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Avatar n tn I also lost weight and strengthened my abs on the ab-roller type bench at the gym, and did back strengthening exercises as well. I think the decompression was the most beneficial thing and helped heal my back. Even though I have read that 80/90% of these sciatica pain issues go away on their own after a few months, I still believe that multiple decompression helps heal and keep spine healthy, so I still do it once before and after my workouts today...3 years later.
579258 tn?1250652943 Wonko, there are lots of tricep exercises. Do you have dumbells? Google other exercises, like tricep dips, which do not require dumbells - only a chair and your own body weight.
Avatar m tn -I have phimosis too, the Dr recommended circumcision but I found out exercises I could do to cure it. I believe it works, so my cure for phimosis is underway. And I have told my Dr on this too. I will start the exercises soon. -However, Cialis (pill like viagra) did not work for me, and the Dr said that means I do not need it and the problem is something else. When I took this pill my testicles felt weird and not nice. So, is this another indication I do not need viagra like pills?
Avatar f tn I do as much on the treadmill as my knees will allow 1-2 times a day, and some light weight lifting and 'range of motion' exercises. I am on Dr Simeon's 500 Calorie a day diet and taking HCG shots 6 days on, 1 day off each week. I never feel hungry except for late afternoon of the day I don't take the HCG shot (and sometimes the next morning). I feel great - no irritability like when I was on VLCD (very low Calorie diet) prior to HCG.
Avatar n tn I try various stretching exercises, some feel good, some don't. Good luck to you - do you think you could have something like arthritis?? Maybe, if you haven't done so, you could get some bloodwork done.
Avatar n tn It is guide the helps increase penis size naturally.
Avatar m tn If you have tendinitis in your shoulder then you stop using it and get some treatment to increase oxygen and blood flow, and it always gets better. The pelvis/hips/abs never rests, unless you stay in bed for months in will never heal. With every step you can put 1,000 pounds of pressure through the hip/pelvis. Driving is the worst for recovery. If I were to write a script it would say: Do absolutely nothing for 6 months.
Avatar n tn I've also just started experiencing this, exactly as you describe, a scraping feeling that feels like an extra breath and makes me cough every time i rotate or stretch sideways like i'm stretching my abs. I can still exercise ok but when i do those certain movements it kind of feels like a scrape and a breath at the same time, it's really weird. I have had a bad chest virus that I'm just recovering from and this thing coincided with the virus so don't know if that's related.
Avatar n tn The only thing I have come across is a video on YouTube that shows exercises for the lower abs. Maybe they will help. Look at YouTube and in the search bar for videos type... Lower Abs and Fat loss. Give it a try..... I will. I understand how you all feel it makes me feel not so alone but wish there was an easy solution I don't relish the thought of surgery.
Avatar n tn I was told that my paraspinal muscles are degenerated. I need to do exercises to strengthen my paraspinal muscles and also recieve regular massages to help relieve the stress on the muscles because they were having spasms. Well the pain continued for years until one morning it wrapped all the way around my rib cage. I went to the ER and was told I needed to have my Gallbladder removed. They said it had been bad for years and couldn't believe I had no pain.
503727 tn?1210442710 All my test have come back normal and so I am accepting that I have anxiety and breathing exercises, keeping busy and talking about it along with lots of prayer because I believe in GOD and his power helps me. Not everyone is the same but I know what you all are going through. feeling sweat, cold, dizzy, naussea, lightheaded, like u cant breath, hart speeding, aches in weird areas.... I can go on forever. The best is to keep calm and breath in and out and SELF TALK.
Avatar n tn The docs said it will take time to get my system back in-balance and I have anxiety medicine (Serax/Oxazepam) for sleeping, breathing exercises to do, and instructions for mild exercise like walking or gentle yoga. I actually had 9 hours sleep last night for the first time in 6 weeks and I feel so much better! I'm still going to the naturopathic doctor weekly for B12 and other vitamin infusions to help equalize my system too.
Avatar n tn but i still did i really tried lots of things like prayin, do push ups, sit ups n other exercises to keep me tired so i wont hav 2 do it can any1 else plz help with tis problemo?
Avatar n tn about 185lbs, I workout on a regular basis i do have abdomonal muscles as well (abs), I jog, I push myself to the limits when working out, so I know im in pretty good shape! I'm also a personal trainer. I know there is a size difference about 2" less than what it should be, I was pretty good before so 2" less still keeps me above average lol but I want to do whatever it takes to get it back! a man just isnt a man with out his penis.
Avatar n tn I do breathing exercises until it takes effect.-- Helps somewhat with the missed heatbeats. My gynocologist told me about 18 years ago, that some growths in the intestinal tract can cause missed heatbeats, has anyone had a similar conversation with their DR.
Avatar n tn Aloe Vera juice, Magnesium Orotate, ice on my neck, ice on my face, cold water on my face, Cayenne pepper, pound my chest, bear down, sneeze, cough, hot tea, cold tea, cry, breathing exercises, tapping, laser on heart meridian which is on your pinky finger between tip & below nail of pinky, lay down, stand up, you name it, I've done it, tried it. Sometime they work, sometimes they don't. There's no rhyme or reason to A Fib.
Avatar f tn Its not easy. The sad thing is I joined a couple yahoo groups of patients who are considering it, are about to go through it, or just had it done. I've looked at about 200+ cases where people come out looking great, and only about 5 or 6 look a bit off. I figured those are pretty good odds for such an invasive surgery, but lo and behold, my doc was right in that tiny percentage of not really knowing what he was doing. And I started this process in 2003.
Avatar n tn KEEGLE EXERCISES.... dont feel like explaining google is your friend.... 6. BE CONSISTENT...... If you make these changes nature will take its course.... remember time heals all..... be patient..... be positive..... think about the end reward.... no more hanging your head in shame that you couldnt get it up and have sex with the girl that wanted you.... Everytime I have the temptation of watching porn, I think of the times where I couldnt perform in real life scenarios because of it ......