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Avatar n tn But a month ago, I had an infected pimple on my left inner thigh. It was a big size and hard. I could feel the pain from it. The doctor put me on anti-biotic doxycycline. It went away. But recently, I have small lingering pain in the same area but not as much as there was with the pimple before. Theres no pimple there but still a dark mark remaining from the pimple now. Could it be that the anti biotic given before wasnt the right one?
Avatar m tn I want Da real exact answer what is this hard lump on my inner thigh that come in go I just had my first child the doctor didn't say my son was infected with anything my girlfriend say it's. Boil please tell me was it is please!!
Avatar f tn Yesterday I noticed a hard, pea-sized lump on my right inner thigh about an inch away from my vagina. It is sore to the touch and slightly redder than the surrounding area. I do not shave in that area and I have never had sex. I am also only fifteen. Any ideas what this may be? My thoughts are that it might be a cyst or swollen lymph node, going by what I have researched on the internet. Please help!
Avatar m tn Hi! I am 26 years old and have been having a problem with red bumps on my inner thigh. I been to the doctors several times, but they have not "fixed" me yet. I have just been worried that it might be something like MRSA or something serious. I was on the antibiotic bactrim for a while and they got better, but now and then one will pop up and get me worked up again. It started off with bumps (zit like) coming up on my inner thigh (also some on my arm).
Avatar f tn I have a very painful growth at the top of my thigh, not in the crease, but close to it. It looks like a large pimple. Very red and sensitive to the touch. It has appeared just before my menstrual period starts, grows and then "explodes" with pus and some blood. It has occurred for the past few months, consistently. I'm nervous about seeing a doctor, mainly because I'm not sure which kind of doctor to go see. Gynecologist? General Practitioner? Dermatologist? Any ideas what it is?
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my inner thigh and it is about the size of a dime but,it keeps getting smaller then bigger and it is a bit discolored like a purple brown and it hurts only when it rubs on my pants or when i touch it. thanks.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend has a lump on his inner thigh. It's about 3 inches from his groin area. It's about the size of a dime, maybe a little bigger. It's hard and under his skin. It first appeared about 5 months ago. It's the same color as his skin. He said it hurt when it first appeared, however now it doesn't hurt unless you touch it a lot. It seems to move when you touch it too. It hasn't seemed to changed size at all. He doesn't have insurance so we are unable to get it checked out.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend has a lump on his inner thigh. It's about 2 inches from his groin area. It's hard and under his skin. It first appeared about 5 months ago. There's no pinkness its the same color as his skin. He said it hurt when it first appeared, however now it doesn't hurt unless you touch it a lot. It seems to move when you touch it too. It hasn't seemed to grown or get smaller. He doesn't have insurance so we are unable to get it checked out.
Avatar m tn Also during this time I have been having bouts of pain in my pelvic region, around the area of my left testicle and along my upper, inner left thigh. THIS IS MY MAIN CONCERN AND REASON FOR THIS POST. The pain is about 3/10, but the discomfort is 5/10. I can not find any unusual masses on either testicle and they look fine to me. No noticeable swelling. They are not tender to the touch but moving my testicles around from the left side or from below can be uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn They have been re-occuring for a year now and sometimes if I have one on one side of the thigh another 1 shows up in the same spot on the other thigh. The main point is they are painful and always have a white fluid that is followed by small to large amounts of blood depending on size. I have had them in the pubic hair area and sometimes on the waistline about where a belt would be. I am a male and wondering what types of things these lesions could be.
1373228 tn?1278560848 Alright, I came to this site looking for help, on a particular problem I seem to be having in my inner thigh area (specifically on my right inner thigh, about half way between my groin and my knee).
Avatar m tn Hello, 2 weeks ago I noticed a bump on my upper inner thigh, basically right between my legs (where my two thighs touch if legs are together). It is slightly red and painful, about 1cm-2cm in diameter. I have squeezed it, and no drainage has come out. What could this be? It is larger and more painful than any ingrown hairs I have had, and I don't see that a hair is involved in this. It has been 2 weeks and it is still there. I have tried antibiotic cream and warm compresses. Still nothing.
Avatar n tn I noticed a lump in my inner virginal lip. It is located in the crease in between the lip and virginia. Can anyone tell me what it can possibly be? I have a GYN appt for later in the month but I am very nervious of what this can possibly be. Thank you in advance for your emails.
