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Avatar m tn My 3 year old daughter is due to switch from Risperdol to Abilify this week (has autism and possible schizophrenia or bipolar with hallucinations) and I am wondering what side effects you found to be most bothersome. ***Please don't comment about her age unless you are familiar with early pediatric antipsychotic use. I am well aware of how absurd it sounds and no, I am not crazy and neither is her doctor.
1052851 tn?1307744760 Took my first Abilify 10mg - see if I can tolerate it and if it curbs my appetite
Avatar f tn My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, mood disorder, and possible Asperger's Syndrome. Lately we are trying to decrease Abilify and titrate Carbotral. So far he is extremely(manic), aggressive and violent in the afternoons. my question i guess is, do mood stabilizers wear off at some point in the day?
Avatar n tn A child who is a danger to themselves, and you have to child proofed you house to extreme measures to keep them safe. All I was asking if tremors are a typical side effect of Abilify in children. Not asking for criticism.
Avatar f tn the dopiness mentioned was more of a drugged out stupor for me and only occurred at dosage changes. Tingling in the fingers or toes lessens over time; occasionally have bad days. I do tend to have numbness in the tips of my fingers most of the time. These things I've gotten use to. What I've finally discovered from reading here, is the cause of the hair loss which was extreme over the last six months.
Avatar f tn So apparently I am FINALLY going from my manic stage to my depression and boy does it really suck... I've gone from 90 to 0 and it's taking everything in me to stay on course when all I want to do is crawl into a hole and just sleep but with a household to run and two children to take care of I feel like I'm walking in a river against the current with 50lbs on my back... Slow and agonizing are my days and it's to the point that I almost can't wait for my next manic stage to start.
Avatar n tn He was prescribed Lamictal in lieu of Abilify, but we had to wait until we got the correct dosage before taking him off Abilify. His tics seemed to be less intense while on Abilify. Could this be my imagination since at this time the tics and more intense and prevalent? I also wanted to mention that his vocal tics were mostly throat clearing, nothing verbal and so witht this in mind, do you think that he still could have Tourettes? And exactly what medication help manage tics?
Avatar m tn They started me on zoloft, then prozac, then lexapro, then back to zoloft at a higher dosage. Then around 7 years ago I started getting panic attacks, so they put me on some benzos along with cymbalta and abilify. Cymbalta was the worst drug I'd ever been on; I felt like a walking zombie... not depressed, just not anything at all. I've been through three or four different talk therapists and a handful of psychiatrists.
Avatar f tn Grubb had her on one but a low dosage. So we put her at a high adult level with a booster(abilify). Within 2 days of going from 90 to 120mg and abilify she has been symptom free for 10 months. She went from barely functioning to totally normal. No symptoms gastro or other for 10 months. It is amazing. It has been great. Then 4 weeks ago my 12 year old started with severe headaches, nausea and stomach aches. Which is exactly how my older one started.
16638194 tn?1449938541 He started out on Risperdal when he was 4 but we quickly took him off because he quickly ballooned by 15 lbs. in 1 month. We eventually ended up on Abilify and Tenex (Guanfacine) and he's been taking that combination for about 3 years. Now we are at the point where those two meds were not working at all and we were already at the approved dosage limits.
Avatar n tn He has disruptive behavior, all the other meds did not work. Right now he is on the Vyanase, Abilify, and depakote. Does anyone kids act out like this? Also the new med has made him nap off and on all day today. He is now in counseling with a psychotherapists. We did the behavioral clinic thing that is where he was diagnosed with Sever ADHD, and Bipolar I. Can anyone give me some advice or some assistance?
Avatar n tn He says they started it or they did this. It is not just at school but at home as well. I have 3 other children all girls. They are in fear that he will beat them up. He will walk by them and hit them for no reason. Then when ever he gets in trouble for his actions; i usually take his favorite things away or ground him to his room; he will srceam like someone is killing him and shout things like "i don't want to live here, no one cares about me, I hate you all" It hurts alot.
Avatar f tn OHHH how I can relate.... I am weaning off now. They told me my doses would take months to do without reactions...250 mg..a month to go off safely. BUT, you should definitely do this with a Drs. supervision.... I, of 'course tried to do this myself quicker, & crashed....now I am back to 250mg, one month, 500 total mg, the 2nd month & etc....
Avatar f tn Now we don't have as many outbreaks as we did before or as many back talks. She is almost off her abilify (he wanted her to stay on it for 30 more days). We are doing a magnesium/ b6 and other vitamins too. I want her to sit on the toilet certain times of day to get a routine but she doesn't want to. I am hoping she will listen to me on it though because I think it will help. Thanks so much for your opinion and information.
973741 tn?1342346373 They have seen therapists but never get anywhere. He's now on Abilify and Risperdol, which at least keep the outbursts under control somewhat at school, but his father wants him off the Abilify due to possible diabetes connection (he gained 50 lbs on it.) The psychiatrist thinks it's parental, yet these issues had been going on for years and years and the parents only got divorced a few months ago.
