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Avatar n tn my dog has an small abscess on the back of her neck that broke I cleaned it with warm water and peroxide what else can I do to help heal this wound?
Avatar n tn my dog had a retribulbar abscess drain on 3/19/2012 , he hasnt ate since and i try o give him his pills but it hurts him and spits it out . What should i do ?
Avatar m tn Today I noticed that her breath smelled horrible and I saw a tooth in the very back that is black and green. The swelling from last weekend seemed to begin in the area the tooth is located. Could my dog have been misdiagnosed and really have an abscessed tooth?
Avatar n tn Or, it could be GI ulceration or anal gland abscess and more.
Avatar n tn My moms dog has a big huge bump under her jaw and we can't seem to find out what it is. She doesn't eat as much and she isn't so playful we are worried if it might be cancer or a spider bite we do not know what to do.
Avatar n tn My dog (a pug) was attacked a couple of days ago - she seemed fine. We washed the cuts and she has been eating normal - she's been a little sore. Today though she has been very sluggish and her right shoulder has started swelling. Is there something I can do for her at home to reduce the swelling?
Avatar n tn my dog has a small lump behind his left front leg. it causes no pain what could it be?
1078123 tn?1255914486 I gave him Tramadol the last night. I can’t figure this out, is this pinched nerve or spinal abscess cause by bacteria and compresses the nerve? And, if my dog was on antibiotic for 10 days, why didn’t help him? Why his med-back is still swollen? What should I do? I can’t afford $2500 for MR test and etc. Is it a good idea to keep him on steroids the whole time? Please help! I don’t know what to do anymore.
Avatar m tn Furthermore, it appears that there is swelling behind her left eye, and she has very dry skin and is constantly itching herself, but we’re unsure if these symptoms are related. We know the dog has allergies, so we’ve always attributed the swelling and itching to this cause. She has not had problems eating her food or drinking water. She was a bit lethargic at first, I believe she was scared, but has since remained as perky and active as ever.
Avatar f tn i am thinking a possible abscess and am hoping it is nothing more serious. does any one have any idea what it could be? thank you very much.
Avatar n tn Your vet can treat your dog with medication even if the dog is not brought to the vet, as long as he is acting normally in every other way. However if he is sick and/or no parasites are found than he must be taken to the vet for an exam ASAP.
Avatar n tn My dog just had a litter of three puppies and then about two weeks later she started getting tired and looked very gloomy, she wouldn't eat or walk, and we thought she was going to die.The n a few days go by like this and my dog now has a hole on her breast, looks like a blister blew up. Really need advice and whats wrong and will it get infected if we don't treat it. Thank you for your time and I really appreciate it.
Avatar m tn Another dog recently bit my dog. He has a small, semi-deep puncture wound. I shaved the area, washed it thoroughly with running warm water, and then rinsed it with diluted betadine. I'm leaving the wound undressed to allow for drainage. Here is a picture of it. Should I do anything more, such as neosporin or a topical anti-biotic?
Avatar n tn Our dog has been acting strangely for the past couple of days. He is laing around (usually he is playfull and energetic, he loves to play catch with his bowl, obsessive about it) But recently he has stopped wanting to play, Sluggish, walking with tail down, Yelps if you try and pick him up. We first noticed this behavior 3 days ago.
385884 tn?1215076930 You don't want to let it go as sometimes the glands can become infected and abscess if not taken care of early. Some dogs will let you know there's a problem in that area by doing the "butt-scootin' boogie" - dragging their rear ends across the floor. Others, you really don't know until a gland ruptures and sprays that nasty stuff all over the place. I think you'll have your clean-smelling dog back as soon as those glands are taken care of.
Avatar f tn Hey I have a rat terrier dog who is 4 years old and her name is Prissy and she will not eat. The vet says she has pancreatic insufficiency and inflammatory bowel disease and she also has a abscess on her incision where she was spayed, it has done been drained several times and then again yesterday, the vet said if it doesnt get better he going to do surgery.
Avatar n tn i have a mini pin and there is a bump that looks like a boyle that comes up on his back it has busted a couple of times and this stinky stuff that looks like can dog food came out of it. it never went away it just keeps coming back and its gettng larger what could this bump be and how can i get rid of it without it coming back?
