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Avatar n tn , depression, attention deficit, etc.). For the symptoms of anger and volatility, both Abilify and Seroquel can be very useful medications. Sometimes it takes a while to establish the correct doses, so try to be patient and be sure to ask questions about what you should expect from each medication (including the more likely side effects).
1718420 tn?1310312175 I did experience this reaction with Abilify when I was tried on it and was changed to another antipsychotic but some people tolerate Abilify very well and each person responds differently to each medication but it is essential to keep them updated as to how a medication might be helping you or not or any side effects that it causes. You can use the mood tracker here for that and then print out the results for them which can help them see what is going on..
1100992 tn?1262360816 That's good, I have some room to increase, I'm only on 5 mg.
Avatar f tn I think it's the Geodon that I went on a few months ago after Abilify didn't work so well. Is anyone having any issues with taking Geodon? Such as side effects or positive effects. Also, if you have tapered off, how long did the withdrawals (and what were they) from tapering?
Avatar f tn My 12 year old son's pdoc just just recommended weaning him off Zoloft and starting Lamictal - starting at 25 mg (he has the starter pack) and his pdoc has informed me of the possible side effects. Then in about 3 days he wants him to add 2mg of Abilify. My son has been taking the Zoloft for 4 years for excessive crying, frustration, and anger/outbursts.
874521 tn?1424120397 I am afraid you should resolve his anxiety i am awfully sorry had really wished i can offer a sound advice Usually pdocs don't recommend antidepressants for BP pts because it is full of controversy and side effects, but i can read between the lines in many forums that it helps and that a great majority of pts take them to function, especially if they are under a mood stabilizer. your son is already under 2, because zyprexa although an atypical AP yet very strong one.
Avatar f tn take that doesnt cause irreversable side effects such as TD. Please let me know. I am using abilify as an adjunct to celexa. I have been on celexa and its working pretty good but still have anger issues. I need some suggestions. My psychartrist is open to suggestions because she knows that I am concerned and wants to accomodate me and make me feel comfortable.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of a medication that is for cyclomania or bipolar that doesn't have bad side effects? I need something to take care of my anger, depression, and I don't really care about the mania part because it's not bad at all if ever even appears.
Avatar f tn It is also used together with other medications to treat major depressive disorder in adults. Abilify does not really have major side effects that are any different than many of the psychotroic medications on the market today. If you're dealing with a competent psychiatrist, I would take his suggestion and try Abilify to control your symptoms and especially to prevent manic episodes. If you're that concerned, a second opinion is definitely an option.
2069525 tn?1331352998 For some reason she keeps pushing Abilify, i said no because i am afraid of the side effects (TD). I also mentioned I wanted off the Klonopin because it doesn't work for me as i still suffer from anxiety. She said no and added Buspar 5mg twice a day. she started me on a low dose because i am very sensitive to drugs. Gosh I dont know what to do anymore!
Avatar f tn I am so frustrated that I'm about ready to just get off everything. Please, if anyone out there knows if this is a permanent side effect of Abilify or if there are any other side effects that I should be aware of, please let me know. My doc told me I wouldn't gain weight from Abilify. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.
1229112 tn?1268185693 I'm still there, sometimes, now it's more of a up and down battle everyday, along with the side effects of weaning myself off it. I plan on calling my Psychiatrist's co-worker back tomorrow (since my Psychiatrist is on vacation right now), to get another option on if I should be weaning myself off this medication... it seemed to be helping, and I can't deal with these side effects (hand tremors, brain fog, disorganized and repetitive thought and speech, slurred speech, etc.).
Avatar n tn Effexor can be a tough med because it works on two neurotransmitters and can cause anxiety because of that. Lexapro is reputed to have fewer side effects than, say, Paxil, which because it also strongly affects choline as well as serotonin can cause anger and such. But if he went directly from Lexapro to Paxil, there's no way of knowing if its withdrawal from the one or side effects of the other. The purest antidepressant of the ssris is Prozac, and he could try the tricyclics.
Avatar f tn He wants me to start with 2mg then go up to 5mg. I don't want to. I have read about the side effects. Just the thought of it gives me anxiety. I spoke with him about it agian, my concerns with side effects and my questioning if I really do need it even if I rarely have manic episodes. He thinks I do. I see him in two weeks so I need to start taking it. I am contemplating on going to a teaching hospital, perhaps UC Davis. A place that specializies in the study of bipolar.
