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712802 tn?1274649085 Combining Cymbalta and Abilify is not a problem. I was on both for about 2 years, before changing Cymbalta for another antidepressant. Yes, Abilify can, but only definitely, cause a movement disorder called akathisia. It causes a restless feeling which could cause you to need to pace, or cross and uncross your legs... something like that. I did get akathisia but opted to stay on Abilify because it helped me so much.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the input. I am currently on Lamictal 300mg (have been for some time), Lithium, Trazodone 100mg (have also been on it for some time), and a small amount of Lexapro. My muscles don't move like classical Tartive Dyskinesia. I don't have the urge or need to move them, nor do I have the need to constantly walk (except for the bipolar driven pacing). As per your suggestion, I've been looking into TD as well as dystonia.
Avatar f tn And that the savella wasn't helping either and he wants me to give it another 3wks and come back. i asked him for some more samples since it was going to cost me little over 100 dollars for the month so he gave me a months worths of samples. Im going to call and make a apt with a rheumatologist since i got my ssi denial and we will see where that goes. I guess it couldn't hurt anything.
Avatar n tn My anxiety is so bad I don't know what to do. I am also on a low dose of prozac for depression. Abilify was added because the dr. thought i might be bi-polar. I dont think i am nor do my friends and family?? But recently the anxiety is unbearable i take xanax when it's really bad but it's has been so bad that i would have to take it once or twice a day and i really don't want to??? any suggestions??
Avatar f tn Hi there, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago after suffering my whole life (even as an infant) and being repeatedly told I had 'growing pains' (even after years of not even growing!!). I am not on anything specifically for fibromyalgia pain however I find that my medication for my mental illnesses (will list below) have been helpful in managing the pain. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Anxiety, ADHD and fibromyalgia + currently I have a shoulder injury.
Avatar f tn I have been on a combo of lithium and geodon now for the good part of ten years, and a high dose of neurontin was added a while back to treat mania, anxiety and fibromyalgia. I just dealt with a severe case of cycling for almost ten months, and this good set of meds could not effectively end my acute mania. I ended up getting the Abilify shot, followed by a few days of a high dose of Seroquel, then I resumed on the above mentioned cocktail of lithium 900 mg, geodon 240 mg, neurotin 1600 mg.
918275 tn?1254072352 I also have morphine patches to help with the cronic pain of Fibromyalgia. Mornings i take fluoxetine. BUT I am asleep for 3/4 days at a time only waking for the toilet or a sip of water. I have no life and am feling depressed. I am 51 years old and should be enjoying the grandchildren but even on holiday in Spain with the kids i sleep over half of the time we were there. Any suggestions??
675329 tn?1297291978 i take serequel 100 before bed for panic disorder and wellbutrin 300 for depression tramadol for fibro pain cholersterol meds.
Avatar m tn I have not seen a doctor for my heart but I am about to get a stress test for my chest feeling compressed and ever since I got an Abilify it medication for Bipolar and I have been feeling my heart beating harder and faster...I am afraid to get ill from the heart..I told my doctor and she said it takes time to get use to the medication by what about the heart?
Avatar m tn I tried cutting down on Cymbalta (which I take for fibromyalgia pain) because my co-pays went up. I was still getting blue taking the full 60mg and couldn't afford an extra $40 a month for Abilify. Besides, I suspect that my mood swings are related to perimenopause. We have also had a lot of stress over the last few years (me a job loss, loss of my mother, moving, adult step children who are being passive agressive) and I am feeling panicky.....
552011 tn?1239336819 I also need tons of help sleeping.. The Nurontin is for my Fibromyalgia so I don;t know if there is something else I can talk. .Again I don't want weight gain as a side effece. I have already gained 80 lbs in the last 15 months and need to find a way to get it off. Thank you for your help!
697574 tn?1273959347 I have been through some really serious depression along with Fibromyalgia, CFS, Chronic Migraines, etc. For my depression I take 100 mg of Pristiq and 2 mg of Abilify. The Pristiq didn't work that greay by its self, but when he added the Abilify, it really made a difference. I take Ambien on the nights when I can't sleep and that helps me even more whith being able to wake up in the morning . I also am in therapy...
198154 tn?1337790865 Remeron tends to be very sedating and is therefore commonly used when both depression and insomnia are a problem. Also used off label for Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and even Lupus, remeron is reputed to be really helpful for folks who have tried SSRIs but to no avail. It works on Serotonin and Norepinephrine and is generally taken at doses between 15-30mgs.
Avatar f tn I take Lyrica for my fibromyalgia on a regular basis, was hospitalized and not detoxed medically was not given anything to help with the detox symptoms. Drank last night (10-30-10) 2 drinks and am a WRECK today (Halloween) going to a party tonight and taking my children trick or treating. I'm a mess. Im congested, shakey, tired, achey and sore (which is pretty much normal) and i have diarrhea and gas. I can't eat, i wana sleep but i have to stay up. I have the oddest sleeping patterns.
