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1936411 tn?1333835449 Can we talk a bit about physical therapy and/or exercises intended to improve gait and build strength in the legs? Since my last flare, I have some very mild gait/balance issues that my neuro probably wouldn't assess as requiring physical therapy. But I would like to be proactive and begin building a repertoire of exercises which will help me improve my gait and leg strength now (rather than wait to see if things get worse later).
Avatar n tn Ok, so this is kinda of hard to explain, but if you work out, before you lose the weight, i know obviously the fat has to go first , but after you do the workout everyday and then run evrryday aswell and eat properly, will your abs come through after all the workout, when you lose the fat? Or, is it a waste of time? Need an answer!
Avatar m tn Using a progression of exercises can help you focus on the abdominal techniques described above while stimulating the muscles in different ways. You're probably familiar with the advice to avoid doing the same exercises all the time. You need to "confuse" the muscle to keep building it.several unique techniques to accomplish this, no matter what level you're starting out at. How do you know when it's time to progress to the next level?
Avatar m tn Using a progression of exercises can help you focus on the abdominal techniques described above while stimulating the muscles in different ways. You're probably familiar with the advice to avoid doing the same exercises all the time. You need to "confuse" the muscle to keep building it.several unique techniques to accomplish this, no matter what level you're starting out at. How do you know when it's time to progress to the next level?
Avatar m tn If anxiety is doing this, then you need to tackle the anxiety. Have you ever tried relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises or meditation? Do you exercise? And have you ever tried therapy with a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment? Do you eat when you go out and go to bed soon after eating? Have you ever tried supplementing with magnesium when you get home? Just some thoughts...
Avatar m tn I would usually do something like calves or (prior to my trap injury) or shrugs or abs in between. This time, I went kinda heavy while doing a barbell curl and hurt my trap again. This was worse than the last time. I had to hold my head sideways for a couple days and it took a 2 weeks or so before I started feeling better. It just never felt right, though.
Avatar n tn should I rest now first OR focus on lower abdomen muscles exercises (the one you lie on your back and raise your legs), I'm not sure what to do as I read that in case this is an injury bcoz of the exercises I used to do then I should rest for few weeks first, or do they mean to take rest of my heavy abs exercises only ? also should I pull abdomen to spine as they advise normally ? Any other advises ? Thank you very much in advance!
Avatar m tn - When I sneeze and cough the discomfort is heightened. (As if I just worked out my abs) - It seems like there is barely any muscle in my ab area. I no longer do any ab exercises because on my first repetition/set it already hurts as if its being pulled apart. - The dull pain is heightened by: o sideways movement/turning in running.
Avatar n tn You can do jogging but not exert in running or sprinting. You can also walk and do exercises in sitting and sleeping postures which you can learn from a physiotherapist. Avoid any form of exercise which increases abdominal pressure as this may likely contribute in increasing your hernia further. The corrective surgery depends on the amount of hernia you are suffering, consult a surgeon. Take care!
579258 tn?1250652943 Wonko, there are lots of tricep exercises. Do you have dumbells? Google other exercises, like tricep dips, which do not require dumbells - only a chair and your own body weight.
Avatar m tn as i focus more on this feeling, the waves of goodness slowly rise up my body, covering my thighs, groin, abs, arms, until finally even my head. physically, i feel fantastically amazing; this pleasure is not sexual in nature but rather just a total and complete flood of sensation. the only feeling i can liken it to is being on ecstasy - but it happens when i am completely sober. the empathy and unconditional love for surrounding people isn't there, just the physical jubilation.
Avatar n tn They would be triggered during jogs and running exercises. it felt like there was a bubble under my rib or that my lung was glued to my ribcage on the left side. The only thing to do was bite the bullet and quickly make a fast inhalation. I dreaded that because it would be terrible sharp pain like a stabbing knife, but after many episodes of these attacks, I've come to know the only remedy is to breath deep and fast -- just get it over with. As soon as I did, the relief was instant.
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Avatar n tn All is to say, trying to keep fit and healthy and it results in this terrible pain that nothing will help make go away until the PT is able to get the muscle to relase with Miofacial release techniques and other things. My question is this- I know I need to lay off my training- how bad is swimming for this problem once I get the muscle settled down and am pain free again?
Avatar m tn is this true becasue when i did the blood work in the hospital over a year ago i it says my % immature granuloctyes were high and abs neurtoopholis and abs immature granuloctyes were all high is this the saem thing ?my PH level says it was on the bottom of the range given. online it says 6.
Avatar n tn I try various stretching exercises, some feel good, some don't. Good luck to you - do you think you could have something like arthritis?? Maybe, if you haven't done so, you could get some bloodwork done.
