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945369 tn?1320833037 It is leaking pus and milk all the time. My body is still producing milk in the operated breast. Are there any known side effects or long term issues with taking medicines for suppressing lactation?
Avatar n tn This morning, it felt a bit better but by the end of the day it hurt to walk again and I was now itching (probably a yeast infection from the DR's poking and prodding) I went back to the GYN who said it was no yeast infection, everything looks fine and the abscess is smaller. Maybe he didnt remember me but my abscess has doubled in size since yesterday. It now burns when I pee. I have been doing sitz baths since I discovered it and nothing is working. He said antibiotics wont help.
Avatar n tn it does sound very much like mammary cancer, the thing is with a cancerous abscess opening and draining there isn't any likely hood of getting the area to heal....what she needs is surgical removal of the nipple, however perhaps you were told its too late for surgical intervention.(?) your Vet is the best one to ask this question of, he needs to give her something for pain at least and perhaps has some suggestions for helping her out? best of luck to your poor baby.....
Avatar n tn He said that the scans don't show any cause for this to be happening and it looks like it is curving in rather than the bone thinning in that area. At this point it isn't affecting my brain, so he wants me to repeat the scans in October and come back so he can see if there are any changes. Keep in touch if you find anything out about yours. and feel free to send me a message in my inbox - I have a watch on this post and my inbox and I recieve an email whenever anyone posts to it.
427340 tn?1205867731 The first time I got this blister was I believe when I was pregnant (2 years ago) and I remember my OBGYN asking me when I was about to get surgery to have the babies, if I got those blisters often. I told him not really. But since they went away we never mentioned it again. But now this blister came back and its the same place I got it last time. I'm a bit concerned. Could it be herpes? Can anyone give me an idea of what it could be?
649848 tn?1534637300 Sarah, I started losing my teeth when I was in my 20's - I was lucky enough to lose my 2 bottom front teeth to an abscess that resulted in a partial so I didn't have to run around with no front teeth; I've lost a few more over the years and had to get a different partial that the could add teeth to... I lost all my uppers when I was in my 40's and have had a denture of some type ever since. The only reason I'm putting all this out there is because I eat nuts of all kinds...
2186126 tn?1384961026 She had been struggling with seizures for a year and a half before she suddenly developed a tooth root abscess and was unable to heal from. Sadly, it forced me to put her to sleep w/ in a week. Her teeth didn't seem so bad, though I wanted to have them cleaned last year to be on top of her oral care. However, because of her seizures, my vet didn't want to put her through dental surgery/ anesthesia; this was a mistake. She should have referred me to an animal hospital where they can resuscitate.
751951 tn?1406636463 Birthday Tuesday (53), so church gave me a "surprise" (I won't tell) potluck dinner after this morning's service. Very nice. Spring break week, & Tim's off, so Nancy took the week as vacation, and we're heading for a couple days & nights in a cabin in the woods, in SE Ohio's beautiful Hocking Hills region. Tim has a cousin I've not met who will go along, and we actually found a place that allows Annie & Bandit to come along, so that will be interesting.
Avatar f tn i had a white patch inside my nose and it wasnt sore - ive been using sterimar to try and increase the moisture in my nose as sometimes it seems dry in morning i have used nasal sprays in past - otrivine - beconase but decided to stop using them as sterimar is natural and kind enough for babies - so it hurts abit when i blow my nose on the side the sore it - the sore is on the inner side of my nose not outer is this going to heal ?
Avatar n tn Please see a vet about this one. It sounds like it might be an abscess.
Avatar n tn My friends dog is a 9 year old cockapoo, and the other day I noticed she had a red bloody spot in her fur behind her head, on the backside of her neck. The lump is about the size of a walnut; hard and leaking small amounts of blood. My friends not sure if the dog scratched it to make it bleed, so she took a close look at the sore spot and gently squeezed it getting more blood and puss out of it. She then washed it with antiseptic wash and covered it.
571042 tn?1271450741 Sometimes when they cut their teeth it can have a cyst in front of it. It will be fine though. I was nervous that she had an abscess or melanoma!! Anyone else experience this?
Avatar f tn Hi thanks ladies for replying in from Australia no such thing as free dental work here unless your unemployeed. I did call my dentist however his currently not in til next week, he told me to use mouth wash and take antibiotics which thankful i am already on as i have a vaginal infection. The gum is fully covering the back wisdom tooth its been like this for years neevr have gaven me this much trouble.
Avatar f tn My almost 20 year old calico cat has developed a jaw abscess that has broken through the skin to drain. I know from reading the forum this is VERY bad and I can't afford to bring her to the vet. She is still eating and otherwise acting quite normally but I am embarrassed to say I didn't notice that she developed this condition until I felt the scab under her chin. Then I noticed how distorted that side of her jaw has become. Life has been really hectic lately.
