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Avatar n tn i have a bump thts as abscess in my upper part of gum i wll pop it but next day r 2 it wll come right back whats thats
Avatar n tn If the pimple is abscess, identification of the infection source is required.
4279185 tn?1352125277 Root canal failed and i developed an abscess on gum. Dentist at the time said best to leave it. Several years passed, new dentist decided to redo the root canal and perform an apiectomy. One day after stitches came out the familiar pimple was back. Since then i have lived with this infection, every so often i have to forcibly drain it to reduce the swelling and pain.
Avatar m tn I have had a smallish (maybe 2 cm in diameter) skin abscess or infected cyst on my back next to my cervical spine for the last 2 weeks which doesn't seem to be getting bigger or coming to a head (I tried squeezing it thinking it was a pimple at first.) When I touch it, it feels soft/puffy as though there's some fluid under it (same as a gum boil) and it's no longer hot/painful, just itchy sometimes.
Avatar f tn This past two weeks I decided to start eating on that side that I had to implant done and now there is a bump above the gum line and it's obviously sore and tender to push. Not that I want to push on it. I rinsed with Chlorohexidine this morning and I am hoping that will help. I should also add the fact that I smoke. But the doctor told me I had to quit during the surgery and to allow for the bone to take. I thought since this implant was done a while ago I would be able to smoke again.
Avatar n tn I have a couple questions about how I have been taking care of the abscess' though. The first 2 were not that bad. They were almost like a pimple I popped them and cleaned them out and all the swelling went down and pain went away. I took antibiotics to keep the infection from getting worse...I just got my 3rd one while waiting to go to the dentist. have my methods of cleaning the abscess' out after popping them the best approach.
Avatar f tn Since I posted my toot abscess has spread i think- there are little white pimple dots leaking pus now on the other side of my mouth (top gum). Also, my top gums are swollen (feel like a donkey), my lymph nodes are throbbing, my throat is super raw, and I feel an intense pressure in my cheek bones on both sides of my face (almost feels like pusing up to my eyes). I am so scared. I stopped taking the antibiotics and then this happened a day later so I have doubled up the antibiotics.
Avatar f tn The only thing that I can feel every once in a while is a little pressure around a tooth and the gum looks a little swollen. I think it started after I was eating cornnuts. I bite down and felt a sharp pain like I might have poked the gum with a piace of the cornnut.. Will I make things worse if I wait to go back to him in May for my 6-months check up.
Avatar m tn Once the channel reaches the gum surface, it appears to be a pimple or raised, white growth. Gumboils often (though not always) hurt, and sometimes the tooth feels raised or displaced. Gumboils should always be attended to by a dentist, because even drainage and an easing of symptoms doesn't mean the problem is solved, as the infection usually remains at the root of the tooth.
Avatar n tn What does it entail to drain abscess intraoral #8? How long does it take? Do I need a second appointment? Tooth had a fistula and still looks like it has a real small little pimple like thing. Is that still a fistula? How do I know if it's still infected? Had root canal 5 weeks ago. The gum above the tooth hurts when I brush it or touch it, like when I scratch my nose. The doctor says it's normal to have pain a month or so later but if i REALLY want to come in, I can.
Avatar m tn Hello, 3 weeks back, I noticed a small pimple like inflammation on the inside gum of a front incisor that had been treated for root canal around 15 years back. I must have applied some pressure on the inflammation. Pain was present for a few days - I took ciproflaxin for 10 days. The inflammation went away from the inside gum and came back on the outside gum. I made it to a dentist on friday who said that it was an abscess and that she might need to do a root canal on it again.
Avatar m tn I've had dental abscesses before - one required tooth extraction, the other, root canal. I have now noticed a white "pimple" on my gum next to a virgin tooth, i.e., a tooth that has never had a cavity or filling. Something similar occurred several years ago and was found by my dentist's assistant. When the dentist examined it, he told her that it couldn't be an abscess because it was a virgin tooth. My question is, can an abscess develop at a virgin tooth?
Avatar m tn Hello, 3 weeks back, I noticed a small pimple like inflammation on the inside gum of a front incisor that had been treated for root canal around 15 years back. I must have applied some pressure on the inflammation. Pain was present for a few days - I took ciproflaxin for 10 days. The inflammation went away from the inside gum and came back on the outside gum. I made it to a dentist on friday who said that it was an abscess and that she might need to do a root canal on it again.
Avatar f tn My 14 year old niece has a small lump in the top of her mouth by her 12-year molar's gums. It's soft and she says it isn't tender. It's smooth and almost feels like a soft pimple. She's had it now for 2 days. On the first day, it was harder and it hurt a little to touch. It's slightly purple at the center. What could this be? Should it be checked out?
