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Avatar f tn I went to the doctor last Wednesday, and the doctor told me it was an abscess and gave me antibiotics. The bump had popped exposing pus and a little blood on Friday. The pain went away but the size never went down. The next day it was a little bit smaller. On Sunday I realized the bump was getting bigger again, but this time there was no pain. Today it popped again this time it was just straight pus and at the end it was blood. They were not mixed together.
Avatar n tn My mother is an RN and immediately said it was a cyst. My primary doctor said it was an odd shape to be a cyst, but was definitely not a gland. At times there was some slight redness over it, but I don't know if that can be attested to constant probing or inflammation. 3 days ago, I decided to squeeze it gently to see what happened. I noticed what seemed like a dark pore at the bottom half of it. Clear liquid came out (I'm assuming pus) and then the strangest thing happened.
Avatar m tn I have had a smallish (maybe 2 cm in diameter) skin abscess or infected cyst on my back next to my cervical spine for the last 2 weeks which doesn't seem to be getting bigger or coming to a head (I tried squeezing it thinking it was a pimple at first.) When I touch it, it feels soft/puffy as though there's some fluid under it (same as a gum boil) and it's no longer hot/painful, just itchy sometimes.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have what I am 99% sure is a Bartholin Cyst or abscess since it is painful, tender & swollen. I am a medical technician who spent 2 years treating regular abscess' so I kind of know what I am in for but have never dealt with the bartholin gland type. I am worried because I know that it is very difficult to anesthetize and abscess locally. I am hoping I am not too late for antibiotic/ sitz bath therapy.
Avatar f tn About three months ago, I had a breast abscess aspirated and was given antibiotics.It seemed like it started in a cyst. Now the other breast has the same thing starting. Is this unusual for this problem to appear bilaterally? I believe this is also in an area where I had a cyst. Because pus was drained from the previous abscess, can I be sure we are dealing with infection and not IBC? I am 51 years old and perimenopausal. Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn I just had a bartholin abscess surgically removed. I wanted to know when i could have sex again.
Avatar m tn Hi Im 14 and Im pretty sure I have a bartholin abscess. I was about to tell my mom (she's out of town) but then I researched it and found out that the doctor has to examine it before giving treatments. Is there any way I could get the antibiotic by describing it or is there a way that I can make it heal myself?
Avatar n tn It means that it can be a cyst and the entire contents of the cyst have not been taken out. Consult your dermatologist and discuss this with him. Recurrent boils/abscess are found in diabetes, HIV infection, or other immune system disorders. So please get your blood sugar evaluated Hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I am 42 year-old, I had a cyst near the nipple of my right breast and was aspirated after making a mamo and ultrasound and was diagnosed by the pathologist as an abscess. I was on antibiotic for 10 days. The lump almost disappeared but pain persisted and became sometimes stronger specially around the nipple. I went yesterday to the doctor again and made another ultrasound and he told me that there is a scar tissue left and I have to wait 2 months for a follow-up by an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn he told me it is an abscess abscess is caused by bacterial or parastic infection thats why he gave me antibiotics but i am afraid that it may spread that's why i am asking if the surgery is important or no?
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor 2day 6/15/2011 because I had a Large swollen hard bump on the left side of my vagina wall & the pain was gettin unbearable I could no longer sit so the doc cut it open & drained it. It was diagnose to be a VAGINAL ABSCESS so now the pain is gone the swelling went down a LIL bit but its still there & very swollen (YUK) ...... ? Do u think the swelling will eventually go down & my VAGINA will go back to normal .....
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor today and it is a cyst. He said it is infected so he gave me some antibiotics and said it should go away. I am soooo happy that this is all it was! woo! It sure had me scared!
Avatar n tn Wel, i also ones had an i&d at d back of my ear bt afta abt 6 months anoda pop up, wich d doc. said it wil b best 2 hav surgery wich i had, nd up til nw i'm stil havin recurrent pre auricular abscesses. I'm scared 2 go 2 d dr. Because of anoda i&d or surgery. What shld i do plz?
Avatar n tn About a week and a half ago I started to develope a lump, redness, and pain just outside the crease of my right thigh. Over the weekend it progressively got larger, developed a whitehead, and started draining pus/blood on its own (DO NOT try pushing, sqeezing or poking with a needle on your own).During this time it was VERY painful and hard to walk, sit or get comfortable. Once that finished, there was blood, lots of it, but this is normal (I of course did not know this and began to panic).
Avatar f tn I went to ER for complaints of cyst on my back. Was afraid of an abscess. Had become irritated from everyone squeezing and prodding it. ER doctor said she thought pain was just from everyone disturbing it, however she did ultrasound and said she thought there may be a little fluid there. She numbed area and did a small incision. Nothing came out, so she said there was no fluid, however, I need to watch area because of the scalpel slice. She placed me on bactrim for three days.
Avatar f tn I have not across any who has had a needle injected to clear rubbish out of a cyst, boil or abscess. If it does become large, the doctor can lance it to drain the rubbish out. The doctor will always examine the "lump" and will make the decision whether an antibiotic should be prescribed. Boils and abscesses do start from having a small pimple and infection can spread inwards which can become very dangerous and life threatening.
Avatar n tn it could be an ingrown hair, but it could be an abscess as well. If it developes a white head do not pop it...go to a doctor or a local planned parenthood (or womens clinic) and have them exam it.
Avatar n tn Treatment is usually cold compresses,over the counter anti-inflammatory analgesics(pain killers) like acetaminophen or ibuprofen,antibiotics if cause of infection is suspected to be a bacteria and surgical drainage if there is any abscess formation.
Avatar m tn I now have a cyst or abscess close or at my armpit which was discovered via ultrasound on Tuesday. I have been complaining of discomfort there for months. Has anyone else experienced problems in the same location? 5 abscess drained during the week; E.R, doctor called the woundcare "Specialist" who now wants to see me on Monday. Funny that he was content to see me in "7 Weeks" when it was red, swollen and painful a week ago.
1294692 tn?1272400469 I just read over my full medical report an it list 3 things that concerns me.... tubo - ovarian abscess, Uterus (anterior fibroid), and a nabothian cyst.... I really want kids and I'm praying to God this all can be fixed quickly... Really upset with the doctors last year because this should have been handled then.
Avatar f tn I have an abscess that developed in my underarm and went through 5 iterations of infection, lancing, draining, antibiotics over an 8 week period, before finally going to a surgeon to get some relief. I had surgery 4 weeks ago where he removed a golf ball size cyst from the area. Since then have been back in the ER 2 more times for more lancing, draining, antibiotics. The surgeon keeps saying, its left over infection and it will heal eventually.
Avatar n tn Anyway I went out of state for several months and when I came home I noticed the place where the lump was was STILL a lump and was oozing puss. I looked it up on the internet and it looks like its probably an abscess. I've been putting hot compress on it twice a day for at least 10 minutes and putting hydrogen peroxide on it as well. It oozes clear puss at times but I'm not sure if the abscess has broken open like its supposed to. There is a hole in the lump.
Avatar f tn I'm 35eks,6 days n I went to the hospital and the doctor said I had a abscess n they had to drain it and put a small catheter in. I didn't know what was about to happen, it hurt like crazy is all I can say. If anyone has something like this get it check right away because it will only get worse.