Avatar n tn Then I started get them in the inner thigh...that seems to be their favorite place. GRRR. I am now 28 and still suffering from them. I have noticed that they only come when I am stressed...like deathly stressed! Anyone know why? Why are we all having these all the sudden? I am grateful that it isn't cancer or anything really bad but still there has to be a reason why we would all start having these. I really think it has to do with stress.
Avatar n tn Right where my inner thigh meets with my labia majora (in the skin crease) I have a lump there, its about the size of a marble. It almost seems like a HUGE pimple, but there is no head to it. I have had them before and when I squeezed them, white puss stuff came out and then they go away. But I squeezed this one, and blood came shooting out all over the place. I didn't even squeeze hard! Anyways, should I be worried that blood came out?
427340 tn?1205867731 I'm wondering, I have experienced maybe once a year or once every two years a blister on my bikini like area (inner thigh) just one blister about the size of a dime, maybe a little bit smaller. It's pretty painful and it usually has a milky yellowish color. Can anyone tell me what this could be? The first time I got this blister was I believe when I was pregnant (2 years ago) and I remember my OBGYN asking me when I was about to get surgery to have the babies, if I got those blisters often.
1358263 tn?1277382813 Hello, These can be due to boils or carbuncles. A boil, also referred to as a skin abscess, is a localized infection deep in the skin. A boil generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm and hard. Eventually, the center of the abscess softens and becomes filled with pus. Finally, the pus "forms a head," which can be surgically opened or spontaneously drain out through the surface of the skin. Apply warm compresses on the boil and keep the area clean.
Avatar n tn i have a mobile lump on my inner thigh about 1 cm in diameter it started of as a small pimple witch i squeezed and clear sticky fluid came out it then got bigger and became painfull for about a week it has been painfree for 2 weeks and no fluid comes out now when squeezed but it is still there
Avatar m tn About a week ago a bump developed on my inner thigh. I thought it would go away but over the next few days it grew very painful and got bigger. The pain became unbearable so I went to the ER. They lanced it and told me I had an abscess. They just put gauze over it and sent me away with antibiotics. Well it's been a week now and I'm worried how long before it heals? It is still draining I went to the doc yesterday and they gave me an antibiotics shot and did a culture.
Avatar m tn I'm a 34yo male 6' 160 (used to be more) generally healthy but out of shape. For the last month+ I've been having the problems listed in addition to a reddened urethral meatus. I've also had a recurring perineal/perianal abscess. First appearance was Sept. last year, got VERY painful but never ruptured, never went to see a Dr. Concurrently and most likely associates with it was intense left flank/hip/pelvic pain when I would move my leg distally.
Avatar n tn About a year ago a hard red lump developed in my groin just to the side of the crease where inner thigh turns into genital. It wasn't painful if I recall (if anything it was never very bothersome, which is why I let it go so long) but over the course of the year I've developed another on the other side of my groin, in almost the same place; the two have also gotten larger and more sensitive.
Avatar m tn So i feel a mild pain on the left side of my thigh and inner thigh. Can this boil be genital herpes? I have only had sex only once in my life and it did not even last for five mins.
Avatar n tn However, I have another lymph gland on my right inner thigh, which has not yet turned in to an abscess, but I think it is going to. Has anyone heard of this kind of problem before? I have read the other pages but they only mention 1 abscess, I have had three in the last 4-5 weeks.....
Avatar n tn So im wondering if it is something different or if its on my inner thigh so it doesnt hurt as much?? Does anyone else have them on their inner thigh?? I have had a staph infection in my sinuses a year ago so idk if that would be why...
1151771 tn?1262028720 We had a follow up appointment today for a abscess that appeared on her inner thigh, he gave us a antibiotic and it helped that one but as soon as she came off the antibiotic 3 more appeared on her bottom and outer thigh. Our doctor is baffled and is sending us back to the dermatologist.
Avatar f tn They do not produce pain or any discomfort. I also get them under my breast, inner thigh, and also my waist. Could this mean I have contracted HIV?? I had an HIV test done in 2008 when I was pregnant with my son. It came back negative. These abscess or boils have been coming and going for years now. WHAT COULD THIS BE??? I had unprotected sex back in 2007. But I took the HIV test in 2008 well over three months.
Avatar n tn I have a big bump on my inner right thigh it hurts and it is swollen I was woundering can you tell me what it is