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago, I noticed a sore bump on the upper gum. It causes no pain unless I press on it, then it is painful. It is all the way up on the highest part of the gum and it is above a tooth that has a cavity. This tooth is sore once in awhile. Are the two related? Is it some kind of infection? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Iight I smoke cigarettes and I tried nicorette gum to quit but didn't work, so I stopped using them and a week after I got the bump on my left side gum in the inside of my mouth and for those 2 years I kept on pushing it down and pus would come outta it and the next day it would come back and do it again , but when i drain it til theirs blood the tooth would hurt for a few mins than the pain goes away if anyone has had this before share your story on it cause I don't know what this is and can't
Avatar f tn hey there im a 24 yr old female non smoker and lately for about one month ive had a bump on the roof of my mouth kinda like a pimple that has been coming and going but wont fully dissapear its also painless what could this be?>? and also on my bottom gum under one of my teeth i have a white sore spot for a few days which was painful but now feels like its getting better what could that be is it anything serious??
Avatar n tn After a short time it failed and i developed pimple on gum which would burst every so often and release pus and blood. I had the filling replaced and my gum was cut open and the infection scraped out.
Avatar m tn Drained as in with an incision and drainage placed? If its a small "pimple" in the gum area, it'll resolve itself after the antibiotics work but you need to address the cause of the abscess which I'm guessing is a bad tooth somewhere nearby.
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm brand new to this website & forum, but I was researching this issue for a friend of mine just last night. Sounds like you have an abscess forming thus the "white bump". The tooth itself will have to be taken care of eventually but the abscess is an infection that needs to be taken care of NOW. Any dr/er/dds can prescribe you a round of antibiotics, which will help with the pain and inflammation alot.
Avatar f tn Now about 8 months ago I developed an abscess on my gum over the bad tooth that needed a rootcanal. Its not painful, but I do have to pop it like a pimple about 2 or more times a day. I try to put lots of mouthwash on it and not swallow right after. About 2 months ago a part of that tooth just fell out, but only the inside quarter of it. Its still not painful, but I feel sooo fatigue all the time. I am 36 and have always been very active and healthy. I never felt so run down before.
317787 tn?1473362051 I saw it earlier, looked like a pimple, I tried to pop it, then it grew bigger. My jaw is still hurting and I was told it was because they had to cut the gums to get the tooth out. The tooth only came to the gumline, I had lost the crown the day before and the tooth under was very decayed.
522336 tn?1215884409 Around April or May of last year I noticed a little bump just inside my nose. Since I've occasionally gotten small pimples just inside my nose I attempted to bust it. I actually got a little "white stuff", like one would get from a pimple, out of it but it was too painful to continue messing with. I left it alone after putting a cotton ball soaked with alcohol on it in the hopes that would dry it out and go away.
Avatar n tn The pimple forming may be some bacteria/pus leaking through the jaw bone and into the gum area. Again, since the root canal is done, it should fix the problem.
Avatar f tn I keep getting this white bump on my upper gums in the same spot every time, just above my left front tooth. Sometimes it hurts and is uncomfortable so I will pop it like a pimple and a white fluid comes out but it relieves the pressure and pain, then i rinse with listerine. I think it may have something to do with a past injury to my teeth. When i was 15 I was hit by a car (I'm now 25) and my 2 front teeth got knocked back and the doctor at the hospital pulled them back forward with her finger.
219241 tn?1413541365 I saw my dentist again on Monday, where we again discussed the 'pimple thingy' on my gum. He said he would do a root canal to see if this tooth was actually infected. He had done a CO2 test on it the week before and it had been dead. He started the root canal and MAN! (now I hope you aren't eating your dinner) the amount of pus that came out of my head was incredible...try 10 minutes of it! In the end he kept shaking his head, put a plug in it and took an xray.
Avatar f tn That tooth had a root canal done when i was in my teens (now 34). The abscess had been there for YEARS, as it would get a little pimple on the gum and would go away... I didn't realize the danger in that. Anyway, the abscess used to grow "out" onto the gum, but apparantly this time was growing "up", as it was "very close to my sinuses" as told by the Oral Surgeon. So, the tooth was pulled and the infection was "cleaned out" and stitched.
Avatar f tn I'll be getting a root canal next week. The abscess isn't open, it's sort of just like a pimple on my gum. A couple weeks after I gave oral, I also started to get a sore throat. It was never severe, but I was diagnosed with strep on June 22 because the back of my throat had white patches and my lymph nodes were enlarged. I was treated with penicillin for 7 days, but my symptoms began to come back, so I was put on for another seven days.
219241 tn?1413541365 Well, this is me having a whinge or a 'I feel sad for myself' time. For the past year or so I have started to get blood noses. Nothing spectacular just a slight drip or two. Then Saturday I woke from a deep sleep to blood streaming down my face. I sat up and gushes of blood poured out of my right nostril. This, was to say the least, most distressing. Took over 15 minutes to stop and a box of tissues later!
Avatar m tn I then noticed what looks like a pimple on the side of the outside of my nose. It grew like a single white head and then popped just recently, blood oozed out for a bit. After cleaning it and sitting for a while, clear like fluid drained from it. I am just very nervouse because I still have a bad sore throat, but noticed no lesions or anything in my throat or on my lips.