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Avatar f tn Your doctor will take all of these things into account when he or she reviews your test with you. If your stress test was just exercise without imaging, it is well-known that women often have false positive tests. In any instance, a thoughtful discussion with your doctor is key. These stress tests are not simply positive or negative; rather, they incorporate a number of data.
Avatar n tn Hello doctor. Can you please tell me what it means when you have an abnormal stress test? My results are as follows: 1. Good exercise capacity 2. No chest pain with exercise 3. No significant dysrhthmia 4. ST drpression developed with exercise ? etiology 5. Excerise EKG: One mm hoizonal ST dpression inferolaterally Does this sound serious????? I am totally stressed. I also had an echo and it showed a small amount of mitral value regurtation. Could that be why I get palps?
Avatar n tn burning, occassional sob only during exercise. I have exercised 4-5 days wk for 2 years+. In Jan had thallium stress test, ecg, echo, ekg, holtor, ekg and ct scan to rule out stomach. Stress test stopped after 9 min. due to reaching max heart rate of 151. Bp was normal. Holtor showed heart rate at 195, 20 minutes into workout-with pain episode. Tried numerous meds to control hrt rate-atenolol, verapamil and now on toprol xl 50mg daily + baby asprin.
Avatar m tn An EKG will show what your heart is doing AT THE TIME OF THE TEST. If you are having a heart attack during the test, naturally that will show up. If you had an MI that damaged your heart in the past, the damage will show up, but it will NOT automatically mean it was an MI that caused the damage. Stress WILL alter the results. The doctor who read these EKG results would have referred you to a cardiologist IMMEDIATELY if he was concerned about the "slightly abnormal" results.
Avatar f tn I have had an abnormal result from a smear test, I understand about the cells & how they are tested to check if they could turn to cancer. The letter states that I have to return in 3 months for another test. I am dreading the next test & absolutely terrified about the next procedure if this test is abnormal.
Avatar m tn Non specific St abnormality is a common finding in women and does not necessarily main anything abnormal.
Avatar m tn To put your experience in perspective and based on what you stated in your post, you had chest pains and the doctor wanted to rule out a heart condition so there was an EKG test. The EKG showed an ST segment depression (you just state mild depression). Reading between the lines you must be referring to ST segment. ST segment depression can be caused by ischemia (occluded vessels), digitalis (medication), rapid heart rate, and temperature or electrolyte abnormality (blood test can rule out).
Avatar n tn If there are a very small percentage of false negatives, as I understand, with stress tests (and this was one case) is it appropriate to then follow-up the placement of a stent with a stress test? Would catheterization be in order here? It would seem to me that if the stress test was normal to begin with, it would be "normal" again even if there was a problem. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Interpreting ST segment changes in women is notoriously difficult, and is even more so in women who have EKG changes from a heart attack. The odds are that these changes are totally non-specific, but please remember that I am basing this statement without having actually seen the strips. Acute in-stent restenosis just weeks after a cath would be exceedingly uncommon, but so is a heart attack in a 39 yo woman. One reasonable approach would be to undergo a stress test with imaging.
Avatar n tn I am scared completely to death, my doctors office (not the doctor) called me yesterday at work and told me that I had an appointment for May 13th, which I already new for an ultrasound. The lady who called, who I am assuming is a nurse or something, said "Do you know why you are having the ultrasound?". I am over 18 weeks, so I assumed that this was the ultrasound to find out if it's a boy/girl.
Avatar m tn ” At the follow- up visit my cardiologist, he repeatedly lamented the fact that the stress test was not done in HIS office on HIS equipment. He stated the doctor. who read the stress test made “a mistake which caused me needless risk and expense” ( in spite of the fact that he was the one who told me I needed immediate catheterization, because he agreed with the findings.) He dismissed all findings from the stress test.
Avatar f tn The stress test looks at perfusion (blood flow) to an area so that when it is abnormal it implies blockages in certain blood vessels may be there. In women the nuclear (thallium) stress test often is false positive due to breast tissue and this is the same territory as the LAD. To me, 'sluggish emptying' doesn't mean much as you either have a blockages or you don't.
Avatar f tn Well my stress test came back normal. It was pretty easy until I got to the last level, luckily I hit my target rate pretty fast. They did say that my ekgs are always slightly abnormal, something about my S T wave is lower than normal. But they told me sometimes that happens in women and not to worry, so I am not! Blood pressure has dropped because I lost 10 lbs. Quit taking atenolol 2 days ago and have not had one PVC. Whats up with that?
