks and benefits of both courses of action.
Avatar f tn My face is so swollen its causing pressure in my eye ear and nose. Ive been on cephalexin for a bit more then 24 hrs now but the swelling and pain has not subsided at all. So my question is, when can i expect relief??? And is it because of me that my dentist couldn't remove the teeth? He said that he couldn't extract them because I was too nervous and basically he 'couldn't do his job'. ( I shake bad and cry in the dentist chair and I can't help it) Or should I find a new dentist?
Avatar n tn I have a wound outside the gum and I feel the abscess when I press under my nose. I have been to a surgeon and the xray showed a dark spot, but when they cut the gum I felt it all and cried and cried. Due to having high blood pressure they didn't numb the area well at all, so I made them stop. I had blood everywhere and insisted I go home and the funny thing is I got a proper deadner when they stitched it up.
Avatar n tn She instructed me to continue finishing out the anitbiotic I am now taking, and that it should dry up anything left in the abscess, as she said that at the point it was beforehand that no antibiotic would be able to get rid of it alone without I&D procedure being performed.
Avatar n tn The pus forms inside the abscess as the body responds to the bacteria. Antibiotics are not required in the treatment of a simple abscess, unless the infection is spreading into the skin around the wound known as "cellulitis" (which I had).
Avatar n tn I have an abscess in my nose and started taking oral antibitics. How long for the swelling to go down???
Avatar m tn Ive read that about 1 in 4 people are carriers, it lives on their skin and in their nose. They sell creams to kill them in the nose and I read about some kind of bath to eradicate them off your skin. I dont know if these are temporary fixes or not, meaning they just severely lower their count on your person.
Avatar f tn I chipped my front tooth 44 years ago, and had a root canal, braces, bonding then finally a crown put on. In the early 90s, I had an abscess make an opening in the front of my gums and start draining. It seems that the metal point in my root canal caused the abscess and an endodontist did a second root canal, removed the metal and used gumma percha and it was fine. Now it’s 2018 and I have a soreness beneath my nose and I thought it was from clenching my teeth while I sleep.
Avatar n tn The s/sx progressed to sinus pressure swollen glands, cough runny nose with yellow sputum from cough and nasal. I began to feel better so nixed Dr. visit as my insurance had not started. Two days ago I began having swelling in my gums. Yesterday I found a discolored area on my gums above my front right tooth. Today the sore has progressed to my pallet and is sore and feels blister it is also bleeding. Could this be a sinus abscess?
Avatar m tn My guess is that you had an infection inside your tooth and when the bacteria spread into the pulp where the nerve and blood supply are at, it causes pain and as it traveled down into the jawbone, it spread out and created an abscess. Now you took the antibiotics and it helped with the abscess but unfortunately there's no blood flow or very little into the pulp due to the bacteria and so the bacteria still remains.
Avatar f tn anywho went to the dentist recently for swelling in my face about 2 weeks ago he said he didnt like the looks of it but was unable to pull the infected tooth due to not being specialized in whatever so gave me antibiotics and sent an urgent report to a nearby hospital that claims they can't see me for another 6 months now after 2 weeks of antibiotics and the swelling going down I woke up to the whole side of my face from jaw to eye being swollen,throwing up and my nose is stuffed up.
Avatar n tn I really expected to see a big ole abscess.. There is nothing wrong with my sinuses. In my life time i've only blown my nose 3 times. I get a stuffy nose occasionally, but i never have any kind of sinus trouble and dont have any now.
Avatar m tn -I can trigger the smell at any moment I choose(I usually do not do this for the heck of it) just by blowing my nose or taking a deep breath in through my nose. It lingers for hours! I can smell it every single second until I am unconscious in sleep. I don't smell it in the morning upon waking. After brushing my teeth though, I usually have to blow my nose...
376182 tn?1283277338 When I had the root canal done I had another X-ray done which revealed that the abscess was still there despite a week of antibiotics. Could these pressure sensations be related to the abscess in anyway? Any help would be greatly appreciated...I am at my wits end.
