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Avatar f tn Abilify has not been studied in children under 13 why is my 9 year old being prescribed this medicine? I have asked anyone everywhere but to no avail. I do not want to hear a commercial next year asking if my loved one died from our medicine.
Avatar f tn Its rare but possible for a child to have bipolar disorder. If he is diagnosed with Asperger's that is a developmental disability and although those can have behavioral problems that can be severe they don't generally respond to medication like psychiatric disabilities such as bipolar or ADHD but both diagnoses can occur together. They need to provide specific diagnoses as for follow up and treatment and you should discuss this further with them.
Avatar n tn It can be hereditary, but that doesn't mean it will be. My mother has green eyes so does that mean I do? No I have blue. It's chance, the luck of the draw. Abilify is a medication used to treat schizophrenia and/or bi polar disorder, however, I do believe it hasn't been well studied in children under 18. You may want to pay close attention to his behavior for the first 6 - 8 weeks he's on the medication. I'm wondering why they didn't try lithium first?
Avatar n tn I am on 50 mg zoloft and 2.5 mg abilify for obsessive-compulsive disorder. I have been on these medications for 5 years. I have gained about 20 pounds since the start of taking them. I am looking for another medication to replace Abilify. Can you recommend anything in it's place? I have tried stopping abilify, under my doctor's supervision, but my anxiety is too high to stop completely. I am very unhappy with the weight gain. Please let me know what my alternatives are.
Avatar n tn My doc put me on Abilify, I just started this morning. Does anyone take abilify for OCD? Does it work for them? I am also on Zoloft and Xanax, but my racing thoughts have my depression has resurfaced. Does anyone with OCD have anyother suggestions for medications for OCD? Thanks.
Avatar m tn and so far I have only read that Abilify is only approved for teens with bipolar or schitzophrania. So far the dr has not answered my questions regarding the use of these two meds. I am very concerned! Can anyone help with and advice or feedback please???
Avatar m tn The other meds you are on might keep you up once you stop the Abilify. I was under the care (yeah right) of the VA for a little while but they had me diagnosed with 11 different disorders and I couldn't take it anymore. Talk to your dr and let him/her know what you plan to do and make sure you have support and a crisis safety plan in case you have problems but I think you will be alright.
1718420 tn?1310308575 I have stopped taking my 20mg Abilify (I have been on abilify for a bout 3 weeks or so, I started 20mg a couple days ago) How long will it take for the abilify to leave my system?
675718 tn?1530033033 ten years ago I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia paranoid type at UBH and my doctor Dr. Stowe I was introduced to abilify then Geodon resperdal finally Seroquel I still have this permanent psychosis meaning lifetime of meds commitment I'm on the good things in life I embraced it I'm still living I'm still alive tyvm MEDHELP !!!!
Avatar f tn HI,My Dr.told me once before I can just stop abilify. there is no need for a taper however that concerns me.I have been on low dose of 2 mg down to1 mfg of it for 10 months and i dont like how i feel so Im gonna stop it,does anyone have any experience with abilify?Has anyone stopped it with no problems. thanks..i feel best I think on just ativan.
10209465 tn?1411117388 This past week, Sarah came to visit, I was on my period and had been off Abilify for a few weeks. Tired of the ****. Also wanna lose weight. But head hurt (got a Seroquel hangover), weak, tired, fatigued. Hard to hang like that. Also, social anxiety high. Can't plan FL trip.
Avatar f tn methylphenidate (focalin) is what my grandchild has taken for 3 years he was very small for his age and mentally delayed he now takes abilify and strattera....
Avatar f tn I am diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder and currently take 10 mg. of Abilify per day. I want to have another baby. I have 2 healthy, beautiful babies, 8 and 6 now. I was on Zyprexa when I had them. Are there any studies on people that are taking Abilify while pregnant. Is there anything I should do to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Also, it is quite possible I've been misdiagnosed and my mental condition is not as severe.
Avatar n tn took abilify at 10:30 pm on wednesday, going to try to sleep now (it's 11:15 wednesday)
1112208 tn?1258544842 what combination of medication does anyone find most effective especially concernig the anti-psychotic are you affected by some form of symptoms almost all the time with limited time spans of being almost symptom free?
Avatar n tn No, Abilify is not used to treat inattention or distractibility. It is used to help children stay calm, to lessen agitation or angry reactivity. It is also used to treat people who are having disturbed thinking, though it doers not sound like that was the reason it was prescribed for your son. It will be important for him to be in the hands of a child/adolescent psychiatrist. See if you can arrange this (if the doctor you mentioned is not a psychiatrist).
569026 tn?1216982293 Taken several SSRIs in the past for anxiety. Adderall XR for ADD, Wellbutrin too. I have been seeing a therapist for about 4 months and he had me go for a psychiatry evaluation a few days ago. The two concrred that I am "complex" and could be a combination of BiPolar 2, Adult ADD and even...Borderline Personality Disorder (god I hate that name). Anyhow, one of the main symptoms we all agreed upon was the mood swings.
Avatar n tn So he referred me to a psychiatrist, after all the interviews, he said it was a mood disorder, and then referred me to the nurse practitioner who wants to put her on abilify.. I almost feel like it is not a mood disorder, and it is just adhd... What do I do now.. I don't want to give her the meds.. She is a happy, happy little girl.. Very smart, but she just doesn't sit still, talks out, doesn't listen to the teacher, disrespectful to the teacher, but no down periods...
Avatar f tn I picked up a prescription for Prozac for my 10 yr old son. He sees a councelor regularly and we just started with a psychiatrist for meds. He was seeing an RN for meds prior to that. He has tried Lexipro, Stratera and Abilify all of which we didn't like. He was crying all the time and didn't know why, panicing/couldn't get him to go to school, etc. The symtoms that were were treating esculated x10. It got really bad so I weaned him off everything.
1052851 tn?1307741160 Took my first Abilify 10mg - see if I can tolerate it and if it curbs my appetite
Avatar f tn I am on week two of Abilify 10 mg and I am manic every day. I transitioned form Geodon thatt was making me drool and stumble after many yearss of use (precursor to EPS). I get anywhere from 2-4 hrs sleep a night and then am raring to go. Anyone else expereince this? I also have difficulty concentrating but my mood has been good, no depression or craqshes.
1742269 tn?1315381633 I'm on Lamictal (200mg) and Abilify (5mg). I've been on dozens of med combos, and this one has definitely worked the best for me. I don't notice any side effects from the Abilify, but I know a few people who get minor/more tolerable side effects, such as dry mouth... I was very assertive with my pdoc when I told him I DID NOT want to be on any medications that would cause weight gain, as I am also recovering from an ED.
Avatar n tn 10 mg ABILIFY 10 mg lexapro
Avatar n tn 10 mg ABILIFY 10 mg lexapro
Avatar f tn Within 2 days of going from 90 to 120mg and abilify she has been symptom free for 10 months. She went from barely functioning to totally normal. No symptoms gastro or other for 10 months. It is amazing. It has been great. Then 4 weeks ago my 12 year old started with severe headaches, nausea and stomach aches. Which is exactly how my older one started. We already have started her on the meds. So here is exactly what my older daughter is on. AM- Fludrocortisone .
Avatar m tn I am currently taking Wellbutrin for my depression. My question is can I take Abilify with Wellbutrin?