Avatar f tn My past two cycles have been abnormal with short cycle spans and spotting in between. I usually have a 26 day cycle that lasts 4 days. I had a pap test done in Feb that was normal. On my second last cycle I had intercourse on CD13 which is when I usually ovulate. 10 days later I had light brown spotting for two days that turned into a period that lasted 7 days ( which is longer than usual ). My first instinct was that there was an egg implantation that didn't take.
Avatar f tn I had my results come back for my pap today and the test results came back abnormal for high risk HPV. I have been reading a lot on here and how common this really is...... So my questions are: 1) The guy i have been seeing is 32 and has been with well over 5 women........Is it really worth mentioning it to him cause he is probably a carrier already? I mean why add the stress of it if it wasn't type 6 or 11? 2) I have also read that this type of HPV hardly ever leads to cancer.
Avatar n tn The other 2 times my pap came back abnormal there was in fact nothing wrong. At your next visit they will probably do a type of vinegar swab test to see if there are any abnormal cells (dysplasia) If they do see something of concern they will take a tiny snip of tissue and send it out to the lab. After that test comes back you will then know if anything further has to be done. If you are ttc it's best to have everything in tip top shape. Try not to stress out about it too much...
Avatar m tn 76.00 (with in the range) -URIC ACID: 500.36 (Abnormal)..range is 202 to 416 -SGPT/ALT:128.50 (High)..range 10 to 50 -SGOT/AST:68.90 (abnormal)..range 10 to 50 -CBC: Hemoglobin :19.3 (HIGH) ...range 13to 18 Hematocrit: 54% (high)..range 40 to 51 Mean Corpuscular Hb: 32.40 pg My question is sir, Due to these HIGH/ABNORMAL counts in blood cause any chance of delay in HIV results? ? (Sorry am irritating you)..
Avatar n tn I am a middle aged women with some symptoms of intermittent leg cramps, fatigue and some burning in my chest chest with stress and or fatigue. My Dr. advised to have a Thallium Stress test. I did that and the results were abnormal. My coronary arteries were clear, however they saw a spot at the apex of the heart. My BP was slightly elevated during the test. My Dr. put me on a calcium channel blocker and will evaluate me again in 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn I am 24yrso old female recently had a stress test done (medical clearance for surgery) and I would soo soo greatly appreciate any help understanding what exactly this means: the stress ecg revealed 1 mm horizontal st segment changes in the anterior. And inferior leads which is moderately positive...
987762 tn?1331031553 I'm not actually in denial, i have a lot going on that could be heart not just the motor muscles, but i do think i am being very realistic. I have no doubt that i'm going to fail a stress test, apart from not being able to get my legs to hold me up long enough, i also cant even on a good day, empty the dishwasher without being light headed and out of breath, so i do know, **** everybody knows, i'm not the one in denial here!
299260 tn?1304219705 with everything that has gone on in the past few months i am really surprised that i havent gone preterm..lol... stress can be a killer all the way around. i will probably pop in and let you guys know i am leaving to go to where my hospital is tomorrow as my ride will be here around 11ish... and then dont be alarmed if you dont hear anything until sunday or monday... i dont have a laptop therefore i wont be able to update and post pics or anything til i get home.
299260 tn?1304219705 I know that's frustrating, but as soon as you see that smiley face, your whole mood changes!!! =) We're all pulling for you! I used to test in the a.m. and around 4 p.m. Sometimes I would catch the beginning of my surge in the afternoon. I agree that maybe you could get an u/s just to confirm that you are still in the "ready" mode :) Keep us posted! dnikki: That's a bummer about your sitter's son.
Avatar f tn I am worried about an abnormal pap test. I received the letter from the doctor. They said I have abnormal/low grade cells with no sign of hpv. They want to do a colposcopy. I am hearing how common this is but it is still very scary when it is happening to you. My first thought was cervical cancer.....any info would help.
Avatar f tn Normal sinus rhythm with sinus arrhythma, Biatrial enlargement, Rightward axis, Incomplete right bundle branch block, Possible Anterior infarct, age undetermined, Abnormal ECG. I had a stress test a couple years ago, and at that time, they said everything was find with my heart. I have acid reflux with occasional chest pain. They were ruling out heart trouble while treating gastro. , i have had a cery stressful year or so, worrying a lot about money and job situation.
9070037 tn?1414636566 Has anyone had been told something like that? Is it common on women over 35 yrs old to have abnormal results? I don' t have anyone in my family with this condition.
Avatar f tn What happened with her, is that she is living in a house hold with three other women, myself included who are still menstuating. Some doctors don't believe in synchronized menstrul cycles, but in my case, my older cousin having the bleeding issue is supposed to be the dominant one, and everyone else's cycle follows after her. When dominance shifts, the bleeding can be affected.