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Avatar m tn 12 days home with low grade/high grade fever called Surgeon had Ct scan revealed 5.5x3.5x4.5 cm gallbladder e-coli fossa abscess. Interventional radiologist placed a french drain while i was under conscious sedation during CT Scan. Released after 4 days of Flagyl & Cipro. Home drainage was recorded at over 1000cc to 2000cc of brown liquid. Surgeon scheduled ERCP with Gastroenterologist 8 days after placement of drain.
Avatar n tn he stayed in the hospital another week and was sent home with the instructions to use an ostomy bag to collect the drainage...there was so much drainage that 4 sites were open and we were using 4 bags...the fistula opening closed..but still excessive amounts of drainage from the other openings...sometimes one will close and another will open (all along the surgical line) Our family doctor told us that the surgeon would be the one to handle my husband's problems..
Avatar m tn Hello, See when an abscess is healing reddish pink granulation tissue is seen at the base of the abscess.when there is no discharge from the abscess or if your gauze is not soiled,it menas a proper healing is taking place.These while crumbs can be due to drying of the topical medicine that you are applying while packing.Had it been pus,then it would not have dried and the gauze would have been soiled.Are you applying any topical antibiotic for the packing?
647273 tn?1292094741 For me, I have had very little problems with passing gas through the penis lately, however I do think that gas at times ends up in the drainage bag. I find it a little strange since the fistula is in the prostatic urethra. I would assume that gas would take the route of least resistance and therefore should come out of the penis. I hope that I will have some answers on the 9th.
Avatar m tn pouch at the anal area, i also had an external bag that would have to be drained regularly but it was removed about 3 months after the main operation. I have recovered fully but on the flip side now go to the toilet about 6 times a day (basically 1 to 2 hours after every meal). However i developed a peri-anal-fistula about 2 years ago.
Avatar n tn I also had a abscess that had to be surgically drained in November 2000. It was large and pretty deep, and I only stayed overnight. I had to have a drain where the abscess was for like a week after the surgery. I healed great from that and she was able to dismiss me pretty quickly. I then developed a fistula which is a fairly common complication from abscesses. The symptoms you described, especially the drainage, are the symptoms that I had.
1548207 tn?1303457780 When I started using the clay, it was raised and there would always be a little drainage into the clay. Now there is no drainage. The other area is the original hard cyst that was born in the very beginning of my disease (summer 2009) and never grew into a fluid-filled cyst. I sometimes wonder if that one will ever go away. I read that farmers who have cows with mastitis do pretty much the same thing as I am doing.
Avatar n tn hole in the center of the bottom end of the bag, the smaller the better. Place the hole in bag over the stoma/circle dressings. Bring the hole part upward, slightly folding it, so that the outside of the bag/hole in bag is flat against the outside of the circle. Tape the hole in bag to the circle, and tape around the hole ensuring the top portion of the hole is sealed. Zip the top of the bag with the zipper.
1752640 tn?1352770994 Wash clothing, washcloths, towels, and sheets or other items that contact infected areas in very hot (preferably boiling) water. Change dressings often and throw them out with the drainage, such as by placing them in a bag that can be closed tightly before throwing it out. Antibacterial soaps and antibiotics placed on the skin are of little help once a boil has formed. Antibiotics taken by mouth or given as a shot may help a more severe infection or if the boil returns.
Avatar f tn I had a huge lump with recurrent subcutaneous abscesses. Drainage never worked. They used to open spontaneously and there would be a channel which will fill up over time. Was given no steroids as surgeon said there was not enough evidence. Was given multiple antibiotics over 6 months, had terrible autoimmune response of fatigue, breathlessness etc. As last option, started my aunts homeopathy which worked miracles. Now after 4 months of homeo, and strict diet almost recovered.
Avatar f tn within 2 weeks the first abscess drained from that area, it was a huge abscess by the way..what looked like an extra nipple as another girl of this forum mentioned. I took prednisone for about 2 months (20 mg a day) everything was wonderful my breast was looking so good!..until I decided no t to take more prednisone and start the tapering..oh God!
Avatar n tn Hello, 14 years ago I had ulcerative colitis, my large intestine was removed and I wore a colostomy bag. after a year my small intestine was reconstructed back.My question is, why do I have bowel movements 3 to 4 times a day? is there anything that I can take to make me not go so much per day, could I have IMS?
Avatar f tn I managed to research some articles on the management of my condition(infected preauricular sinus) on the internet and discovered that my ear swelling was in fact an abscess forming, therefore needing an I&D(incision and drainage) procedure to be undertaken.
Avatar n tn Also, for the pain, ice might help as well as the advil you're already taking. Put some ice into a zip loc bag or a latex glove (provided you're not allergic to latex) and tie it off. Sit on the ice for 15-20 minutes at a time. I know it won't look realy attractive....but who the hec cares about appearances when you're in pain! :) I hope this helps some.
