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Avatar f tn they only thing to get rid of the abscess is to take antibiotics to get rid of the infection and after baby is born they may have to do a root canal or pull tooth all together. mine had to be pulled out. but definitely get it checked out i was told by my dentist that it can get bad enough and get into your blood stream...
Avatar n tn i have had an abscess on my bottom left back tooth since nov. I had a baby end of dec so back in nov not much could have been done. I am now on my third lot of antibiotics that dont seem to be doing anything. The dentist has tried on three occasions to drill the tooth but for some reason it wont numb - she gave me five different injections last time! I am worried that i have been taking parcetomol since nov and am sick of feeling so ill and being in pain day and night, what can i do.
Avatar f tn If you don't have a problem with aspirin, you could try dissolving some baby aspirin on your tooth and the surrounding area. Or oil of cloves to help numb it. But I am not a doctor, so you really should find someone to call. Your local pharmacist may be helpful. They have a lot of training. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn I was told to get bicarbonate soda mix into a paste spread it on covering the abscess an it will draw it. did tht it's still thr. so much pain this is my 2nd one I've had since being pregnant but I've had 2 at one time. hurts like he'll get shooting pains threw it too jesus I could scream with it ladies kills too touch it.
Avatar n tn I wish my parents had shown me their dental problems and given me very intelligent warnings about keeping my teethBroken or knocked out tooth Dental care - adult Dental x-rays Development of baby teeth Development of permanent teeth Plaque and tartar on teeth Teething Teething symptoms Toothaches. But they didn't.
Avatar f tn I had an extraction of a baby tooth 6 days ago, dentist told me there was an abscess and the tooth had to be removed. I don't have a permanent tooth over it. The abscess got better within 48 hours of extraction. After 4 days I noticed that one of the sides of the extraction site started to get swollen so i went back to the dentist. He told me there was no infection and recommended to rinse with warm salt water. Today its the 6th day.
Avatar n tn You should be good to go! Do baby it awhile though, and give it a chance to heal. Best to you and your saved tooth!
Avatar f tn I have a painful abscess tooth leading to tooth aches! I need to see a dentist but until then what can i do to soothe the pain for now?
Avatar f tn Hi I have had a tooth abscess for almost a year and a half now. Last time I went they just gave me some antibiotics and asked me to live with it. The second time I went was just a week before I knew I was pregnant. She told me I needed a root canal and drilled my teeth, but could'nt complete it. So she left my tooth with that white paste. I did not have any problems with the tooth till date and I avoided the dentist as I was always scared. It is 23 weeks now and I can feel the pain returning.
Avatar f tn Hello! I am 25 years old and still have a baby tooth. I still have it because I was born without a permanent tooth underneath it. My last visit about 8 months ago, my doctor said he noticed significant changed in my xray with regards to my baby tooth. He said it looked as if the roots were disappearing. Now, for the past couple of days, the gums around my tooth are really red and tender. Should I get this checked out? Does this mean my baby tooth is getting ready to come out?
Avatar f tn I'm taking clidamycin 300 mg every 6 hours and tramadol 50 mg every 6 hours (unless i'm a work it makes me sleepy) and the pain from my tooth abscess has gotton worse and now the swelling is spreding and my throat hurts. The pain from the tooth abscess has spred from the far left cornor of my jaw to my ear and even under my chin. I can't see a denist till next week and this is only getting worse. I already went to the er that is how i got these meds.
Avatar f tn No. There is no evidence whatsoever that links tooth ulcers in the mother to cerebral palsy in an infant.
Avatar n tn Hi! I am in my mid-20s, and I still have a baby tooth. The tooth has never caused me any issues, but lately I have been having occasional pain in my lower jaw (right below where the tooth is). It is not an unbearable pain, but I am wondering what could be causing it. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I was in a similar situation with my third pregnancy and i waited too long and ended up with an abscess in my mouth. Disgusting. Besides, it might be harder for you to do it after the baby comes, especially if you breastfeed. Good luck, I hope you get it taken care of soon. Tooth pain is the worst...
