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1881960 tn?1320703566 My doctor gave me penicillin and something for pain but its day 3 and nothing has changed. I can feel the abscess in my mouth for the first time today. It's not getting smaller, only larger! I am 29 and on coumadin and lovenox so no dentist will see me. I've called dozens of dentists to no avail. I am trying not to become frustrated but each passing day I'm stuck in bed isn't helping. Any suggestions ?
Avatar f tn This only numbs the pain slightly and wears off quite quickly. Ive also got a swollen left side of my face and a lump on my gum. I know I need to see a dentist and probably get antibiotics but the problem is its christmas day and I wont be able to seek help for several days - possibly a week or more and I cant cope with this pain. Any advice on what I can do at home in the meantime to make it bearable?
Avatar m tn ok so i have a dental abscess on my lower left gum almost touching the cheek an very close to jaw bone i have had this b4 but on the right side an a 3 day course of antibiotics removed the infection an swellin my worry is last time it didnt hurt at all this time it is really hurting an painillers r only working for say 5-10 mins i have spoke 2 an emergency dentist as its the weekend an he cant do anything unless the swelling is the size of an apple so he says but is it right for him to deny me h
Avatar n tn yesterday i had two teeth pulled due to a gum abscess. I was'n t comfortable about this. I thought if there was infection in your mouth you should'nt have teeth pulled, anyway I have a swollen chec. I am taking medication two different kinds. Three times a day. Is this normal after having teeth pulled.
Avatar m tn What about a gum abscess that is being treated with antibiotics? My boyfriend has a gum abscess and he has been prescribed penicillin and topical antibiotics. He says it is getting better, but for some reason his cheek on the other side of his mouth got swollen (maybe unrelated from biting it) and he says the area of the abscess is still a little irritated even after being on antibiotics today.
Avatar n tn He then did a percussion test, tapping firmly on all surfaces of the tooth, and I had no pain. So he recommended using Peroxyl to help the gum heal, and just watching to see if the tooth got worse. Well, the gum healed and the foul taste disappeared. No more throbbing. But the sensitivity to hot and cold has steadily worsened. Now hot or cold food or fluids causes a fair amount of discomfort.
Avatar m tn I have quite a painful abscess on my upper gum. Went to my dentist who said a remaining root from a missing tooth was causing the abscess. I am booked in to have the root removed in 8 days. I was prescribed antibiotics - clonamox 500mg. I am on day 2 of the clonamox and the abscess appears to be growing as is the swelling on my face. It is very painful and I am getting very worried.
Avatar f tn The dentist broke one off below the gum line and the other he crushed and broke in half, he did not get either of them out. I have been terrified of mouth work since childhood. He told me he would not work on me again unless I took Valium first. He said He needs to cut open the gum and drill into my jaw bone to remove the teeth. I did not go back and that was a year ago. Now the half tooth is abscessed. My face is so swollen its causing pressure in my eye ear and nose.
Avatar f tn I have never had a tooth abscess until now. I called my dentist and they are trying to help me to keep cost down bc I have no insurance and xmas is right around corner so money is tight. I have a back molar that broke about 3 months ago ive been trying to save up for root canal but now I think I will need it pulled. The tooth stopped hurting and then I got the pus pocket under it that would flare up but then go down.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a tooth out next to my front tooth about 6 years ago and it got an abscess after the gum healed and closed about 6 months later. I have a wound outside the gum and I feel the abscess when I press under my nose. I have been to a surgeon and the xray showed a dark spot, but when they cut the gum I felt it all and cried and cried. Due to having high blood pressure they didn't numb the area well at all, so I made them stop.
Avatar n tn I lost part of a filling on Tuesday and contacted the dentist, but they cannot see me for two weeks. Over the past two days, my cheek has swollen and my gum above the tooth is the size of a ping pong. I have amoxicillin at home so I bagan taking that and rinsing with salt water per stuff i read on the web, but the swelling has not gone down and i can't get a hold of my dentist until monday. Should I go to the emergency room or would they tell me the same thing?
Avatar f tn Dentist insisted on placing perm crowns - different crown materials (about six weeks ago.) Afterwards, pressure sensitivity improved but gum swelled on the linqual side. Dentist treated with Cavitron and said tooth would need to be extracted if swelling continued. Four days ago, had tooth 14 prepped for crown. All okay first day, then cheek and jaw started swelling and have not improved. No pain in tooth 14. Made an independent appt with Oral Surgeon but can't get in for three weeks.