Avatar f tn Saw a dentist and doctor recently. I've had all sorts of symptoms for 2 + months. I'm so scared that I hVe a brain abscess. Please help... Thank you...
Avatar n tn Posted By HFHS M.D.-MS on March 20, 1998 at 17:52:47: In Reply to: Bladder cancer, intestinal blockage posted by Laura on March 20, 1998 at 04:07:19: : My Dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer early February, underwent surgery to remove the bladder (and anything else not nailed down, i.e, lymph nodes, appendix, prostrate). He recovered ok from the surgery, except they had to give him enema to get intestines going again after about 5 days.
Avatar m tn I am relieved to know that I am not alone (though I wouldn't wish this nightmare on anyone). I went to the ER about a year ago for a really painful abscess that appeared out of the blue. A Physicians Assistant diagnosed me with an "ingrown hair that might have gotten staph" after she poked the wound with her (bare & unsanitized) finger. I was sent on my way with a prescription for antibiotics. I returned within a week because it grew about 5 x in size.
1006035 tn?1485579497 Other complications include postoperative hemorrhage, either immediate or following bandage removal is a fairly frequent occurrence, paw ischemia, lameness due to wound infection or footpad laceration, exposure necrosis of the second phalanx, and abscess associated with retention of portions of the third phalanx. Abscess due to regrowth must be treated by surgical removal of the remnant of the third phalanx and wound debridement.
Avatar f tn I then noticed another area a few months later, this time around my nipple and started to have drainage and pain from this site. I treated this conservatively and it seemed to be somewhat relieved by draining and eventually closed up after a couple of months (I am lucky in that my drain channel and site is small). I had this come back again last month - again, my breast just seemed to be changing, retracting tissue, nipple, etc.
Avatar n tn I was instructed to keep it dry and then put desatin on it but that does nothing. I switched to bag balm, it heals it up for a few days and then it goes right back to being split open and starts to bleed a little. This stings when I take a shower too !! any suggestions on what I can do ? I can't afford to go see a dermatologist right now.
Avatar n tn I've been wondering how you have been. I haven't seen any of your posts in awhile. Is there a possibility that you used something that irritated you down below? If not, sounds like you probably should visit the doctor. Let us know how you make out.
Avatar n tn i suffer from painful abscess in the groin area. they are so bad that i cannot sit down,lie down or barely walk. i had one removed when i was 19, it was under my clitiros and the size of an orange. it was excruciationally painful and i had it surgically removed. dr said it was the largest and first she had ever seen in that area. since then i get them regularly around diff areas. at the moment i have one on my outer labia, and also one on the fold of your leg/thigh.
Avatar n tn I promptly sought out a proctologist who used a probe and told me I probably did have a fistula, but he couldn't detect it without further testing and that I was probably wasting my time b/c the surgery has such a long recovery, low success rate, and possible use of that external bag to hold feces for a while. So, I left feeling frustrated. He also told me that it may worsen over the years and to come back if it got to the the point where I couldn't leave my house. UGH!!! Are you kidding?
Avatar n tn The swe1ling has gone down some but there is still a hard place above the drainage area. I have soaked in a hot tub, applied hot washclothes and been using a product called Prid. A couple of days ago a lot of yellow pus came out and than some very white and then blood. Does anyone know how much longer this will take to heal. I am no longer running a fever but can not handle the pain. Just my panties touching hurts like heck!I just put petro jelly on and seems to be easing up. Is that safe?
Avatar f tn I went to see my primary care physician about 3 times… a Ear Nose and Throat doctor once… My Primary Care Physicians gave me meds for drainage and an antibiotic. It wasn’t working. I didn’t think a cure was in sight.
Avatar f tn I had another minor surgery for a stitch abscess (some of my stitches did not dissolve). I am doing much better as time goes on (update below). You mentioned your surgery is scheduled for May, when in May are you looking at for the surgery? Yes, I have been given the Entereg. I was given it for my bowel resection and for the colectomy. I was given it right before the surgeries (YES!!! I got a small drink of water with it :-) ).
Avatar n tn boils are often caused by infected hair folicals. Bacteria from infection form an abscess or pocket of pus. The abscess can become larger than a ping pong ball. Boils occur in areas where there is hair chafting. the face, neck, armpit, breast, groin, and buttocks are common sites.....then it goes on to treatment with cloth. doesn't mention any serious outcomes like surgery.
Avatar f tn Some years ago I had Sepsis three times within a six week period. I knew the source. I had a tube inserted into my kidney for drainage following a severed ureter from a MVA. I know how very ill Sepsis can make you and the energy that it drains from you system. The third time I was DX and the hospital called me to return for treatment I cried with my head on my husband's shoulder and said, Please don't take me back to the hospital, just let me die here... I can't take this anymore.