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Avatar n tn my cat has a round hole in the upper part of his leg it is draining but not bleeding there is no hair around this hole what can it be?
199954 tn?1294948269 It could be a bite wound abscess, or other sore that is healing, or cancer or other problem. When you bring her in for spaying maybe it can be examined and treated. Cats in colonies commonly have herpes and other infections. Herpes causes upper respiratory infections such as runny eyes. A Herpes infection can go away on it's own, than will lie dormant for a period of time, but will return at a later date when the cat is physically or emotionally stressed.
Avatar f tn I agree, it is most likely a cat bite abscess from him being bitten by another cat or another animal. The tooth goes into the deeper tissues and inserts bacteria causing a bad infection. It sounds like the infection has now spread throughout his body because he is feeling so lethargic. He needs to be seen right away and started on appropriate antibiotics and supportive care. As for the ears, your vet can prescribe a topical product for treatment and clean the ears.
Avatar m tn A cat I am feeding was attacked by a big dog. He has 1 small puncture wound on front shoulder and many scrapes. This is a 20lb outdoor cat who put up a good fight and avoided getting killed somehow. The cat has been resting for 24 hours now. I cleaned all wounds and the many scrapes with peroxide, betadine and neosporin. I am giving him 50mg of Penicillin twice a day. Today he accepted very little food and water. His 3rd eyelids are not up and his eyes look clear.
Avatar n tn This wound, I agree, does sound rather extreme. Usually after infection (say an abscess etc) has burst, it is best to keep the wound open and ensure it drains fully before healing takes place. Most often such wounds are left open to the air, but in certain cases need to be cleansed regularly. However in this case it sounds as if you need to keep in very close contact with your vet, and be aware of any changes, and take your dog back in ANY time you feel something is not right.
Avatar m tn Hi I just found out last week due to a biopsy done on my cat's wound which is on her back that she unfortunately has skin Cancer; the good news is that it is not the type that would spread to other parts of her body. The doctor saidf the treatment option for it would be surgery to have it removed and it may come back later on but then if it does that surgery would be the option again.
Avatar f tn My male cat, who is about a year and three months, recently had an abscess that we got drained by a vet. He is normally an outdoor cat, but we have had to keep him inside until his wound ( from draining the abscess) is healed. So I noticed his poop is extremely fowl smelling. I've never been a victim to his droppings, as he has always pooped in someone else's yard, but now that he is pooping in his litter box inside I see that his poop appears to have, what I think is, mold on it.
Avatar m tn When the abscess bursts, large amounts of pus will drain out of the area. Wound infection is very uncommon in most routine desexing surgeries and most commonly occurs because of poor home care. It tends to occur because the pet was allowed to lick the sutureline and, consequently, introduce mouth bacteria into the surgical incision.
1110049 tn?1409405744 Do other people get really upset when they have to take a much loved pet to the vets? My memory of the vet I visited with my cat today was having my dear little dog put down there, and when I went into the same surgery, it was so heart wrenching. I was already distraught as my cat Smudge was poorly. He had not eaten for a few days, and was very listless, slept all the time, and I knew something was wrong.
587315 tn?1333556383 Hemorrhage - any bleeding from a body opening, the eye, or the inner ear, or pulsating blood from a cut or wound. Even if the bleeding stops, the cat should be seen immediately by a vet. Change in Gum Color - if any change in a cat's normally pink gums become white, blue, yellow, or bright red, see a vet immediately.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your cat was definitely in a cat fight and got an abscess from it. I don't know if you've seen cats fight before, but they roll around and fight on their backs. If your cat was running away he would've had wounds on his back. So, apparently your cat was fighting and got clawed or bitten in the belly. I hope that your cat is fixed, because if he's not, he will get into a whole lot more fights.
Avatar f tn He really requires veterinary care. Could you apply for Care Credit? Care Credit is a low to no interest credit card that can only be used for medical or veterinary bills. Dermal lesions can be caused by many different things.
Avatar m tn I actually had a chance to take a good look at the wound last night while Misty the cat was eating and it looks like it is crusting up which I think is a good sign because the vet we previously took her to said when a wound is in the process of healing it starts to crust up sometimes and the dead skin falls off, I don't know if that makes sense or not.
376449 tn?1199315088 Again, we have had tom cats in our family ever since I can remember, and none of them ever needed the amount of vet care this cat needs! Also, why doesn't he learn his lesson????? I believe there is a female cat on my street that is responsible for my cat's significant wounds.....so, why doesn't he stay away from her????? I cannot continue to keep spending $500-$600 every 3-4 months. If my cat has some form of immune problem - I need to know.
Avatar m tn Dear heidipost, A swelling under the jaw in a young animal may be an enlarged lymph node or an abscess. A lymph node may enlarge due to nearby inflammation, like from eruption of an adult tooth or from a minor abscess from a wound if he has been "arguing" with another cat or a wound in the mouth from chewing something.
Avatar f tn The 2 brothers came to blows about 4 days back and now 1 has an abscess by his ear on the top of his head. I've been able to clean it with some Chlorhexidine scrub and warm water a couple times since finding the abscess yesterday. This evening while cleaning it I started getting a lot of nasties out of it. I was as gentle as I could be while putting a little pressure and getting it to where it was clean blood coming up a bit instead of the puss, and cloudy blood it was.