Avatar n tn I Had to have two teeth pullled due to an abscess on my gum. I thought that you could not pull teeth while you had and infection in your mouth. Is this true or not. Also if you have teeth pulled does this clear up the infection. Even though you have to take medication for a week to ten days.
Avatar n tn I still need 2 crowns upper right, and one crown lower right with a few more cavities filled. My dentist says there is no signs of dental abscess, but I have been having a lot of bad symptoms that seem to be getting worse. I feel really ill all the time. All my teeth hurt, It comes, and goes for what seems like no reason at all. My face feels tight, and puffy sometimes. My eyes burn. I get headaches, and sensitivity to light.
Avatar n tn If the lesion is malignant, thr prognosis is generally good as long as the treatment is interviened early.
Avatar m tn Hi, Could someone please help to identify what is up with the white patches on my lower gum? Thanks!
Avatar f tn It sounds like what you said it is, a dental abscess. As gross as it is, its a good thing it draining out and leaking into the mouth. If the area closed up, the pus would have no where to escape to and it would cause a larger swelling and could push into other areas of your mouth/face/eye. I would recommend taking a course of antibiotics to help clear the infection.
Avatar f tn I have an abscess in a broken tooth on the upper right side, 2nd tooth from the back. I feel a lump on the upper portion of the gum line, near where the jaw connects. My cheek is swollen and I have a bitter taste in my mouth. I am afraid that it has spread into my cheek cavity. How serious is this? What is the worst thing that can happen if I am unable to go to a dentist? I don't have any insurance. Should I go to the emergency room?
Avatar f tn My husband is 33yrs old, doesn't have a dentist and his teeth are black, rotten and missing after many years of boxing with out a gum shild. He keeps on getting abscess and has told me he would like toget all is teeth taken out (what is left of them) but we dont know how to go about it? We dont have alot of money at all and most of the dentist's need paying or if they are NHS you dont get a chance to see them. Please help anyone, I cant keep seeing my husband in pain.
Avatar n tn What's the cause of the gum infection? If its a dental abscess, a root canal may be needed to resolve the problem.
Avatar f tn This past two weeks I decided to start eating on that side that I had to implant done and now there is a bump above the gum line and it's obviously sore and tender to push. Not that I want to push on it. I rinsed with Chlorohexidine this morning and I am hoping that will help. I should also add the fact that I smoke. But the doctor told me I had to quit during the surgery and to allow for the bone to take. I thought since this implant was done a while ago I would be able to smoke again.
Avatar f tn Hi, lump in the gums above and adjacent to the teeth most commonly can be tooth abscess or fistula opening due to infected tooth. You may just check out any frank cavity or food imapaction area in related teeth to the swelling. In such case you may need antibiotics and root canal treatment of the affected tooth with the help of a dentist. Other possibilties could be pyogenic granuloma, fibroma, periodontal abscess etc. Check out with local dentist to confirm.
Avatar n tn It may be an abscess of some sort. Antibiotics would help with the infection if it is an abscess but it won't cure it.
Avatar n tn I have a bum on my gum on the left side of my face behind the last tooth. Some people are saying it might be a caker sore or an abscess. The bump became bigger and I noticed a white substance inside of the bump. It grew bigger than with the help of hot water and salt it began to drain. First question what is this on my gum? How long does it take to heal? and Should I go to the dentist after it fully heals?
691614 tn?1227468251 I have a white lump that has appeared in my gum above my front tooth. It isn't painful but when pressed I feel pressure on my tooth. It has been there about 3 weeks now. What it is?
Avatar f tn My husband is 33yrs old, doesn't have a dentist and his teeth are black, rotten and missing after many years of boxing with out a gum shild. He keeps on getting abscess and has told me he would like toget all is teeth taken out (what is left of them) but we dont know how to go about it? We dont have alot of money at all and most of the dentist's need paying or if they are NHS you dont get a chance to see them. Please help anyone, I cant keep seeing my husband in pain.
Avatar f tn I've been on Amoxicillin for 5 days for a tooth abscess. I went to the dentist for significant facial swelling, and was diagnosed with the abscess. The swelling has gone down, however I now have a pus pocket on my gum above my molars. It's only painful when I touch it, but I can see the swelling under my cheek when I smile. Since I'm already on Amoxicillin, can I pop the abscess using a sterilized needle? It's Friday night, and the dentist won't be in until Monday...PLEASE HELP!!
Avatar m tn Dentist put in temp filling for few week - extremely painful for few days, gum went white underneath and lots of pain in the jaw / gum but no pain in tooth (prob due to LT problem with TMJ). I returned to dentist for crown prep and she said that due to this problem with temp filling and fact that hole went close to root cavity I may need RCT.