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Avatar f tn com/flat-abs-guide/6-moves-for-pilates-abs-slideshow#slide=9
Avatar m tn //www.sixpackabsexercises.com/]how to get six pack abs[/url] and later he found a great guide that not only made him have them but in a proper way that was comfortable to his physical and mental well-being. You can give it a look (try the link).
Avatar m tn Only complete six to 12 repetitions per set for all exercises. Do Barbell Side Bends. google core exercises. Remember don't do crunches! Research shows that crunches are the exact mechanism that causes a herniated disc in your lower back. Do Planks, Side Planks, Mountain Climbers, and Stability Ball Jackknives. Check the following link!! https://youtu.
864502 tn?1382644299 My co-worker gave me this book "Women's Health ABS Guide" and it has alot of exercises to target the spots that you want to tone and lose weight. You can go on-line to www.womenshealthmag.com to view the exercises. So far I am trying to do 3-5x workout a week. 45minutes to an Hour:-) I can tell this week with the clothes that I put on this morning...I am losing inches more:-) I am SO proud of myself...My BF told me that I would do something one day and stop the next day...
10514421 tn?1412446473 I haven't had much to do lately,so I'm considering going to the gym three times a week.I've been thinking of working on my glutes,because I think my butt needs to be lifted more.I already have a routine(from a Jenna Phillips Youtube video)and schedule planned out.I want to lift my butt,but I don't want it to be very firm,or firm enough to lose its "movement".Would doing exercises cause firmness?
Avatar f tn If you were not in good shape before your C-section then you may want to start off with an easy workout plan.
Avatar m tn I have been doing lots of stretching and strength exercises such as lunges, squats, abs (lots of different abs exercises), back, hamstrings (when you're on your knees and slowly drop down, I'm even strong enough to get back up), push ups and pull ups recently, calves, and more I just can't think of.
Avatar n tn Hello, Ive heard that if u work one part of the body in exercise, such as biceps in wight lifting, then you must rest that certain area the next day. Does this apply to mild exercise, for example would it be alright to do a certain amount of sit ups everyday, or do situps everyday, or is a day of rest required. And also does anyoen know any exercises to best reduce "man breasts".
Avatar f tn Please let me know how much time and what all exercises you perform and also give me some idea about the intensity of your workout to guide you better. Also, since how long are you experiencing this? Since how long are you exercising? Don't worry; you are absolutely fine!
1292058 tn?1294658970 You can also hold your legs straight up in the air and try to touch your toes or sides of ankles to work upper abs or try a scissor ab exerxise (R knee + L elbow). It would be of great benefit to try pilates or Pfilates, these core strengthening exercise programs are helpful for POP. Swimming is great too. If you run or do aerobics, you truly should have a pessary or Incostress in place or it can really create problems with POP.
Avatar m tn as i focus more on this feeling, the waves of goodness slowly rise up my body, covering my thighs, groin, abs, arms, until finally even my head. physically, i feel fantastically amazing; this pleasure is not sexual in nature but rather just a total and complete flood of sensation. the only feeling i can liken it to is being on ecstasy - but it happens when i am completely sober. the empathy and unconditional love for surrounding people isn't there, just the physical jubilation.
Avatar n tn hi im going to get my abs done by the same doctor as bella 46 on tuesday !!!! you only need one session generally in australia please read old thread on lipodisolve ! wish me luck !!!
Avatar f tn However , since my hydrophaelus is being agrivated when I lay flat I can not do these exercises the neurologists have given me to do to strengthen my abs. So it is all a lost cause. Hmmm is there any other way? When walking down the street , if I walked too fast and I used to be able to walk the mile in 8 minutes, Now lucky if I get there in 25 minutes. If I walk too quickly my water pressure rises in my head. When I stop walking I need to grab something quick so as not to fall forward.
Avatar n tn Yup, sure sounds similar. I too was extremely athletic. Tennis & snow-skiing were my passion & then things hit. I got the coin toss that sent me to a Orthopedic Surgeon that sent me to a special radiologist that wk'd w/ a top basket ball team for dx. Didn't hurt at all, but was a strange 2 hr test watching my insides on a TV screen. He started a 6" long stylus needle in upper chest & then continued threading a smaller one thru that & that 2nd had a camera-tip.