4100850 tn?1351216149 also he wont raise my clonazepam dosage even though ive told him sometimes they dont work. my bipolar well i think im becoming more aggressive. sayin mean things without thinking.
Avatar f tn he cannot pay attention, he constintly chews on his lips or fingers to the point they are raw or bleeding, when he is sitting say watching tv he just all of a sudden jumps up and down and flaps his arms and emmits a funny noise, he has violent outbursts towards other children and hurts them for something as simple as looking at him in a way he doesnt like, he hides his homework at school, when doing homework he will continuously say i dont know and smile when u ask him something he knows, he wi
744777 tn?1235092863 I have spoken to his neurologist and he said that he needs a mood stabilizer so my son will now be taking Abilify 5 mgs everyday along with the Zoloft and Vyvanse. Please keep your fingers crossed that this will work. The school is talking about pulling him out of his regular class and putting him in a special ed class because of the interruptions he causes. I hope the medicine calms him down enough so that he can stay in the class he is in now because, he doesn't cope well with change.
Avatar n tn My husband and I adopted three children about a year ago. We have noticed that our 3 year old son is very moody. He will be just great one minute and then he will just go nuts. He will get a wild animal look in his eyes and then run up and just start hitting me or my husband or the wall just whatever is close. He doesn't mind very well and a lot of the time it seems as though he just completely tunes us out when we talk to him. He doesn't sleep well at all.
Avatar f tn I have gone to phychiatrist and phycologists, and find them hard as they bring things up in my life that I thought that I have dealt with, but apparently not, so then I get into a funk again. I have two children and a loving husband, and find I cant have these episodes as they hurt my family. I still feel sad alot of the times and even suicidal at times. Just wondering could there be more to it than just depression?
939382 tn?1245146168 If things don't improve or if they worsen inform his psychiatrist. Abilify is an antipsychotic with mood stabilization properties. Abilify can be activating at times but is the antipsychotic the least likely to cause weight gain. Depakoate is a mood stabilizer but it often can work better on depression than mania. Speak to his psychiatrist more about this.
Avatar n tn Also, they only see adults and not children, where a family practitioner does the same thing but sees both adults and children, and a pediatrician only sees kids. Here for psychiatric problems they generally don't like to see you unless you are sick with a problem they understand and they don't know anything about psychiatric medicines. They just put you on them at random. I see what you mean now though because I re-read taht part of your post.
Avatar n tn after being on 30 mgs of hydrocortisone for about a year, i thought it was making me gain weight (turned out it was actually abilify that was making me gain weight). i asked my endo if i could lower the dosage of my hydrocortisone. she said i could lower it to 15 mgs, but i had to have another stim test done. they told me to only skip my morning dose of hydrocortisone for the test. my morning level was normal around 11 i think---and after the 60 min blood draw i think i got up to 22.
1340062 tn?1277052550 Develop a space in your mind and allow things to fall in the right place. Genuinely tell your wife and children that you need a day or two to recoup and then you will have a family get together where you can momentarily forget about your debts, blame, depression and enjoy thoroughly. Getting laid back, debts, being someone's blame factor all this happens in a common man's life. Nevertheless u can overcome with right understanding.
Avatar f tn I've tried a few other medicine for bipolar including Abilify (horrible reaction to it), Lithium (zombie and massive weight gain) and Seroquel (bad nighttime eating that I did in my sleep - completely unaware of it) which again caused bad weigh gain. I started out as 265 pounds in 2006 when I was first diagnosed with bipolar and due to the medications I had been on I gained 105 pounds. At one point I was also on Topamax which acted as a mood stabilizer for me (anti-seizure drug).
Avatar n tn This happens to almost everyone, so keep taking them until you can speak with your doctor, who will either tweak the dosage or change medications completely. I think we have all been thru this as our bodies build up a tolerance to the medication, so at least you're not alone! LOL Hang in there until tomorrow and take care.
803938 tn?1403751853 Be thankful and go ahead, have your baby! All children are work, but it is all for a great purpose. Besides your little one with have a playmate and sibling - a very important advantage later on in life. Good luck to you and your hubby and don't be afraid of having two babies - its not like its twins!
Avatar f tn I refused and he lowered my interferon dosage, which worked for me. However, I'm a very small med sensitive person, not recommending this to anyone else, but it did work.
473760 tn?1215223577 I went on Lamictal about 1 1/2 years ago, and then I started to feel really good. My doc said to take 100mg at my final dosage for the day. I then was on abilify too. But stopped, because the 2 meds together was making me sick and Sleepy. So, again I started feeling good about 6 months into the med. and I took the exam for the US postal service and received my passing grade in the mail, which made me feel so Awesome.