Avatar n tn You can come up with signs that he/she is moving up the scale of anger (my son stops smiling completely, his eyes narrow, he makes fists at his side, etc.)----- and you start talking about how he can do the things that calme them to stop them from getting to red. The goal is that eventually, they can moniter this in themselves. Know when they are leaving green (just right) and do something to make sure it doesn't hit red! When he does hit red------ it's hard, isn't it?
Avatar n tn It could be the meds he was on if you google the meds and put in side effects you will come up with information, especially if he hasnt got ADHD , if you look at the ADHDf orum you will see a lot of similar posts , Try him on some supplements Experts have agreed that Food supplemet treatment of children especially those with concentration and learning difficulties benefit from a multiple Vitamin-mineral supplement Vit B Complex and Vit C some parents have also found Fish oil useful.
Avatar f tn My 12 year old son's pdoc just recommended weaning him off Zoloft and starting Lamictal - starting at 25 mg (he has the starter pack) and his pdoc has informed me of the possible side effects. Then in about 3 days he wants him to add 2mg of Abilify. My son has been taking the Zoloft for 4 years for excessive crying, frustration, and anger/outbursts.
Avatar f tn A plan should be developed that you understand and agree to including an indication of what behavior, in particular, the medication is targeting, how the effects of the medication will be measured, how side effects will be measured, how decisions will be made about increasing or decreasing the medication, and what would indicate that the medication is ineffective and then how and when would the medication be discontinued.
Avatar f tn I went to a new doc who said I am unipolar (it's on the bipolar spectrum but it's on the depressive side). He said that's why the SSRI's are causing so much side effects... because I'm on the wrong kind of medicine. He had me try 200 mg Lamictal instead (mood stabilizer). I gave it about 3 1/2 weeks. On Lamictal I was not depressed and did not have anxiety, but I cried alot and got angry alot. So now what?!?!
1561460 tn?1295244971 Just make sure you and others keep a good close eye on him, and make sure he takes his medication - regardless of side effects - even if significant improvement shows. And also I'd advise he goes to some sort of therapist, if he already doesn't? I hope I answered your question, if not, can you please specify more specific questions? - Don't be affraid to sound silly, we all understand your situation.
Avatar n tn I always advise people to talk to their doctors about drugs - for example SSRI drugs which can caused serious side effects in some BP's including mixed mania and suicidal thoughts. Everyone is different so its vital to work with your doctors to find the right mix of drugs.
Avatar n tn this sounds like a powerful amount /doseage he has been given and yes from what I have read they can all have side effects, perhaps he should return to his Doctor or another opinion be asked regarding these Meds. Read the other threads on this forum for other parents experiences about these meds, look at the thread below by TuDa 81 'Dont put your child ...... It is an eye opener , my advice would be to seek a second opinion as to whether he needs this amount....
540310 tn?1343627720 Tell your doctor about any unusual or bothersome side effects. Most side effects dissipate or go away completely after taking the medication for awhile. Don't be frightened by the list of side effects, you may not experience any, but this is a complete list of what might happen to some people. Start taking your lithium and if you have a real problem with it, call your doctor.
Avatar f tn I've been on lamictal which has been the only med that's worked without side effects which has been sleepig too much as opposed to induced mania. I was just wonderig when you knew...I know I have depression but I'm wondering if bipolar meds will help me more.
Avatar f tn I am BP and my psychiatrist wants to put me on Anticonvulsant medication similar to Valproate in a bid to control my moods. I am worried about the side effects as she said they can cause liver and kidney problems. Could anyone who is on similar medication for BP give me some information on what their experience of such medications have been and if they have helped their condition? Is it a good idea to allow the doctor to treat me using these medications, what are the benefits and side effects.
Avatar f tn I would suggest that with any medication, if you cannot live your life because of side effects, then get off it, consult your dr and try something else. There is no point feeling bad when the medication is meant to make you feel good. Let us know how it goes.
Avatar n tn The last option currently available among anti-psychotics is Clozaril but that has heavy side effects and is not often used though it helps some people. However, as a person who has made a full recovery from glycine, a glutamate antagonist a new form of anti-psychotic in Phase II FDA study that promotes a fuller recovery and has a far favorable long term side effect profile I did experience these symptoms before recovery. My specific case study will be published in a psychiatric journal.