Avatar n tn Headache can be a symptom of heat exhaustion. If you work out primarily outdoors, this could be the cause. Dehydration can promote heat exhaustion. Regardless of whether you perform exercise indoors or out, you should drink sufficient water when you exercise. The recommendation is 10 glasses a day for adults and taking drinks every 15-20 minutes during workouts. Sports drinks and juices can replace lost nutrients during exercise. Some sports supplements are known to cause headaches.
Avatar n tn I've tried breathing exercises, yoga but it doesn't seem to help. I was very surprised to see so many people with the same problem. This seems to be a symptom seems to be connected to a lot of problems right from acid reflux or GERD to anemia, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea and heart problem. But I don't have the other symptoms related to any of the above diseases. I feel weird, coz some days it's worse than others and people around me have started noticing.
Avatar m tn As mentioned, your wife can eliminate or greatly reduce her pelvic floor trauma with exercises. She can also increase control of her bowels and urine with these exercises. An OB prefers c section due to the convenience and cost. A c section is very dangerous, as is any surgery. It is also extremely painful for most women. The scar can attach to organs, get infected, not heal properly, etc. There is also danger to the baby from the scapula.
Avatar f tn I have been trying to do some exercises each day, I just don't want to anything but lay down, Is that making it worse? im going to stay as positive as I can because I am determined to get past all of this. im actually excited for this all to be over & live normal again. & I do know it will take some time. also I did get a lot of great advice from everybody!! and for that I am greatful & thankful that ppl took time out to read what I put & to respond to me!
Avatar n tn Like all things, it varies with the individual. My personal ideas of exercises do not match the mainstream ideas of cardio/resp balance, so I won't comment on those exercise programs. You might try different exercises. When you exercise a muscle group in the same way all the time, the body can "get used" to the exercise.
Avatar n tn PS~ I have tried both extenders and PEing exercises like "jelqing".......they work.
Avatar n tn I am now able to get around ok but if I do too much, later that night I have a hard time walking. I was given exercises to strengthen my muscels but when I do them I'm shot for the day. I have tried to speak with the doctor but he will not see any patients until 90 days after surgey. I am now experiencing burning in my right leg and pain in my back on the same side, up till now the pain has always been on my left. Is this normal? Is this just another step in the healing process?
862235 tn?1336063895 I do twists, medicine ball throws, body bridges - all exercises that clean the tissues and fascia around the liver, as well as providing organ massage with every repetition. This is also key to eliminating steatosis (intracellular fat) from the liver - fatty liver correlates with body mass index, which means the fatter you are, the more fat in your liver.
Avatar n tn Acupuncture and physio can not relieve my pain more than temporaraly. Physio has given me exercises and also tape strapping to keep me standing straight, not crouching. I have had a few spine stretching treatments with a machine - pulling lower back down whilst strapped to a table. Dry needling, Hydro therapy, Massage and looking at remedial massage currently. You name it - I feel like I've done it.
Avatar m tn When there is no diagnosis for this chronic pain, possibly it can be related to Myofascial pain, or the CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome). The stretches and trigger point release techniques do help for some. When there are no STDs, and all the tests are normal, it could be possibly CPPS, a tension disorder. The muscles in the pelvic floor that surrounds the prostate contracts involuntarily, causing weird pains which becomes chronic, and very difficult to diagnose.
Avatar n tn (ibuprofren and hydrocodone) and stick with the muscle relaxer and capsacian cream coupled with strengthening exercises and stress reduction techniques. My prayers are with all of you as pain can be very debilitating. Stay strong and do whatever you can to rid you life of any and ALL stress factors. STRESS KILLS! Lastly, do what ever you can to focus on all the positive things in your life and by all means don't forget to LAUGH and get those endorphins flowin.
Avatar n tn Best practice mandates nurses avoid areas of high-risk nerve injury by using landmarking techniques. The three-inch area above the thumb and the three-inch area on the inner aspect of the wrist should always be avoided since the radial and median nerves can be superficial in these areas. The risk of permanent nerve injury outweighs the benefit of IV insertion in these areas.
Avatar m tn Since then, i just get the crazy evening beats now and sometimes when they are really bad, yes, i'll get up and do exercises, sometimes i'll do the chest pressing thing and that will help some. I'm 49, normal weight, nonsmoker, nondrinker, i eat extremely healthy and exercise 5 days a week. My only fear with this is what if for some reason my heart just sticks in the quiver? I never ever feel faint, weak or anything physically wrong, i just feel it and it drives me nuts sometimes.