219241 tn?1413541365 He was nervous a lot of the time and I suspect he may have been abused and dumped a long time ago. Yet he took to me in a big way and he was quite an amusing cat in his way. My friend called me back and the prognosis was not good. Not eating for four days, barely able to walk more than a few steps before collapsing, bloody diarrhea, and pale gums. I'd taken him to the vet a year ago when he first started having the bloody diarrhea, they said to stop giving him chicken necks.
5609181 tn?1375335972 I've heard of babies sleeping in their swing or even in the car seat until a crib can be afforded. If anyone wants to judge you guys for it, they clearly don't need to be in your life.
11302232 tn?1417725956 This Morning Has Been The Worst. It's in both ears now. Left side is worse. I have a doctors appointment later own today but I do not know what to do about this pain till then. Becoming really unbearable. What can I do to relieve some pain. I'm starting not to hear as well.
Avatar f tn I have no family history of breast cancer, but I found out recently that my Father is not the biological son of my grandmother, so I have a grandmother in Germany who may have problems with breasproblems, I don't even know if she is still alive. I have no health insurance. I am in the process of applying for medicaid in the state of Missouri. Most importantly, is there a place to go here to get it looked out without a cost??
554628 tn?1362781519 I have to get 3 gluclose tests due to having big babies. Everybody is different and every pg is different. I have never in any of my pgs only gained like 25 lbs I do that in the 1st trimester....
72351 tn?1281996142 Last week I wrote in wondering about one of my three week old kittens possibly having an umbilical hernia that developed quite quickly. I did consult with several vets via phone who all told me not to worry and to have it repaired at the same time I have the kitty spayed//neutered.
Avatar f tn I want to feel the wind on my face I want my eye's to be filled with splendor I want to fly with the eagle I'm content in my desires and confident in my war...
Avatar f tn so while no one may ever know for certain - there would seem to be some kind of link between infections/cavities in the mouth and miscarriages. Sorry for your loss - best of luck with your next pregnancy. in my own personal experience i found that not knowing why a miscarriage happened, the lack of knowledge in that area and the lack of caring that it did happened by the medical field was frustrating.
Avatar n tn I personally am 32 weeks pregnant with my 7th child (all born via cesarean delivery), my youngest son is 13 months, I still breastfeed him twice in a 24 hour period. Usually in the morning and before bed time. My first 8 weeks of this pregnancy, my son wasn't completely interested in feeding. Breast milk can tend to have a sour flavor the first few weeks. This taste generally tends to disappear around about 12+ weeks.
1110049 tn?1409405744 It is so upsetting to see our babies (or anyone's) suffer in any way. I'm a little unclear from your post, but does Smudge have an abscess you can see, or did the Vet just guess? I'm wondering if the antib injection was Convenia??? If so, please keep a close eye on your boy as there can be complications with this drug. I hope you Both are recovering from your ordeal. :) p.s. I'm so sorry, I wrote this response last night, then musta forgot to hit send!
Avatar f tn I have tears in my eyes as my dogs and cat are my ‘babies”, I can’t have children, I feel like they are mine, yet I can’t help her/them! I already know one needs $3000 level 3 dental! (My husband has a cracked molar and my teeth need checking……etc! no dental plan here!) No my baby chihuahua went in for ingrown nail and when Vet checked her mouth, WOW. Her left front molar is wrapped around by “hair, etc.” at root, loose it is huge!
1702100 tn?1307230924 Kristie, Seeing a rheumatologist is a common next step with this disease. It can also be helpful to see a breast surgeon or breast specialist. It kind of depends on what steps you might be interested in taking in treating this disease. There are things that can sometimes "help" this disease - medications like steroids or methotrexate (it would be good to see a rheumatologist for these), surgery, etc.
Avatar f tn They're strictly indoors unless they sneak out for a minute then they run back in really fast. Please give me some advice to help my cuddle buddy. I can't afford to take him in until the beginning of next month. They're all due for vaccinations next month also. I've had these fur babies for 10 yrs and don't want him dying because of this.
Avatar n tn Keep up with the compresses and vary your nursing positions. I would usually feed Tristan in my recliner during the day and at night I would lay down and feed him so he latched in different areas. Definitely call the doctor and get in to be seen. Be diligent about your antibiotics and don't let yourself get engorged. Continue to nurse on the affected side, unless there is an abscess present. If nursing is too painful, pump to keep up the supply.
Avatar f tn She also did say that she believes the abscess/openings are part of IGM and closes when it's done. She does not believe in doing any incisions. The only thing she would do invasively is Core Biopsy...to eliminate other possible causes like Fungal or AFS. So if anyone out there is taking Cipro and getting pus, you may want to test out if it's making you have more pus.