Avatar f tn It hurts quite a bit. The pain extends to my eye socket and I have frequent nose bleeding on the opposite side. I had a CT scan and a bone scan but the surgeon said ithey look okay and I should continue to give it time to heal. I'm concerned there is an infection in there that's not being addressed. Is there any other diagnostic test to determine if there's a problem such as an abscess? I do run frequent low grade fevers, have chills and night sweats.
Avatar m tn When i woke up Saturday Dec 25 the whole left side of my face was swollen so i continued to take my antibitotics and woke up sunday to find the swelling had only spreed to the underneth my eye and the side of my nose in the cornor of my eye so i called the denist back and he imidiatly took me in for an emergancy visit he has now put me on clindamycin 2 capsules every 6 hrs and it will help rid the infection and after that it will reduce the swelling and i have to see an oral surgon to remove th
Avatar n tn My guess to your situation would be that a dental infection started in your tooth and has spread from the pulp of the tooth into the jaw bone. From the jaw bone, it has broken through the jaw and is now spreading through the soft tissue (muscles, skin, etc) and spreads out to wherever there is space to grow. The antibiotics should be completely finished. Is your doctor bringing you back for further treatment?
Avatar f tn My mother started having moderate pain in a tooth 2 days ago. Yesterday the pain worsened slightly and her face started to swell. This morning her face was noticeably swollen and she was in severe pain. I took her to the e.r. and they gave her a penicillin shot, prescribed her more penicillin and pain killers, and sent her home. About 4 hours later, her face had become about 3 times bigger than it was this morning.
1077991 tn?1255906479 You probably have a infection in your nose now. Could be an abscess, could be an infection involving the cartilages, could simply be a cellulitis. You better get that checked out.
Avatar f tn when i talk at length, it hurts so the doctor advised me not to talk that much. when he examined me with the scope through my nose last week he said the abscess was not coming back. but i am concerned about my tonsil still red and swollen and uvula as well after 5 days of antibiotics. my right ear hurts. not terribly, but it's there. the right side of my neck hurts, is sensitive. since i had antibiotics 1/14-2/1 as well, extra dose and steroids with the surgery, i am surprised to be sick again.
Avatar f tn I have swelling in my neck to ear and on the bottom of my chin. Cant clear my throat and theres a whitish, clear gummy mucus like stuff in my throat as well. And a bad taste . I also have white bumps starting midways of my tongue as far as I can see down to my throat.
480331 tn?1310407129 Possibilities are a trauma (bump, hit or cut on the nose), a skin infection below the surface that is not obvious, something in the sinus or even a growth of some kind near the tip of the nose. One way to know for sure is to let your veterinarian examine her and proceed accordingly.
Avatar f tn (he has never done that before so it must have been painful) all I could get out of him was that the pain was at the back of his nose?? He got 2 painkillers and about and hour or so later the pain started to ease, he went to work as normal, but he is just off the phone saying his face is feeling a little unconfortable and the pain seems to be coming from his upper front teeth?? Can anyone provide any answers.... please...
Avatar n tn The swelling went down - about 90-95% - but it appears it never totally went away - and I have this swollen area there now, where the boil had been - about 1cm wide and 2cm in length, and perhaps 1mm high; running parallel to the bridge of my nose.
Avatar n tn This is an infection of the hairs in your nose. At the very top of one, sometimes it will get infected. I have the EXACT same thing as you. What I've been doing is washing hourly with warm/ hot water and lightly massaging it. I don't know if it's what I'm supposed to do but it seems to take away the pain. Might want to get checked out by the professionals though. Good luck!
Avatar n tn For most people the day to day problem of bad breath is caused by bacteria, especially on the tongue, but also on the gums. Treatment involves brushing of the tongue or, more effective, scraping of the tongue several times a day. Tongue scrapers come as an individual item, but also as an attachment to the common tooth brush. One should also brush the gums. It has been reported that a chemical, stannous fluoride, can prevent cavities and reduce bad breath odor.
Avatar f tn My ears nose throat Doctor saw me before I had a tooth abscess and gave me Rx “for any hidden bacteria in mouth” I kept the bottle for a few weeks, but held off on taking it. Then the other night I woke up with part of my gum swollen into a ball on top of my wisdom tooth. Will the Rx the ENT gave me get rid of this infection? It is Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium tablets, USP 875mg/125Mg. 20 tablets take ten days two times a day. What do you think?