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592047 tn?1243389587 We rushed her straight to the vet who diagnosed an abscess from a cat fight our girl must have got herself into. And he also discovered she is pregnant, and is about 3 weeks along by the feel of things. The vet said he hopes her kittens aren't affected by this abscess / infection. Her temp was 40 degrees celcius also (which I was told is only slightly high for cats).
Avatar n tn The hole is a drainage hole for the infected material (blood, pus) that collects in a sort of pocket. The water was cloudy most likely because there is at least one more drainage hole on the inside of your cat's mouth that the stuff has been leaking out of. These kind of abcesses are usually started by a minor, one time injury like a puncture or scratch. Since you are only seeing blood when you clean it, it has already drained.
Avatar n tn abscess, bot larvae (as your mentioned), sebaceous cyst filled with fluid or pus, basal cell tumor or other dermal tumor and more. For a definitive diagnosis I recommend that you have your veterinarian perform a fine needle aspirate and have a cytology performed; or your vet could remove the mass completely and send a biopsy to a pathologist for analysis.
Avatar m tn I hear your poor kitty was bitten by another cat on his back. You also mentioned that there was pus coming out of the wound this indicates a serious infection. Please take your kitty to a vet immediately. He may need antibiotics, special cream. Who knows? That's why you should take him to a vet asap.
2216535 tn?1339412493 My cat had a large protruding pus filled sac on her back which drained and refilled and spread to other areas left side and part of stomach now she has 3 drainage areas on her mid to lower back for last 3 days. I started a penicillin 1 cc injection tonight and a 1/2 of Advil . I have been using peroxide rinse to keep area .clean any other suggestion. she has a bad smell from pus drainage area. She was fixed 1 1/2 years ago never any litters.
Avatar n tn I read your note and it was talking about abscess' I put up a picture of what my cat has and I thought that it might be one but the only pictures I saw of abscess' were bumps under the skin. My cat has a wound with this sticking out. Please take a look at my note and the picture to tell me if that's what it looked like on your cat so maybe I can figure out what it is. Thank you so much. here's the link to the note and picture. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Sometimes, if the skin incision site has sealed over but the infection has gained access to the deeper subcutaneous fatty tissues, pus and infection will build up underneath the skin producing a painful pus-filled swelling called an abscess. When the abscess bursts, large amounts of pus will drain out of the area. Wound infection is very uncommon in most routine desexing surgeries and most commonly occurs because of poor home care.
Avatar n tn My dads cat suddenly had a what looked like an ingrown hair. It ozed pus and blood. Now it is huge swollen.
Avatar f tn If loose skin is present around the puncture sites, a pocket of pus will form an abscess. If the skin is not loose, such as on a foot or the tail, the infection spreads throughout the tissues and causes swelling and pain; this type of infection is called cellulitis. so i would recommend you to take the cat to the vet where the vet will place the cat on Antibiotics given within 24 hours will usually stop spread of the infection and development of an abscess.
Avatar n tn It was oozing a yellow, mucus-like pus. I decided to squeeze it. A lot of pus and blood was drained. Then I kept squeezing, and a large ball of hard stuff came out (about 1.5mm). All of the stuff that was expelled, including the hard ball had an extremely foul smell. I examined the hard ball and it seemed to have had a hair in it. As this was pretty traumatic for me (seriously i almost puked b/c it was a pretty gross procedure), I began to do a little online research.
Avatar f tn The cause was a sting by a cat nail, that healed very quick, but the bacteria from the cat saliva infected him; i understood that this thing is called cat scratch disease. He is much better now, he responded great at the treatment with much powerful antibiotics. Also, after the ultrasound, the doctors could localize the pus and they could extract a large part of it. I am very glad the problem was solved now, he has no fever, he started to eat and he seems to feel a lot better.
Avatar n tn Some painful skin disorders included Feline Acne, Impetigo (pus filled blisters) and Abscess (painful, hot, inflamed skin or pockets of pus beneath the skin). Also, hair loss can be caused by diseases such as Ulcers, ringworm, mange etc. Perhaps, being the fact that she was stray, she has ringworms, but only a vet should give a full diagnosis. Tapeworms and other fungal problems can be treated utilizing a 2% solution of OX-E-DROPS or Tincture of Black Leaf.
Avatar f tn Hi! Just joined this group today and saw your post re: vet bills. I live in Southern California and just recently had to take my cat in for an "anal abscess" which needed to be lanced and drained (gross looking fluid/pus!). Here is the itemized list for this procedure: 1. Exam and consult $46.50 2. Sedation $55.00 3. Drain/clean abscess $45.00 4. Culture of fluid $113.50 5. Antibiotic injection $65.00 6.
Avatar n tn My 12-year-old cat has come home with some type of oozing wound on the top center of his head. It oozes pus, but nothing else. There isn't any blood and he doesn't act as if he even feels it when I wipe it. I've been cleaning it with an antibacterial wipe from my dog's vet, and he just lets me do it. He has an appointment Saturday to see his vet. What could cause a wound that only oozes pus but doesn't bleed? Could it be a burn from rubbing against an exhaust pipe?
