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Avatar m tn Gum boil tends to resolve within a week if retreatment of root canal is successful.
Avatar m tn He gave me amoxicillin which I finished taking a few days ago, but the gum boil is still there. It's like a big lump on my gum. I've been referred to have the root fragment removed by a different dentist, but the appointment isn't for another 2 months. Should I worry that the gum boil is still there? Should I go back to my dentist?
Avatar m tn Tooth 14 has a deep pocket measured 10mm. Tooth 15 has a gum boil on the inner side of the gum (the side of tongue ). Tooth 14 is not reacting to cold but tooth 15 is still sensitive to cold. About the cause of gum boil, I got different opinions from two dentists: 1. It is due to deep pocket in tooth 14 and suggest 14 to be pulled. 2. It is due to dead pulp of 15. Tooth 14 and 15 need root canal and tooth 14 need gum surgery to remove the pocket.
Avatar n tn If it can manage to break through the jaw bone and exit out of the gum, then the person can live with an abscess for years because the pus buildup in the jaw will leak out of the "gum boil," thus reducing the buildup of bacteria. 3) Which brings us to this question. If it doesn't escape through the jaw and into the mouth through the gums, it can also spread through the fascial planes of the head. These are spaces where muscles and tissues connect.
Avatar n tn My daughter woke up with a swollen cheek on right side, she's had a gum boil there for a few days and I'd been cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and it was going away but now her face is swollen and the entire top section of her gums on that side is swollen as well. She had tooth work there over a year ago, had a root canal. Is this an infection from this root canal and will the tooth need to be extracted, it's still a baby tooth? Will antibiotics help and how dangerous is this infection?
718797 tn?1230284722 I have a small boil like skin on my top left gum just under my lip near the vessel, can u tell me what I can do ?
Avatar n tn I had a root canal about six months ago and somehow they have lost the crown but in the meantime I have been tryin not to eat on that side of my mouht but about a wek ago it started to feel sore and I developed a bump or it felt similar to a boil on my gum. I was wondering do you think it could be infected?
Avatar m tn ) When I touch it, it feels soft/puffy as though there's some fluid under it (same as a gum boil) and it's no longer hot/painful, just itchy sometimes. I'm also getting shooting pain up my neck and don my back in the same area, which feels like it could be muscular, but could a small abscess cause this kind of pain without being very large (possibly spreading?) and should I be concerned since I can't see my doctor for another 2 weeks. I have no experience with skin infections like this.
691614 tn?1227468251 I have a white lump that has appeared in my gum above my front tooth. It isn't painful but when pressed I feel pressure on my tooth. It has been there about 3 weeks now. What it is?
Avatar n tn As for the swelling, the antibiotics and time will take care of it. If theres a fistula (lil gum boil), sometimes warm salt water will help pull the pus out of the abscess. Otherwise, your dentist can perform an incision and drainage but I wouldn't recommend that route at all. The root canal was done and everything should be fine now. Good luck with hygiene school! Maybe I'll see you at some ADA functions. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn My tooth that has the abcsess is broken down to the gum, if that could be why. What would i need to get done to fix this and does anyone know about the price it would cost with no insurence? Also do dentists office's set up payment plans?
Avatar n tn had the same situation needed to go to er because the location of the boils caused my eyes to swell and close I was put on antibiotic levaquin it reduced swelling but my picking the boil or possibly the size of the boil left ice pick scars on face I only had one recurring outbreak since then so I decided to do a 10 day fast with only lemon diluted water red cayenne pepper and maple syrup (a master cleanse) then I built up my immune system by elimininated cane sugar, white bread, junk foods
Avatar n tn What I would like to ask is if this could still be the abscess and the antibiotics are still working or could this be a gum boil? How long does antiobiotics take to leave my system when finishing them.
Avatar n tn Fast forward to 2 nights ago I noticed a dull throbbing ache not on the tooth itself but on the gum all the way up near where the inner cheek meets the gumline. I had experienced pain with this tooth in recent past (sensitivity to hot and cold) but this pain was in a completely different location. Yesterday morning my cheek was swollen.
1939607 tn?1324292900 As I proceeded to brush my teeth later on last night, I noticed that there was a scratch on the gum/roof of my mouth in the last two upper molars area.It is not a gum boil, it looks like a real scratch and it is sensitive to touch with my tongue/toothbrush/ finger. Also, on the same side of the mouth, the soft gum where my lower wisdom tooth used to be looked slightly scratched too. Today it feels better but the scratches are still there.
Avatar m tn My cheek right above the tooth and next to my nostril has also swelled up. The tooth is perfectly fine, no decay of any kind. The gum above the tooth is also perfectly fine. I had an abscess tooth before (oddly the exact same tooth just on the opposite side) about 2 years ago. The constant pressure feeling is the same but the swelling looks slightly different. When tapping my abscessed tooth there was incredible pain but now when i tap this tooth the pain hardly changes.