Avatar f tn They discovered that it is an abscess, probably caused by playing hard with our other cat... Once they drained it the vet checked it under the scope and they found no cancer cells and no serious bacteria, just a lot of red & some white blood cells. It's a relief to know it's not serious, just have to do antibiotics and make sure it's draining properly. Thanks for your advice and everything, it definitely helped!
605060 tn?1220073997 Do take care of it quickly. i have a cat (his picture is on my page) called "T.F."...he's a great guy, but he's also only got three toes. He was acting exactly like your cat, only he spent most of the first day or so under the bed...the delay before we noticed the problem caused the swelling to become gangrenous, leading to the amputation of the toe. Sadly, it did affect his personality. it was almost two years before he'd let anyone touch his feet.
Avatar f tn I did my research online this seems to be a gum infection and/or abscess of the tooth and very painful for the cat. I've never grabbed this cat, nor will it let me take it somewhere, it moves tries to escape doesn't like to be grabbed. Please tell me if there is something i could take, any antibiotic or pain killer or anti inflammation, anything. Unfortunately i have not much knowledge of medicine.
Avatar f tn Since Blake was already on meds they scheduled to see him at the end of the next week. On (09/03) I noticed that his face was becoming more swollen so I took him to an urgent care center where they thought he had a stone in his gland, they ran a CBC and said it was a little off and to bring him back on Monday (09/05) better or worse to re-check and to continue taking meds.
1006035 tn?1485579497 Our local shelter won't let anyone adopt a cat and get it declawed. They even have a disclaimer that gives them the right to sue if you do. I have a small daughter so both of our cats don't have front claws. Even when I trimmed our kitten's claws he would still scratch up our daughter and destroyed our couch. Our landlords' contract also states that if we have cats the front claws have to be gone.
Avatar f tn Germs may also travel from a nearby infected area (for example, an ear infection or a tooth abscess) or enter the body during an injury (such as a gun or knife wound) or surgery. In children with heart disease or a birth defect, such as those with tetralogy of fallot, infections are more able to reach the brain from the intestines, teeth, or other body areas.
Avatar n tn It's hard to say. CAT scan, like virtually any test, is not 100% perfect. The diagnosis of diverticulitis would have been based on inflammatory changes seen in the colon; it could be due to other issues as well. It's possible there's an abscess developing; if so, it can usually be drained with minor procedure not requiring direct surgery. Sometimes it's useful to repeat the CT scan after a few days; things may have become clearer. It might take a bit more time to figure things out.
Avatar f tn A doctor examined me, noted severe infection/abscess, I had slightly elevated white blood cell count at this point, and she put me on cefdinir for 30 days. This helped diminish lump, but infection still spread, jaw became increasingly sore, and fever/malaise worsened into flu-like feeling but I had no respiratory symptoms.
127596 tn?1210926222 The best thing to do is to go to a surgeon. They will lance the abscess and drain the infection. Then they will insert a wick and leave the wound open to heal and lessen the risk of re-infection. They will also more than likely give you a prescription for a broad spectrum antibiotic. The pain will go away usually in a matter of hours after the abscess is drained but sometimes lasts a day or so. It will take a couple of weeks to fully heal and there will be some scarring.
Avatar n tn The vet told me it would open up and cause an infection and as gross as this is the skin is dying so it is odorous. I have to bandage my cat like a person and clean it everyday. My cat still eats and plays like nothing as wrong. As gross as this tumor is the surgery is so expensive with not a good chance of survival. I opted not to do the surgery and they told me as long as I can handle the grossness of the tumor and as long as my cat still ate and played I wouldnt have to put him down.
Avatar f tn My cat recently passed away just 10 days after receiving Convenia. I read your article AFTER the vet administered this drug for rhinitis. I wish I read it sooner... I would have never allowed Convenia. The vet said they "have good luck with this drug", no counter indications, no side effects to worry about. My cat Cloud was 16 years old. He began coughing and sneezing in April, and when I saw blood droplets in the sneezing I tool him to the vet.
Avatar n tn For the 1st 2-4 weeks post-op, I had daily low grade temps (99-100)and some abd discomfort. CAT Scan revealed the absence of abcesses or surg wound infections. The low grades resolved after heavy po a/b therapy. NOW, for the last 4 wks I have had constant mid-lower abd dull, achey pain (cramping), peaking when I eat, when I need to have BM, and AFTER the BM (get's real bad).
Avatar n tn appendicitis; peri-appendiceal abscess with peritonitis; retrouterine abscess in the presence of an IUD; oral abscess following dental extractions; labial abscess associated with controlled diabetes; tonsillitis presumed to be bacterial; erysipelas originating from a wound in the popliteal fossa; aseptic meningitis. The adverse events were not associated with clinically significant decreases in neutrophil counts and patients appeared to recover with treatment.
Avatar n tn Second round helped. September cat scan showed moderate sigmoid diverticulitis and simple liver cysts and small fluid collection with mild rim enhancement above bladder. On October ct scan there is less inflammatory but persistent thickened loop of sigmoid colon and persistant mild diverticulitis. I have sigmoid colon removal surgery scheduled soon. Am I making the right choice? Gastroenterologist seemed sure... Surgeon is leaving it up to me.