Avatar n tn They finally ended up doing a needle biopsy through his chest wall (after a bronchoscopy that didn't turn up anything). Lo and behold - it was an abscess. The pus grew Hemophilus influenzae, a common respiratory pathogen. He was an absolute wreck for about three months. His doctor was amazed it was an abscess, as it "didn't look like an abscess" on the xrays. The only symptom he had, looking back, was really bad breath.
Avatar n tn Surgical removal of the abscess as a whole is required. The abscess capsule needs to be removed as well. Once the abscess has been removed, the inciting tooth needs to be extracted, even if it is still firmly attached. Ideally the wound should be left open and filled with antibiotics. Common treatments of the open wound include antibiotic beads, antibiotic swabs/sponges, gels, ointments and manuka honey.
Avatar f tn I was seen again last night. I had a cat scan of my face. There were no abscesses noticed but small pockets of fluid. The fluid can visibly be seen on my face as a light white area of skin. I was told to keep taking the antibiotic because it is one of the only one that treats staph aureus and strep. The ER doctor also used a gloved finger to push some of the pocketed fluid to the surface. The drainage is now brown and the pus is seen but so deep.
Avatar f tn So I thought things were getting better I had been off antibiotics for two months when in early march I started again with flu like symptoms and swelling in the breast and just as the abscess wound was almost heal it started to drain large amounts of pus. I was back to the infection disease dr and was put back on Meds and ordered to have a cat scan done. The results were a new abscess delevoped in the same area of the last abscess.
Avatar f tn Cerebral abscess; CNS abscess . Back to TopCauses Brain abscesses commonly occur when bacteria or fungi infect part of the brain. Swelling and irritation (inflammation) develop in response to this infection. Infected brain cells, white blood cells, live and dead bacteria, and fungi collect in an area of the brain. Tissue forms around this area and creates a mass. While this immune response can protect the brain by isolating the infection, it can also do more harm than good.
Avatar f tn Anyway, yesterday we noticed that there were 2 yellow lumps on it, like bits of pus, kind of like when a human gets a cyst?. Still I let it go, as I noticed as I was going to work at the time. I have just gotten home and found that the pus has popped, like a pimple, and has gone all over the blanket. She now has a dry/scabby tummy. I'm furious that both the vets said hernia hernia when I specifically asked 'can I bring her in ' they said there was no point, it was just a hernia!
Avatar n tn my 3 yr old had an enlarged yellow lower lip the first 2 vet visit were the same antibiotics steroids and a very large bill w/no relief for my pet he began to sound like he was having a hard time eating and drinking so i went to another vet she opened his mouth causing his to to pretrude and down his throat on the far bck side of his tongue was a growth she was sure it was cancerous so it had to be removed his lip began to clear a little but never really healed completely.
405614 tn?1329147714 He's lost 2 pounds, so he's now a 14 pound cat instead of a 16 pound cat. She looked inside his mouth and said that he definitely needs a cleaning, possibly some extractions. She was able to take him right in, and his cleaning will be later today. He'll be on antibiotics. There is a very small chance that it might be cancer, but he doesn't have the usual symptoms for cancer in that area.
Avatar f tn A doctor examined me, noted severe infection/abscess, I had slightly elevated white blood cell count at this point, and she put me on cefdinir for 30 days. This helped diminish lump, but infection still spread, jaw became increasingly sore, and fever/malaise worsened into flu-like feeling but I had no respiratory symptoms.
Avatar f tn Now lips and chin number. On 2 antiobiotics since original opening of abscess--Flagyl and Clindomycin. Area of abscess better but pain in face and numbers lingers on. Have felt very sick. WBC was normal but this was after many days on antibiotic. Sed rate high. Went to dentist first who thought it was salivary gland infection-def not a tooth. Went to ENT and she said not salivary gland. They could see infected area.
Avatar m tn The problem may be a prolapsed rectum. If abscess develops in anal area, it may result in fistula. If all your skin there is soft you may get a fissure after straining. If it is IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disese - what includes Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis, then this has to be treated with antiinflammatory drugs and local procedures like abscess draining, hemprrhoids repair and such. But - colonoscopy first.
127596 tn?1210926222 A painful, circumscribed pus-filled inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue usually caused by a local staphylococcal infection. Also called furuncle. So does that seem similar to what I posted? If so, any ideas on how to get rid of a boil? Also, any ideas on the best, most discrete way to go about locating a free clinic in my area? Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
Avatar m tn Plenty of saline drains into every nook and cranny of your sinuses, and when you stand straight up, it drains out with most of the infected snot and pus. During the first treatment, you will see. After several treatments, your sinuses will resume their normal function, and you will be able to breathe freely through your nose. If you want to know what causes sinusitis, and why the saline solution works, go to Part II of this journal. PART I 1.