1442059 tn?1340244552 The main uses of duloxetine (cymbalta) are in major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, stress urinary incontinence, painful peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia. In addition, it is being studied for various other indications. It's one of the newer anti-depressants and gets good reviews from patients.
8520825 tn?1398515060 I've heard a lot of people say that Abilify was brightening for them, really lifting their moods while stabilizing, although of course individual results always vary. It also tends to be weight neutral. If you're bipolar, going off medication entirely is a really bad idea in over 99% of cases. You can monitor things like blood sugar and lipid levels--metabolic problems don't appear overnight.
6726276 tn?1421130268 I am taking my normal meds and with the additional Lyrica for Fibromyalgia and the MR- Tizanidine. My pain went from a 10+ to 0. When I start to feel pain or headaches, I now step back and see if I am holding on to something that is stressing me or causing anxiety.
573297 tn?1304712740 I am supposed to be taking 1500 MG of Lithium, 100 MG of Lamictal, 1MG of Abilify, 50 MG of Cytomel and 112 MCG of Synthroid. I am taking my synthroid today after waking up in so much pain as I forgot those for a few days. I haven't taken my pills since thursday and I feel like a cloud or fog has been lifted and I have done this before and I ended back up on them of course but I feel like I have to try. I am fine, perfectly fine since Thursday.
Avatar f tn Psychiatrists are not the right specialty for treatment. Neurologists and Neurosurgeons are the ones you should see..the reason being you have symptoms that appear like psychiatric ones...but different cause. The antipsychotic and other drugs rearrange brain chemistry. You dont need another level of damage to your brain.
Avatar m tn But anyway at the end of junior year I got put on 20 mg of lexapro for panic, that didn't help, couldn't come out of the house for a 6 month period. After lexapro we tried Zoloft and abilify which made everything worse. Started me on 60 mg of cymbalta which totally turned my life around I got out was basically a normal kid, I got to go to my senior year not 100% but I was ok. I even played hockey again for a period of time.
Avatar f tn thank you for that advice you have really helped i have got to go for another blood test next week and hopefully i will get sorted a few weeks after its just a pain at the moment im so confused all the time mood is up and down so much at the moment im either very very low crying all the time or feel like im on top of the world like ive had very good drugs when i feel high i dont really sleep at all last night i think i had about 2 hours wich upsets me ive been told ive got to keep a report on my
Avatar m tn I was told because of my childhood and life trauma, along with biological differences, that medicine might not work for me, the same way it does for someone else with the same problems. My therapist recommends a PET scan, But my Psychiatrist disagrees... My therapist was also talking about Genetic conditions that could play a role, since my biology is clearly "odd" What would be a way to see if or which Genetic condition I might have? I was looking at this list: http://www.
560919 tn?1218073969 I have taken ibuprofen and aspirin for the head pain (which eventually escalates to include tension headaches), but the back of head pressure does not go away. I have also had problems concentrating, problems with my short term memory, and a sort of cognitive fog. I have problems getting my fingers to perform complex tasks, and I feel as though my ability to assess and work with other people has always been "off" or limited.
2076385 tn?1332624996 Tall order you ask for. I am bipolar 2 For me before medication stabilized things it was like being on an emotional elevator and never knowing which floor I'd stop at. I had a number of deep depressions and times where I was very productive to the point of arrogance. And I had one episode which they described at 'a nervous breakdown' but I was never diagnosed with bipolar until I was in my early 30's and it was blatantly obvious.
Avatar n tn i'm just feeling so frustrated with the lack of help from the doc and not knowing how i should be eating or exercising---when to take it easy and when it's ok to push it a little---and tired of the headaches and the aching legs and the bones that feel bruised---and ihate the 20-30 lbs i gained when they tried me on cymbalta and abilify for 2 months!!!!!
2188151 tn?1338146649 I also had fibromyalgia type symptoms after tx - maybe related to thyroid, maybe not, but I was in intense pain for some 6 months, then it disappeared (also possibly related to thyroid). Don't give up on this, you've come too far and are obviously strong to have managed.
Avatar n tn We have spent the past year traveling from DR to DR. We have some ideas about what is going on with my son but no, for sure, "real" diagnosis. We have began to feel there is no use even trying. Each DR sends him to another Dr and so on. I would be so grateful if any one has any ideas for us. Let me begin by saying I completely believe what ever my son has is coming through my genes. He reminds me so much of my dad and uncles.
Avatar f tn You might want to get your doc to write you a prescription for tramadol. They won't give you enough, but if you have a script for it you can get more over the internet, and I find that 400-800 mg a day goes a long way toward making the day tolerable. Mine was "diagnosed" as "fibromyalgia", which is another way of saying "not able to be diagnosed". Some folks will claim tramadol is addictive, but I find that not to be the case.