Avatar n tn Other than this he could also be having a gum infection, an infection of the skin of face, a boil or abscess or infection of the jaw bone. It is difficult to diagnose this on net. Please consult his pediatrician and his dentist as soon as possible (read immediately!). Meanwhile please give him acetaminophen to make the pain tolerable. Take care!
Avatar n tn What can happen is that the nerve inside a tooth can die and abscess leading to drainage into the gums which creates the gum boil. It might bleed and can be purulent (pus releasing) or not. The other situation is if there is a localized area of severe periodontitis (gum disease). That can also result in a gum boil. The dentist will check out the area, take an xray and be able to tell you what can be done, either possibly a root canal ,deep scaling/curettage, extraction, referral, etc.
Avatar n tn I work in the dental field and see things like this periodically. If infection is present...ie a gum boil, swelling, fistula tract, ect...then an antibiotic will help. You may also try taking anti-inflammatory pain med..like advil, etc...or have a pain med prescribed. Most importantly please check with a dentist, doctor, etc... b/c you definitely need to address the tooth. Remember you can always get a second opinion on the rct treatment.
Avatar f tn while on the amoxicillin, I get a abscess/boil/something on my behind in a very uncomfortable spot!!...I've never had one before in my life. It was pretty bad, but burst yesterday and started draining on its own.) At that point, I thought all would be okay, at least until I was done with the antibiotic treatment and went and saw my dentist again. Next, late last night I started to get a 'weird' feeling on the left side of my face.
Avatar f tn A boil, also referred to as a skin abscess, is a localized infection deep in the skin. A boil generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm and hard. Eventually, the center of the abscess softens and becomes filled with pus. The only way of ruling it out is by getting yourself tested for genital herpes.
Avatar f tn in addition, for past week wake up with terrible pus taste in mouth I have been doing salt gargles religiously and brushing after every meal. There is no pain,no abscess I can see no fever....although I have developed chest congestion and taking mucinex which seems to help a little. My concern is ,is this liquid from tooth be going into my lungs and or blood. I am a asthmatic and diabetic type 2 and allergic to many antibiotics.So I try to go holistic most of the time, Should I go to dentist.
Avatar f tn After the crown i expected the sore gums, after a few days of this getting worse I noticed a black (blood?) bump at the top of my gum right under the tooth that had the crown. My gum has been bothering me there for quite sometime, but not this bad. The dentist that placed the temporary on even said she didn't make the crown to go all the way to my gum so it wouldn't aggravate my gum anymore. So after the black bump, the next day it was white and puffy and extremely painful.
Avatar n tn There was an awful smell which he said was the abscess. I am taking amoxcillin at the moment and it now 8 days since the extraction but my jaw is still swollen the same as it was before the extraction, is this normal should the swelling be going down by now, it is not really painful. I have two days of tablets left should I go back to the dentist if it is still swollen when I have finished my tablets. Also I'm going on holiday is it OK to fly if jaw still swollen.
Avatar f tn while on the amoxicillin, I get a abscess/boil/something on my butt (in the crack- ouch!)..I've never had one before in my life. It was pretty bad, but burst yesterday and started draining on its own.) At that point, I thought all would be okay, at least until I was done with the antibiotic treatment. Next, late last night I started to get a 'weird' feeling on the left side of my face. Hard to describe, like weakness or something, but I figured I just irritated something.
Avatar n tn Unless a person changes their diet, getting rid of all the decay producing sweets, they will continue going through the dentist process; cavities, fillings, more fillings, splitting teeth, root canals, infections, gum disease, root scaling, extractions, bridges, implants and all the rest until dentures. And thats not the end... dental procedures cause aging trauma. A pulled tooth can result in numb toes, an overdose of anesthesia can last for two weeks and cause stomach problems.
Avatar n tn boils are often caused by infected hair folicals. Bacteria from infection form an abscess or pocket of pus. The abscess can become larger than a ping pong ball. Boils occur in areas where there is hair chafting. the face, neck, armpit, breast, groin, and buttocks are common sites.....then it goes on to treatment with cloth. doesn't mention any serious outcomes like surgery.
Avatar n tn Must be the antibiotic shot weakened the abscess membrane and it drained. I have no idea what I did to have this abscess happen. So, right now I am almost half way through my antibiotics and trying to keep from having a yeast infection. It's still red in my clitoris area and I can't do much except rest and take it easy. I have a doctor's appt. next week but I am just so upset about this. I NEVER want to experience something like this again. I'm afraid it will come back.