Avatar f tn and this is exactly how i began i started with cavaties didnt take care of them my teeth started decaying didnt do much either financially it was impossible then i got an abscess tooth and it took about a year to get it pulled and with alot of google (never google) i began this fear like yourself of dying of the infection spreading to my heart and or brain i have had every test done available and im still not convinced i am healthy i have started the process of my teeth getting fixed and im stil
Avatar n tn HI, Repeated episodes raise the possibility of chronic infection and possibly a tooth abscess. You should consult a dentist for an evaluation. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents will help tide over the problem. Application of ice packs will also help. It is best to defer tooth extraction till after the delivery of the baby. Hope this helps. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations.
Avatar n tn Preferably before the 3rd trimester starts. If the tooth gets infected it can get into your blood and have a bad effect on the baby. I've had dental work through this pregnancy, even had a tooth pulled, and am fine at 27wks.
Avatar n tn I am 24 and have never in my life had a cavity or any other dental problems including any need for braces. I do still have 4 baby teeth that never had anything behind them and the tooth that is giving me some pain might be one of the 4. I have a small sore bump in the gum of my right lower canine. The pain is not much and can only be felt at times and is sore to the touch. The slight swelling is a big concern. What could this be and what can I do for it?
Avatar f tn Medically you can safely conceive after you had one normal menstrual cycle. Untreated tooth infection can lead to dental abscess and spread of infection to face, jaw or brain and can result in severe complications. Take Paracetamol for pain.. X-rays should be avoided if possible during pregnancy though dental x-rays only focus on particular local area of teeth. The amount of anesthesia administered to pregnant women is also very little and antibiotics which are safe in pregnancy are prescribed.
Avatar n tn SEVERE pain running down my neck and behind my ear. I went to the dentist 2 wks ago and was told I have an abscess. I was given an antibiotic and 2 days worth of Vicodin. I have taken all 10 days of my medicine, the swelling has gone down some...I still have a large hard lump along my jaw. The pain is still very intense. I am taking reg. strenght tylenol for pain. It does not really help. My dentist can not do a RC until mid Jan.
554628 tn?1362781519 i tried that and orijel nothing works not even tylenol my oncall ob told me it would be ok to take motrin but doesn't work either not thing is working i'm about to go to er to get checked for an abscess tooth and have it drained that's what my ob told me to do if swelling occured until i could get into the dentist
Avatar n tn I would suggest seeking another dentist's opinion before removing the tooth. You may want to see a root canal specialist to see why there's still pain in a tooth that had a root canal done already. A sinus infection should be resolved with antibiotics and generally doesn't last this long.
5787844 tn?1376082584 Tylenol 3 was on the list but I ended up not needing it. As for the dentist I would blow there phone up. The abscess is full of infection so it needs to be taken care of ASAP. Regardless of how far pregnant along you are they can atleast drain it.
Avatar f tn I also noticed a little cavity starting and he went straight to our dentist(EX now) and he said that he had baby bottle rot that he had to go lse where. so I brought him to another one this time it was a pediatric one. I told him what was gong on with Christopher and he said lets look. he took his little mirror and looked at the roof of his mouth and ordered xrays (yes he did ahve a cavity) he also had a huge lump on his roof of his mouth.
Avatar n tn My son (3yrs) had a baby root canal done 6 months ago, he has developed an abscess with a boil and the ped. dentist recommends extracting the tooth. He is currently on antibiotics and has a follow up appt. in 3wks. If the abscess is resolved does he still need his tooth extracted? Is there anything other than extracting the tooth that can be done? Is this from a poorly done root canal?
Avatar n tn Is this an infection from this root canal and will the tooth need to be extracted, it's still a baby tooth? Will antibiotics help and how dangerous is this infection?
Avatar f tn Please someone tell me what to expect being preggo will they be able to help me without hurting my baby? Should I just get this tooth pulled not having a crown on it has caused it to break a little there was very little tooth left to save so mostly filling.
Avatar f tn I would like to ask if somebody got a teeth extraction during 2nd trimester of pregnancy and the baby turned out fine? The thought alone of having my decayed wisdom tooth to be extracted on my 2nd trimester frets me. My dentist's original plan was just to put up a temporary filling but when she drilled the tooth she found out that it was worse than expected ( no wonder it hurts really bad even before the procedure)!
Avatar f tn I purchased the stallion last yr. and was informed he had suffered tooth (molar) abscess/s and as a result had at least one top left molar removed by a veternarian when he was younger. It's been at least 2 yrs. since the extraction. However, the left side bridge of his nose is still swollen or appears to have a rather large bump that I was told was there since the extraction. Sometimes it swells even bigger and other times subsides; but, never goes away.