Avatar m tn A neighborhood big dog attacked the cat 2 days ago. I heard the commotion and went outside and scared the big dog away.The cat was on his back and I was able to grab him before he ran away as he appeared to be really hurt. There was cat hair everywhere. He appeared to be in some kind of shock for the first 24 hours or so. He has 1 small puncture wound on front shoulder and many scrapes. The cat has been resting for about 48 hours now.
Avatar m tn The cat was on his back screaming and in panic as the dog was nudging him with nose. This dog is a stray who gets fed by everyone in the neighborhood and is usually not aggressive. I live in a small country town so it is not unusual for a dog to live loose. This dog has been around for as long as I can remember, at least 7 years. Someone got her fixed and she just roams. She's in really good health for being a stray country dog. I have been feeding this cat for awhile now. We have approx.
878936 tn?1240340085 Are you sure it isn't his teeth that are bothering him? If he has a tooth abscess, that will cause foul-smelling breath, and will put him off eating because of pain when he tries to eat.
Avatar f tn My dog has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease and has been taking Trilostane (60mg bid) for about 5 weeks. After about a week on the medication I noticed a decrease in the drinking and an increase in energy. I then noticed a lump under his eye which was a tooth root abscess. He was given clindamycin (sp?) and after about 2 days on the antibiotic he started the excessive drinking again. A urine cortisol test was done after about a week on the antibiotic with even more elevated results.
Avatar f tn Please do not wait too long or your dog may develop a very unsightly ear. Your dog's condition needed immediate veterinarian attention.
Avatar f tn I have a very old dog, she is 16.5 years old. She still eats every day, comes around for treats with the rest of the dogs. She goes outside to do her business and only has an accident when she isn't let out. She is pretty bright and alert. Problem is she pants a lot, especially at night but eventually she stops and goes to sleep. Her breath smells horrible. She is too old to have her teeth cleaned. Her weight is good so I don't think it is her organs.
Avatar f tn My dog would of been 10 this coming sept. in the past 2 .5 weeks from my dog limbing , not eating dog food only steaks, she gotton a pressure sore on her hind leg which became abscessed. i was treating her with antibiotics the sore was getting better but my dog haley wasnt. she was having a hard time weight bearing. She lost around 10 pounds if not more around her back sides, they were caving in when she was breathing. Haley never made any noise to show us where the pain was.
Avatar f tn Good to hear, hope they get all of it. Not all that unusual fir an abscess to firm at an injection site. What a mess that can be.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear you are financially unable to take the dog to the Vet. Do you have a Vet that would let you make payments perhaps? The dog must be uncomfortable. At that age, it could be anything from a cyst, abscess or tumor and really should be checked out. There is just no way to give advice about something like that in this type of forum. Hope you can work things out.
Avatar f tn My dog would of been 10 years in Sept. 2.5 weeks ago my dog started limbing. I did a assesment on her by picking her hind legs up one at a time and do range a motions to see if she would show pain or discomfort. My dog never showed discomfort or yelp when i touched both hind legs. She slowly stopped eating dog food, but I would give her a steak and she would gobble it down. She was drinking alot of water right up until the last day when she died.
Avatar n tn My dog is having to have his anal glands expressed very frequently. He does not scoot but does lick his anal area. On several occasions, the vet noted blood when expressing his glands. His stools are normal and he is on a hypoallergenic diet. What could be causing the blood?
Avatar n tn What? Have you ever had an abscess yourself? The pain is unbearable.....Your dog will quit eating because of the pain....If left untreated, the infection will enter the bloodstream and he will be at risk of even more serious issues....Abscesses are easy to treat & very common......I recommend having the tooth pulled if given an option.... IMO, not treating his tooth is considered "Neglect" no matter what his age is.....
Avatar f tn The vet I been carrying her too and the one that did the spaying didnt tell me that the sutures didnt dissolve, he just been draining the abscess. Anybody ever had this to happen to there dog, that the sutures didnt dissolve. I just dont understand why this happens.