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Avatar m tn Enlarged and engoarged with estimated weight of (40 gm) It shows heterogeous reflectivity with central para-urethral cystic lesion 11 X 5 mm. No abscess formation or pathological calcifications detected. Apparently intact capsule with no focal mass lesions detected. SEMINAL VESICLES: Bilateral dilation more than 17 mm, however, no sizable focal masses or calcular shadows could be seen. IMPRESSION: Prostatic enlargement for correlation with serum PSA. ?? Prostatic Cyst.
Avatar n tn Bilateral ureters shows projection into the bladder lumen suggestive of early ureterocele formation. Prostate is normal in size and echotexture. The peri-prostatic fat planes appear normal. Bilateral seminal vesicle appears enlarged in size(L>R). Bilateral seminal vesicle calcification is present. Prostatic urethera is dilated. Rectal outlines appears normal in thickness and peri-rectal region appear normal with no evidence of peri-rectal fat stranding.
Avatar n tn They can do a urinalysis to make sure the kidneys are okay, which occasionally urine can back up into the prostate and cause pain. There are a million things a doc can test for if he's got the symptom of constant anal pain, especially when standing. Dear Basman and Berry: Please see the star* portions of the below points I make. You two may both have an anal abscess of some kind, and I think you should both pursue this idea, as it can get fairly serious if left untreated.
Avatar m tn "The Use Of Ozone In Medicine" 1987 Classic medical ozone textbook published by Karl F. Haug, Heidelberg, by Professor Siegfried Rilling, M.D. and Renate Viebahn, Ph.D, co-authors.