Abdominal pain on left side below ribs

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Avatar n tn started with pain on left hand side just under my ribs and lost weight. I have had it for over a year but now it is on the right hand side below the ribs and moves through to the back. I have started with slight chest pains which I think are associated with the thyroid.. Fed up of going to the doctors due to having had thyroid cancer which I have got the all clear for.
Avatar f tn I have had this left side abdominal pain for well over 1 year. I have had many tests done including, MRI, Ultrasound, blood work. I did have my gall bladder removed in february..and thougth maybe that would cure my pain....but it has not gone away...some days are worse than others and it is rare but has happened to go for a 1-2 days with no pain...but mainly it is constant. It ranges just below the ribs and can sometimes radiate toward the back...
Avatar n tn i get sever abdominal pain on my left side right below and around my ribs.... the pain gets so bad its hard to stay still, i have diabetes... what could this be? and what could be causing it?
1511025 tn?1290133257 Pain and discomfort on the lower left side of abdomen just below and to the left of navel can be due to several causes such as Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, infection in kidney, kidney stones, adhesions, polycystic ovary in females, IBS, constipation, and an abscess in rectus abdominis muscle or psoas muscle. Since you do not have a lump or a tender hot spot, in all probability it is not a muscle.
Avatar m tn Afterwards, when the diarrhea eases up, I get this pain on my left side just below the ribs (I believe it is right about where the top of my stomach/pancreas) is located. It is actually painful to the touch. Last night it woke me up. I felt around and found the exact spot which really hurt bad. I got up and took a tums. That worked. I went back to sleep, woke up this morning and the pain is gone, so is the soreness. So, what is that? Could it be a gas pocket?
Avatar f tn I have a pain in my left side, below my ribs. It seems to be focused at different areas all the time. It will be around where my pelvic bone is, or it will be just below the ribs. Sometimes even around my back, tho less often there. It feels like a stabbing pain. And it comes & goes. Is this related to my bowels? My ovaries (I'm past menopause), something else? I had 2 C-sections (which were done badly) & have a scar stretching from one side to the other.
Avatar f tn I have had extreme pain on my left side for two days now. It is right below my left breast underneath my ribcage. I had x-rays and c-scan yesterday and they saw nothing. My pain can be excruciating at times! The only relief I get is when I apply a lot of pressure to that area. It is very frustrating not knowing exactly what is wrong with me!
Avatar n tn I have had exact same symptoms-left upper abdominal pain under left ribs, lasts several hours, sometimes severe.Never hurts while I am sleeping. Recent lab work, xray, endoscopy, and ct show nothing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Ive been in pain for several months. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/229017'>abdominal pain in the upper left hand side, below the left rib cage</a>.
Avatar f tn they ran blood tests (which were normal) , did a CT Scan which showed a mass on the left side 7cm by 9cm but my right side appeared normal. They also did a UA which was normal.....I went to my family doctor and she did a transvaginal ultrasound of my ovaries....I am frustrated as I told her the pain was much higher than my ovaries (ovaries were normal by the way). The pain comes and goes I may go 3 days without it or 3 weeks, but when it hits it is horrible.
Avatar n tn The main thing is a cramping that occur frequently, right around the bottom of my ribs on the right side, on the front side not back - this happens 3-4 times a week during the day lasting an hour or two, and almost every night right before I go to sleep, its very consistent and it isn't necessarily about lieing down, unless my body is anticipating lieing down or something?
Avatar f tn m 29 weeks and right below my ribs on my left side I get a pain its always really late at night and normally if I change my position it goes away buts it feels like a constant burning like she's laying on an organ and my doctor said she is probably pressing on my spleen
759610 tn?1234258961 I have been expericing pain on the left side below the ribs. It started in late dec 08. I went to the dr for my physical in Jan and he thoroughly felf the area and told me it was muscular. The pain went away for 2 weeks and came back. I notice it when sitting or laying down. The pain feels dull, it comes and goes. I have been sleeping normally and eating well. I have not had an upset stomach or vomiting. The pain sometimes will go into the middle of chest.