Avatar m tn com/od/abs/ss/abexercises_10.htm). So for what it is worth, I can trace my pain not to a mattress, not to my kidney function or other reasons - but specifically to doing 4 days of plank exercises with other basic exercises. I stopped the morning after noticing the pain but have still had it for the last 4 days, getting worse it seems each day - to the point that it takes all my effort to roll out of bed in the morning.
1383383 tn?1279360481 70) NG/DL TPO Abs 19.9 (0.0-35.0) IU/mL Perhaps this is why the endocrinologist said I was not hypothyroid after stating that I was "clearly hypothyroid". Just for the record. The labs sent from my doctors office did not have reference ranges (inexcusable). I keep copies of all my own labs now. I am aware of the fluoride problem (as well as other hallide exposure) and this is one reason I started the iodine.
Avatar n tn Hi all. Please I wish to know if any of guys has thepenisbible. It is guide the helps increase penis size naturally.
Avatar n tn Like all things, it varies with the individual. My personal ideas of exercises do not match the mainstream ideas of cardio/resp balance, so I won't comment on those exercise programs. You might try different exercises. When you exercise a muscle group in the same way all the time, the body can "get used" to the exercise.
Avatar n tn I am now able to get around ok but if I do too much, later that night I have a hard time walking. I was given exercises to strengthen my muscels but when I do them I'm shot for the day. I have tried to speak with the doctor but he will not see any patients until 90 days after surgey. I am now experiencing burning in my right leg and pain in my back on the same side, up till now the pain has always been on my left. Is this normal? Is this just another step in the healing process?
Avatar n tn As long as I do not use my right side too much the pain stays away. Physio seems to enhance the numbness. I seem to improve more by doing some back strengthening exercises & doing as much in a day as I feel able. I am not able to go to work which I miss very much. Anyway I am hoping my Dr. will give me a referral to a spine clinic that I have heard good things about. What geographic location are you in? Are you on any meds & if so are they helping? Take care.
Avatar n tn My doctor told me not to do any exercises that are hard on my back but I desperately want to lose the weight. I go to the gym about 4 times a week and I also do weights. I feel the pain in my back and leg. Even if I just go for a walk I feel the pain in my leg. I have also come to the conclusion that the reason doctors are not helping is probably because the they can't help. The spine and ischiatic nerve are complicated and risky business to play with. I sujest a chiropractor and not surgery.
Avatar n tn I have stopped my weight gain by drastically changing my eating habits and lifting light weights while doing aerobic type exercises, but I still haven't lost the weight I had already put on. Now that I have been exercising regularly for a couple of months and trying to eat light snacks 7 or 8 times a day, I am not craving sweets or carbs the way I was before. For me, it seems more important to build some muscle in the arms, shoulders, abdomen and legs, than to spend hours a day walking.
Avatar m tn This usually works, but it sometimes causes complications, or scarring, and the infection often returns. This guide will show you a simple and extremely effective way to get the saline solution where it needs to go, and get rid of your sinus problem. I am not a doctor, but my father was a highly respected family physician.
Avatar f tn While I can't say whether this problem is a result of hyperventilation or vice versa, she gave me some breathing exercises that help if I start doing them early enough. Hyperventilation is a lot more than just a breathing attack. It comes from breathing too high, or above your diaphragm. I notice that I tighten my stomach and raise my shoulders and breathe very shallow breaths. Not quick, but just shallow so the air builds up in my chest.
Avatar n tn The docs said it will take time to get my system back in-balance and I have anxiety medicine (Serax/Oxazepam) for sleeping, breathing exercises to do, and instructions for mild exercise like walking or gentle yoga. I actually had 9 hours sleep last night for the first time in 6 weeks and I feel so much better! I'm still going to the naturopathic doctor weekly for B12 and other vitamin infusions to help equalize my system too.
Avatar n tn about 185lbs, I workout on a regular basis i do have abdomonal muscles as well (abs), I jog, I push myself to the limits when working out, so I know im in pretty good shape! I'm also a personal trainer. I know there is a size difference about 2" less than what it should be, I was pretty good before so 2" less still keeps me above average lol but I want to do whatever it takes to get it back! a man just isnt a man with out his penis.