Abdominal pain above belly button

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Avatar n tn I have a 6yr old girl just turned 6 today she also has pains that come and go but she has a belly button hernia and another lump not sure if it is a hernia though about 2 inches above her belly button. It seems to be more noticeable when laid flat and when she stands up, that is the higher lump, her belly button was a inny one but is now an outy one and as been like this for a year about the same time the other lump came.
Avatar f tn I have a lump above my belly button with extreme pain and nausea. At times the lump isnt noticeable. But when the pain starts than I notice the lump is bigger. Also pain under my ribs.
Avatar n tn I have a pain above my belly button its pain when i move and when i touch it . its like a muscle , well it feels like it ;_; and i dont want to go to a doctor . anyone knows anything connected to this ? cause this is the 2nd day it happened.
Avatar f tn Lower abdominal (slightly above my right leg/below my belly button. Only on my right side) pain how to releave it and sleep comfortably with it.
Avatar f tn I'm having abdominal pain above my belly button right below my boobs. And back pain as well. Its not extreme but uncomfortable and a bit painful. Its been constant for the last few hours and only gets a little better when sitting. Could this be my abdominal muscles separating? Anyone else experience this?
1342947 tn?1276200358 Heya i was just wondering if anybody could help me i am having my 3rd child and a lump has appeared above my belly button i havent had this before and it hurts when theres pressure on it.
Avatar n tn The pain is located one inch above my belly button and one inch to the right. It is stabbing/cramping pain that lasts a few hours but it is not debilitating (5/10 at most). I go about my day as normal but it does hurt more when I stretch (reach for the sky) and hurts less when I get in the fetal position. I added fiber to my diet, and changed my eating habits (no more soda and fatty foods) and the pain is now very dull. It feels more like if it were sore.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm a17 year old female and since the beginning of August I've been having abdominal pain around my belly button area. I've had and Upper GI and lower bowel exam, colonoscopy, and endoscopy but no one can seem to figure it out. The pain is on going and gets worse while I'm eating. I feel nauseas constantly and after/while I eat I find myself running to the bathroom with the dry heaves. I have little to no appetite and have lost an unnecessary 6 pounds. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have been having belly button pain for about a week now, it has never felt uncomfortable before...it hurts to touch the inside????
Avatar n tn Abdominal pain - Intermittent, moving pain covering the abdominal area below the belly button and at other times across the abdomen above the belly button. Initially the pain was more towards the left side of the abdomen. Urge to have a bowel movement - Many times I don't actually have a bowel movement, just the urge to go.
1738210 tn?1310715250 s above my belly button and the pain is mainly focused on the left side. They thought I had appendicitis a little over a year ago, but it turned out to just be ovarian cysts, kidney cysts and a few kidney stones. This pretty much stays between my ribs and belly button. I've discovered if I wear an abdominal supporter the pain is greatly reduced (most of the time). A lot of people are telling me it sounds like a herniated diaphragm or possibly an ulcer.
378425 tn?1305628294 The doctor said my next check-up would be June. I am having intermittent sharp burning pain above my belly button, I can feel something hard there. I told dr in March that area was tender and it was swelled. He did not really say anything, so I figured it had to do with incision. To me the swelling is still there, is this something anyone else has experienced, could this be a Hernia? The last couple of days it has begun to hurt a little more.
Avatar f tn Every time I take a deep breath while standing, I have pain right above my belly button. Anyone elseexperience this? What cocould it be? I'm 27+2.
Avatar n tn It is located to the right of my belly button and slightly above my belly button. It feels better when I apply pressure to it. It has been happening for the last few days. However, it's been constant for almost an hour at this point which is the longest it has ever lasted. I also have a burning pain running above the spot to my breast area that comes and goes. I have irritable bowel syndrome primarly with constipation.
Avatar f tn mine is a more direct pain on a small lump beside another smaller lump to the left above my belly button and below my ribs, closer to belly button. the size of the bigger one is like a peach pit maybe. it seems to hurt more at night and I can't feel it standing up.
Avatar n tn Over the last month I have also noticed pain in the sternum area and above the belly button...very tender...I also noticed pain under the left ribs and sometimes pain below the right ribs. Burning pain and constant. I had been taking 600 mg Motrin TID since January 2008 as I was in a car accident (rear ended). My chiropractor told me to stop taking them as I may have an ulcer. I stopped taking them approx. 2 1/2 weeks ago.
Avatar m tn hello, as i said the pain (if the word pain is correct) is not at the belly button, but it's ABOVE it, about an inch or more, on an area that measures 4 inches width and 2 inches height. why do you suggest a small bowel x-ray?
Avatar f tn Hi the last 10 weeks ive had upper abdominal pain (always a dull ache) just above belly button up to where rib cage meets but can become severe (stabbing pains) under my ribs which can last weeks. Its affected by movement so i cant twist, bend, etc so i have to stay rigid. When its severe it lasts through the night but when its dull it seems to be better when i lie down. I lost alot of weight too. Ive had numourous tests and only thing they found is a small hiatel hernia.
Avatar n tn s why my abs are in pain when i touch them. i feel like the area under my belly button where it hurts most i can feel some kind of vein or something that gives me HUGE pain when i touch it. Any body have any idea what's going on??
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing upper abdominal pain. The pain is right above my belly button and down the right side. The best was to describe the pain is as if someone is squeezing my insides. I've had my gallbladder looked at and my appendix both came back fine. Was tested for IBS but the symptoms get worse. I' just had an endoscopy done and that as well came back with nothing.
Avatar n tn There are classified as supraumbilical (above belly button), umbilical (at belly button), or infraumbilical (below belly button). You probably had supraumbilcal since you said it was above belly button.
Avatar f tn Im 12w5d, Should i be able to feel my uterus below my belly button, around the same spot as my belly button or above?? Doc couldnt pick up heart beat yet on doppler thing but i think she had no idea where my uterus was. Im pretty sure i can feel it and she definitely didnt have it low enough, i think, to detect heartbeat. P.S. she is only gp not obsterician.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that my baby could be above my belly button now? Im 14wks n just felt a flutter by my right rib cage or am i just having muscle spasms?? Also another question, when the baby moves can it cause the uterus to cramp?
Avatar m tn Hi All, Its been some time since I have been on but again, I need your help. My husband is 52 with Hep C and cirrohsis. He has been through the treatment and it did not work. Now it has been approx 3 mos later and he is having consistant pain in the stomach. The pain is not in the area of the liver it is about 2 inches above the belly button and extending to about 3" below the belly button. He says these pains feel like really bad gas pains. Does anyone know what this is from?