Avatar m tn The pain may start as a severe pain in the side, back, and below the ribs, which may spread to the lower abdomen and groin. The pain comes in waves and fluctuates in intensity, and may be associated with nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills if an infection is present. Other common symptoms include pain during urination, persistent urge to urinate, and frequent urination. You may also notice pink, red, brown, or cloudy and foul-smelling urine.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to have pain high on your left side, right below the ribs after sleeping on that side too long? I try my best to stay on my left side because it is recommended for better blood flow but after a few hours it is painful. Anyone else have this?
Avatar f tn I bent forward slightly and felt a burst of pain in my upper left side below my left breast. The next day I had a shooting pain from the same area (upper left ribs) to my back that gradually got worse as the day progressed. By the time I went home I was in agony and I noticed that my left ribs were protruding out significantly. I went to the ER and they took an Xray and said that everything looked in place and nothing looked broken.
Avatar f tn Sometimes jus under my ribs sometimes jus below ribs on right side. It comes and goes. I read online that pain in that region is a symptom of acute. I had a neg antibody test 9-10 weeks post exposure of accidently using someones toothbrush of unknown status.
Avatar n tn It hurts when i cough and when i take a deep breathe. Also whenever i push down on a certain spot on my ribs i can feel the pain.
Avatar n tn i have a constant slightly minor pain on my left side about 5 inches below my ribs, deep breathing makes it hurt, started after i ate and have had this for a full 24hrs any ideas should i be worried
Avatar f tn I am a 26 year old female, and for the last year or so I have had pain on my left side. It started with my ribs feeling tender and bruised, but I have not had any trauma to them. Now for the last 5 months the pain has become worse and mostly constant. Along with new symptoms. Left sided abdominal tenderness that extends to my flank , reflux, and occasional constipation. I do not have insurance and have found it hard to find a doctor willing to let me make payments for visits.
Avatar f tn Where at on your left side? Lower left could be ligament pain, which is stretching and hurts REALLY bad. Upper could be your ribs.
Avatar f tn I have a lump on the right side of my abdomen. It's just below my ribs. When I lay on my left side I can feel it and move it. It will move all the way over to my bellybutton. I don't have any pain, but when my fiance pushes on it just right it makes me jump. It's a wierd feeling but it doesn't necessarily hurt, it's hard to describe. Is this something I should be worried about?
Avatar m tn Its like a stomach cramp centralized at one point on my lower left above my hip and below where my ribs start. My stool is normal, no burning or blood of any kind.
319281 tn?1238542923 So im 23 weeks pregnant and this morning after eating breakfast, i got a sharp pain in my abdomen that went up to my rib on my left side. It only lasted for a few secs but it was killer. I was wondering if this is just round ligament pains or what it was. Or could it be another braxton hicks contraction (i've had some of those) this one just didnt feel like that. Any insight would be great!!! Thanks.
Avatar n tn chronic pain on my right side below my ribs, and acute pain on my left side of my ribs
Avatar m tn Hi, RAcoila, if the skin is red,i would say shingles,if not,i would have your liver,checked
Avatar f tn Sandy Did you get your results yet? I had my ultrasound on friday and havent not heard back from the dr. I worry about pancretic cancer too. I've had pain on my left side of my stomache, my side and left side of my back. Located all above the navel. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Also I feel a 2 inch lump on my lower back in the middle. I don't know if tht is normal.
Avatar m tn About a month ago I also began having lower abdominal pain (below belly button but above groin (also on a pain scale of 1-10 maybe a 2) which pretty much goes across the front (left to roght side). At the same time I started having lower back pain and slight soreness in the right hip area. I have no other symptoms such as change in stool/urination habits, no fever, no real intense pain, no bllod in stools, etc., no nausea, no weight loss.