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Avatar f tn It sounds like your cat was definitely in a cat fight and got an abscess from it. I don't know if you've seen cats fight before, but they roll around and fight on their backs. If your cat was running away he would've had wounds on his back. So, apparently your cat was fighting and got clawed or bitten in the belly. I hope that your cat is fixed, because if he's not, he will get into a whole lot more fights.
Avatar f tn Once she was diagnosed I became obsessed in finding information and other cat owners in the same position as me --- to no avail.
Avatar n tn My husband went through a similar situation in 1982 when he was 31 years old. He was still smoking at the time. Back then, they took "routine" chest xrays with a physical. His doctor called and said there was a spot on his lung. He threw out the cigs that day and never went back to them. He had tried to quit three times but that was the final straw.
Avatar f tn She didn't get well so she went back and they put her on an antibiotic based on her blood work they said she'd had recent strep. She did not get well but developed chest pain. It started all around her rib cage on both sides. The doctor said she had pleurisy and costrocondritis. He put her on prednisone and a ventolin inhaler. She then developed dizziness, chest pain on her left side, numbness in her limbs, and her heart rate climbs to over 100 every time she stands up.
Avatar f tn Doctor called earlier today saying the ultrasound was normal but didn't offer any other details. Even if the ultrasound came back normal, should I still get a CAT Scan? I've gotten no answers from the doctors about what it is, and the lump has gotten bigger in the last couple days. It's uncomfortable to sit or lay down for long periods of time. Basically the main question is, even if the ultrasound came back to be normal, is there still a possibility that something is wrong?
Avatar n tn I cant stop thinking what if the mass in my chest is worse. I dont think I could handle having cancer in my chest as well as my ovary.
Avatar f tn I've never had head pain for this many days and was wondering if perhaps I needed a CAT scan or should see an ENT doctor. I have a clinical history of GERD, prolapsed mitral valve, bradycardia, occasional spells of mild dizziness, and I seem to have to pop my ears a lot. :) I have no fever, and I've had a tonsillectomy. I appreciate any advice you can give me! Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have to see the one dr tomorrow as I have been treated now by 2 specialists and the one who treated me last week, in a months time.. A CAT scan was also done, hence the abscess and treatment. I came out of hospital again for the second time on Friday, after having high fever - (it always start off with cold fever) I was then again put on a drip with Augmentin antibiotics. So far so good, no cold fever anymore. I was also treated with Cortisone during my stay in the hospital.
Avatar n tn The trick is to keep it clean and free from infection. I have a cat whose entire left side of her chest was left open with the muscle wall exposed. She had been a pregnant stray that I took in, she had a litter of six who all died within a day or two after birth except one, who, even though he died before he was two weeks old (something had affected the whole litter, probably not the least of which was that the mom was only about 4 months old when she got pregnant), nursed almost constantly.
Avatar n tn We visited the doctor 2x in the same week because he began to spit up yellow and green mucus and it smelled, he had not eaten since Monday and Kaiser was told all this information, they sent me and my husband home with an inhaler on the second visit, the following tuesday a chest x-ray was done and we were told he had pnuemonia and they gave him antibotics the next day another x-ray was done and we were told he didn't have it anymore, they sent us home.
Avatar m tn Greetings, I'm a 35 year old male. For the last month, I've had this odd, ill defined "sickness" that won't go away. At first, my chest felt heavy and tight, I could not breath freely, and then I noticed that my sinuses may be slightly inflamed due to the fact that I have a crusty nose and slight sinus symptoms such as mild frontal headache and cheek ache, and waking up with a slightly sore throat.
Avatar f tn I had the headaches as the original symptom and the tooth abscess was found on the CAT scan. It was a very old root canal that had the abscess. So, could this possibly be the tooth? Still? Maybe the infection isn't cleared up? I was on penicillin and then a Z pac after the tooth was extracted! This is totally consuming my life. I feel like doing nothing and all I do is worry that this is a brain tumor or something more serious.
551343 tn?1506834118 Bloody hell, I have been taking Erythromycin antibiotics most of my life, for constant ear aches, and gum problems etc and never had a problem with them. So i get a gum abscess see the dentist and he prescribes me Erythromycin. I have taken 3 and got tingly lips, and an itchy rash on my chest. Rang him up and he told me to stop taking them immediately as I have had an allergice reaction to them. I MEAN come on how can I? This is mad innit and I still have the abscess and the pain boo hoo.
Avatar f tn Blood cultures Chest x-ray Complete blood count (CBC) Head CT scan Electroencephalogram (EEG) MRI of head Testing for the presence of antibodies to organisms such as Toxoplasma gondii and Taenia solium A needle biopsy is usually performed to identify the cause of the infection. . Back to TopTreatment A brain abscess is a medical emergency. Pressure inside the skull may become high enough to be life threatening. You will need to stay in the hospital until the condition is stable.
Avatar f tn They also still don't know all the ways a person can get it as they know it is on the nails of a cat and transfered from cat to cat by fleas, more common on kittens or outside cats. They now say it can be transfered from cat to human in the cats saliva. Either way his inflammation and infection levels were extremly high but cell count were normal which they said ruled out cancer as that would affect cell count.
