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Avatar f tn I'm on Lamictal and Abilify, and this is not going to work (for sure the Abilify). I need suggestions to take to my pdoc today on inexpensive mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics. I have to be able to afford my meds in order to stay on them, and getting off them isn't an option.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of any treatment that works. Right now I'm participating in a reserach program using Abilify and Prozac. None of these stop my racing thoughts though. Anyone with some information?
Avatar m tn The worse part of this whole thing is that I can't go to the mall or even Walmart, which is what I like to do alot. I tried and it was a disaster, because I almost passed out there. So I no longer even go any place except to my therapy or Dr.'s appts. It seems like everyday I wake up with a headache everyday, and when I have a headache it makes my dizziness and light headedness worse too. You know the only thing good out of this nightmare is that I lost some weight lol.
Avatar n tn You can buy this at Walmart or www.isatori.com Also if you are trying to lose weight on Effexor, it is pretty much impossible. If you stop using Effexor it will take about 6 months before you will see any of your weight coming off.
Avatar m tn I had to switch to citalopram for a while cuz I had no ins and you can get it for 7 bucks at walmart and you can't get Lex. But now I have ins so I am totally switching back. Anyway i just felt I needed to vent to try to get some reliefe which is working. I am going to try the scre* you panic attack way to see if that helps me. I doubt it will being that I still have a whole week to go b4 the wedding and more stress as it gets closer.