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Avatar f tn The common causes could be bacterial like tuberculosis,pyogenic pneumonias, viral, fungal infections. Few other possibilities are abscess formation, necrotizing granulomas, or eosinophilia etc.It is important to discuss these test results with your pulmonologist since he knows your medical history best. Only after a detailed clinical evaluation the cause can be determined. Hope it really helps. Do keep us posted. Take care and regards!
Avatar m tn Abscesses can also affect the brain, kidneys, liver (hepatic abscess), lungs, teeth (dental abscess), and tonsils (peritonsillar abscess). Inflammation surrounding hair follicles can lead to the formation of abscesses. Skin abscesses are often referred to as boils. Unlike other infections, antibiotics alone will not cure an abscess. In general, abscesses must open and drain to improve.
6358958 tn?1380605654 am like that for few days now with alterable pain severity. every time I try to cough cleaning my lungs or to breathing deeply. I have a great feeling that it was my sinuses.
Avatar m tn In comparison with previous scan done on 6-8-13, there is progression of disease with epidural abscess formation.
Avatar f tn Adrenal adenoma (benign tumor) Adrenal carcinoma also known as adrenocortical carcinoma. (malignant tumor) LUNGS The lungs are responsible for gas exchange between the air and blood stream. Although not often considered in abdominal pain, diseases affecting the base of the lung may affect the pleura lining around the lung) and diaphragm (main muscle of respiration) that can lead to pain. The lung itself cannot feel pain unless the surrounding structures are affected.
Avatar n tn During this procedure a bronchoscope is passed through the nose into the windpipe to look into the lungs. A bronchoscope is a flexible tube with a small camera at one end.
621465 tn?1221541188 It may be due to some abscess formation in the armpit,lymph node swelling(due to infections of the lungs,oral cavity including teeth or malignancy of the mammary glands) or a lipoma. Constant smells may be a result of some pathology in the olfactory nerve or smell centre in the brain. I feel that an evaluation by a physician or a surgeon is a must. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn She showed me my x-rays, and there were cavities (think abscess, or mega lung zit) all over both lungs. She went to the x-ray done a few years prior and she could see the forming of a chest cavity on the upper left side of my left lung. She guesses I have had this infection for 2 years.
357139 tn?1220104712 I am currently undergoing ATT therapy for potts spine-- involved abscess, psoas abscess.....drained. No neurology when diagnosed. Now completing 7 months (only medication no surgical treatment) but pain is not completely gone....still have pain in the back if i sit for 4-5 hrs. can walk around on a leveled surface. how long does it going to take for complete recovery?????
Avatar m tn "The Use Of Ozone In Medicine" 1987 Classic medical ozone textbook published by Karl F. Haug, Heidelberg, by Professor Siegfried Rilling, M.D. and Renate Viebahn, Ph.D, co-authors.
Avatar m tn • An infection by a bacteria or virus of your respiratory system, which includes your lungs, throat, nose, and nasal passages. It’s usually caused by a cold, which inflames your membranes, makes them thicker, and makes the mucus thicker, which blocks your sinuses and creates an ideal condition for bacteria to grow. Then white blood cells come to attack the bacteria, and the battle further swells and congests the nasal passages.
Avatar n tn they told me if i didnt fix my spine, it would crush my heart and lungs. well i asked my Dr if i would even bend again, i miss my freedom. its not gonig to happen my spine is fused together.
Avatar n tn She said we need to keep an eye on him to see if a growth reappears. If there are not any issues with the lungs when it grows back then they said they culd amputate his leg. If lung involvement then there will not be anything they could do. He was acting and still is like nothing is wrong and if things change then we will further investigat.
299940 tn?1192322967 I found out that sinus blockages cause post nasal drip which are bacterial and pass onto the lungs. Bam! Pneunomia once again in the left lung LOL.. I found other interesting facts, if you are allergic to Aspirin, Have Asthma, and Allergies, these 3 conditions make you more prone to developing Sinus Cysts/Polyps. I have lived with this condition all of my life, so I am begining to understand the mechanics of this disease within my own body.
Avatar n tn heart tests all gud, been on antibiotics fo last two weeks but to no avail, these episodes ae severe during night time, symptoms tends to lessen a little while i make myself busy wth something, Docs are having different opinions ranging from amoebiasis, peptic ulcer to subacute lung infection leading to abscess formation in chest etc. etc. ......some says drinking lot of water may help.
211940 tn?1267884866 In October, 2007, I developed an extremely sore throat, accompanied by an abscess on my tonsil. At the same time, I found that I could not turn my head side-to-side, nor lift my arms forward, sideways, etc. The Sports Medicine doctor took x-rays, which turned out so poorly, he could not determine whether or not I had a hole in my rotator cuff. I was sent to rehab., whereupon I was told that the tissue in my upper arms was filled with knots, and that my shoulder joints were not frozen.