Avatar n tn My wife just had a chest xray and it showed a spot about the size of the end of an ink pen. I;m sure they are now going to send for a CAT scan. The spot was white does that mean good or bad?
295767 tn?1240191914 I went to see my gyn/onc and he ordered a CAT scan. The scan revealed an abscess in my lower pelvic area that needed to be drained. I had to be re-admitted into the hospital for another 3 days to surgically put a drain in my bottom. I walked around with a bag hanging off my butt draining a liquid I can only say resembled dirty dishwasher fluid. The drain/bag was left in for 2 weeks! After my CAT scan came back clean, the bag was removed. Exactly one week later the high fevers started again.
Avatar n tn (I am a 20 year old female, normal general health) I went to the doctor and got a blood test, urine test, and chest x-ray. Everything came back normal. So no I'm confused because I have no clue what this is! There is an obvious lump there, but I don't have any answers yet. I am going to ask the doctor what I should do next. I just want to make sure it isn't anything that needs to be taken care of right away, especially if it's cancerous.
Avatar n tn One consideration would be an anorectal fistula - which is caused by a "non-healing" anal abscess. A surgical referral is usually necessary, since medical treatment and antibiotics will not be helpful. If this has been ruled out, you can consider a flexible sigmoidoscopy to evaluate for other lower GI conditions that can lead to this - including hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, or a polyp. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn I was able to spend the weekend with my cat with minimal symptoms. I'm the best I've been with her. When I am actually exposed to a cat, I can feel the spots in my right lung and right side of my nose where it's inflamed where the irritant hits.  However, this is not true on the left side anywhere in my body. All the symptoms I experience are on the right side of my body. I'm fully medicated for allergies, Xyzal, Singulair, Advair, NAsacort, Maxair, and I'm a neti pot master.
Avatar n tn Hello I have been having stomach problems for the last three years which have at times given me mild chest discomfort. Recently I have lost a lot of weight and I have noticed that at the sight of my stomach discomfort (which is constant) when I tense my muscels there is a small protrusion. when I press on this it feels like a large boil or something on the inside.
16785591 tn?1451600281 At night when I am immobile everything from my knees to chest arms and thighs etc. hurts but the hurt is a soreness rather than screaming pain. I have learned now that if it's waking me up I must get up and move and exercise a little bit that doing this will alleviate the problem. So I do it to cope with it. it's not what I had last may thank God. May was in nine and 10 and maybe 11.
Avatar n tn The vet told me it would open up and cause an infection and as gross as this is the skin is dying so it is odorous. I have to bandage my cat like a person and clean it everyday. My cat still eats and plays like nothing as wrong. As gross as this tumor is the surgery is so expensive with not a good chance of survival. I opted not to do the surgery and they told me as long as I can handle the grossness of the tumor and as long as my cat still ate and played I wouldnt have to put him down.
393685 tn?1425816122 Went in to see my GI doctor after having an abscess in the left buttock (not fun). Doctor: Any other issues going on" Me: Yes, I apparently have an abscess in my left buttock that I am pretty sure I developed in your hospital when you did the colonoscopy. Doctor: No, you can't get it from that procedue.
Avatar f tn First I would suggest getting a second opinion. If they still think it's a tumor and not an abscess or poor healing, then I would take chest X-rays to see if it has spread (metastasis) to the lung (the most common place). Then I would at least get a biopsy if your parents are so unsure. Why? Because it's tough to diagnose cancer just by looking or feeling! In a dog, there is a 50-50 chance that it is cancer vs. not cancer. And of course, it's could really be a result of the bite.
Avatar f tn And I may get a chest x-ray to look for chest infection. Note that all these tests add up to high cost for us and without health insurance and with financial difficulties otherwise, we have to watch costs where we can. But I need to get back to living my life and I can't do that not living at home, having serious trouble with symptoms, and being on high dose Benadryl. It's a wonder I'm not asleep all day and night (I force myself not to be). I often can't drive (due to Benadryl).
Avatar m tn If they were doing that kind of X-ray, it's no different than if they X-rayed your chest where your heart is or X-rayed your leg. Now, if let's say you have a tooth problem right now, and that's how come you had that kind of panoramic X-ray done, THAT'S what is giving you a headache and making you dizzy, you got a tooth infection or cavity that is exposing the nerve. So, you'll probably have to go to the dentist to get a tooth filled or pulled or whatever.
Avatar n tn For years, I just lived with it, but in the past six, I've gone all out to treat it. Yes, I have a cat in my life on weekends, and it's ragweed season now. However, I've been battling what I think is an infection that everyone keeps telling me is just allergy/asthma. Two years ago in August, I was sick, vomiting I was so ill. Twice, two weeks apart. From that point on fatigue never left me.
405614 tn?1329147714 He accepts we have his best interests at heart. Even my cat Moon Pie let me lance an abscess several times a couple weeks ago but when I gave him canned cat food he was back in my lap purring all forgotten. Every time I nurse him after an injury we become closer. Now he kisses my face daily. What amazed me most working at the Vet was after amputating a dogs leg. You would pad the run with blankets. With in twenty four hours the dog would start figuring out how to get up and walk.