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Avatar n tn should I worry about a swollen/dilated pancreatic duct, though have upper abdominal pain swelling gas and pain,bile in stomach,in pain everyday..Plus digestive problems with excessive gas,trapped gas in intestines?
Avatar f tn at days when im very stressed out,when i sleep at night i usually wake up at the middle of the night feeling severe pain at the abdomen (right side),pain worsen with movement ,pressure,even breathing. the pain reduces gradually with gas relief until its gone.
Avatar f tn m., I had pain in my abdominal area, apparently i was moaning in pain while I was sleeping before I woke up because he was already rubbing my stomach. I'm frequently sick(colds, sinus infections, once in a blue I'll have a stomach bug) and I get cysts every now and again its not too common for me, but it wasn't severe as ovarian cysts, it was still very painful.
Avatar n tn Since last September (2009) my 13 year old daughter has had terrible abdominal pain. At first they thought appendix, rushed her to the best hospital in the area. Finally they said "oh it must have been a ruptured ovarian cyst." Well it never got better, in fact much worse. She was in so much pain she could not respond, we've been to numerous hospitals even Oregon Health Science. Where they finally decided it was all in her head.
Avatar f tn d had severe pain in my upper abdominal area for ages. My dr keptvtelling me it was ligament pain, then I was told it was my liver due to my preeclamplsia, but it just wouldn't go away and was getting worse. Thank god some ladies on here encouraged me to get it checked out on Monday, saw a surgeon on Tuesday, had my disfunctional gallbladder out on Wednesday and am now recovering at home, 22wks pregnant today. Always get things checked if you don't feel right!
Avatar f tn Some of the abdominal problems - gas, constipation, and/or diarrhea - could also be due to the gallbladder. Unregulated release of bile from that little sac can irritate the large intestine and result in diarrhea. If bile isn't released, it won't stimulate the large intestine to move the contents forward and you can have constipation (and whitish stools).
Avatar f tn My 20 year old daughter has experienced abdominal pain off and on for the last 5 years. She has been treated for GERD, IBS, Ulcers and stress. She has had gall bladder ultra sounds, an endoscopy, an upper GI with a small bowel follow through and most recently a gall bladder ejection fraction test. All tests have been normal, but the episodes continue to become more frequent, more intense and longer lasting. She worries constantly about when and where these episodes will occur.
Avatar n tn Consistent abdominal pain should be checked out. It could be anything from gas to gall bladder or kidney issues. I had a similar condition leading up to a total bowel obstruction, for example. How sharp is the pain? Keep us informed.
Avatar n tn hi i'm 24 years old female...i have been lately diagnosed with hypothyroidism .but i' m more concerned bout my upper abdominal pain that i have all the time it's dull and crampy....i feel nauseated, sleepy and fatigued most of the time...I am always hungry but my stomach feels full all the time .i also have headaches almost everyday i donno owhat's wrong with me but i dont feel good about myself...plzzz help thanks...
Avatar f tn I feel a slight lower abdominal pain lil often. Pls lemme know whether its normal or I need to take any precaution. I have not completed 40 days yet.
Avatar n tn i get sever abdominal pain on my left side right below and around my ribs.... the pain gets so bad its hard to stay still, i have diabetes... what could this be? and what could be causing it?
Avatar n tn The severe abdominal pain sounds like constipation and gas...constipation CAN casue you to feel bad if it goes on for long enough...(to just feel as if you are of poor health in general). My husband has severe swelling of his hands and we think it is caused from his Triglycerides being very high. The lateness on your period could just be from stress...used to happen to me all the time. Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn I have mentioned it to my Dr. before but he said since i wasnt in any pain on that day it may have been gas but come on Ive had gas and that is no gas. Especially when it comes and goes throughout the month.
Avatar m tn Also does anyone have these symptoms with them, abdominal pain (mine on left side where I had a abdominal hernia repair but get some slight pain on other side too, also have ibs), crampy feeling, bloating, gas, tenderness when touched in that area and a sensation of pulling? Also eating is a pain. I have to eat small portions. It hurts when I sit down especially and lying down is no fun either.
Avatar f tn For about the last year or so I am always having abdominal pain. I t doesnt matter what I eat, or dont eat, my stomach feels very bloated, usually always painful, cramping. My abdoman looks very extended (I think that is the word for it) it usually comes on quit fast and last a few hours. Out of a 7 day week my stomach is like this 4 to 5 days aweek. Its very uncomfortable, I have regular bowel movements, I dont have diarreah, I dont vomit, although I do feel kind of queezy once in a while.
Avatar n tn I have had some pains also alot of times I find its gas....lol.....but when I sit down for a long time or squat and stand up I have this pain that feels like somthing is ripping, Im told thats normal, also when I go up and down the stairs at work I get this great amount of pressure in my abdomen and pain, Im not sure what that is.....Ive never had a child before so Im just marking it up to being pregnant....
Avatar n tn I was perfectly fine up untill one day I had severe stomach pain, sweating, shortness of breath, burping, gas, acid reflux syptoms -severe upper, middle and lower stomach pain (cramping,bloating, gas pressure pains) -diarhea the first 3 weeks of pain -now it seems more like constipation -thin pale foul smelling stools, more frequent bathroom trips -bloating after eating -gas,burping -shortness of breath do to pain and pressure from gas I have been through all blood tests, urine tests, stool
Avatar f tn ve been occasionally experiencing a particular abdominal pain that feels like a line from my navel to my pelvis (sometimes I feel it in my pelvis, too). It lasts between 10 and 30 minutes, I'd say, and whenever it comes on, I'm afraid to move because it feels like I'm going to split in half. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn i've been feeling this sharp abdominal pain for sometime now, i had a scan two weeks ago, it says cyesis is normal and the baby is in the right place. i'm about 12 weeks now, i still feel the pain once in a while, i hope its normal, i dont know if sitting or standing for too long could be the cause but i try to be careful, i just hope its ok.
Avatar m tn My husband is having severe abdominal pain in his lower right side it has been going on for 2 days now and the pain is getting worse. I took him to the ER and they said that everything looked fine! Its not gas he is using the bathroom like normal. Now the pain has moved over by his bladder. Can any one help?
Avatar n tn It is extremely painful to take a deep breath and the pain is sensitive to the touch. There is a noticable pain while walking and moving. It does not feel like a muscle cramp. When I flex my abs and touch the left abdomen the pain is not noticable. What can it be?