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Avatar f tn For your height, you are not overweight. Assuming that your mom provides balanced meals, you can try controlling your portions sizes a bit, but since you aren't overweight, even that should not be necessary. Since you are mostly looking for a flat stomach, I'd suggest that maybe you only need to tone your muscles, which can be done with a simple exercise routine, or even a brisk 30 minute walk each day. You can watch a lot of videos online that will help you firm up your muscles.
Avatar f tn TPO ANTIBODY (86376) THYROID PEROXIDASE AB <10.0 IU/ML THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY THYROGLOBULIN AB <20.0 IU/ML -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The info below I believe are ranges not your actual results: THYROID PEROXIDASE AB <10.0 IU/ML - Over 10.0 and your positive. THYROGLOBULIN AB <20.0 IU/ML - Over 20.0 and your positive So where are you?
Avatar f tn Five years after the first value, TPO-Ab levels were 1456 ± 1219 IU/mL, a decrease of 70%. TPO-Ab levels became negative, < 100 IU/mL, in only six patients, a normalization percentage of 16%.
Avatar f tn Not that doing crunches will do any harm, but ab work alone isnt enough to change your stomach. You arent going to see any kind of definition in your stomach if there is still a layer of fat covering your abs. And crunches don't burn enough calories to trim your stomach down either. Cardio will be more effective for trimming your waistline than crunches would be.
195469 tn?1388326488 The elevation in temperature may be due to environmental heat, fever from an infection, or exercise. Although heat does not bring on an attack, it is a good idea for patients with MS to stay indoors during the hottest part of a summer day and to avoid heat from sunbathing, saunas, or hot showers. Cognitive and Emotional Dysfunction: Cognitive and emotional changes are common in MS, affecting approximately one-half of patients with MS.
Avatar n tn Hi Lately my Hashi's has been all over the map. I eat gf, dairy free and exercise routinely. My anti-tpo was initially over 1000 and is now 90. Last fall things started going crazy, my father passed away un expectantly and I could not sleep for 20 days. I caught every cold virus this winter (October through March) I felt severely hypo last December and blood tests showed it (table attached that tsh was high and t4 was low).
307874 tn?1242759398 Can't remember what it was called, but, it started with a b, and I think it had a c, l, and n in it. LOL Regular exercise, without over stretching the area is good, too. I can't do the ab work the others do in exercise class, it hurts too bad. Then the pain is like a knife.
Avatar n tn It first came on in JAN2009, one year ago. I pulled my ab muscle when I started back on an exercise regimen. I do have a child, but that was 1 year, 3 months prior to this pull injury. I rested this muscle for months. In July2009, I started back on my fitness goals. While I could feel strain in that upper ab, I would back off if I felt even the slightest pulling or twinge. Over three months from that point, I strengthened my abs to where I was doing unbelievable ab exercises.
Avatar m tn You may not be aware but just yesterday, there was a lot of exciting treatment news in the press (shares rose!) about the Vertex trials, which right now may be the hottest thing on the table. You can see the links posted from yesterday's input.
693811 tn?1245875306 No test for 3 am when I wake up in wrenching gut pain. Progesterone normal at 51, SIga 6, DHEA normal at 5, gliadin Ab SIga 8. (meaning no issues with glutin intolerance) Feel like vagus nerve squeezes gut and stomach until it is engulfing my lower back and sacrum. Sometimes aspirin helps, often not. Don't want to stress my liver with more meds. Even when gut empty, it wakes me up squeezing, (from the long fasting state).
539478 tn?1296624612 inversion table, physical therapy, chiropractic, medications, injections, bed rest, accupuncture, massages, TENS unit, hot tubs. Recent mri shows progressions: t4-t5 (deforming anterior surface of spinal cord), t6-t7 (not contacting cord), & t7-t8 (extrusion, disc material has extruded into spinal canal & deforming thecal sac). Compression fractures spread. Schmorls node on t10, cracks close to meeting. I own a dance studio & an aerobic instructor & personal trainer.
Avatar n tn Yes i have been dealing Hypothyroid since almost 2 years and still not get to my comfort zone atleast close to what i felt before even diagnose to thyroid. I was diagnosed Hashi because of my Ab TPO was elevated to 282 . 2007 Jan my doctor switch me to brand Lexoyl but it didn't make much difference .
Avatar n tn Most of the weight lose was in the belly, and now I have a loose pot of skin just hanging there, and I assume the same loose ab muscles.I have been trying, for months, to exercise, and lift weights super slow, and do yoga for stretching, but nothing seems to stop the pain. I don't have any gi pain, or symptoms of further gi problems. Had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and heart stress test, and all okay. could the loose skin/muscles be causing such pain? Or might it be something else?
Avatar f tn At first I was convinced I had been infected with HIV but I have taken tests at 6,7,8,10,11,13,14 and 15 weeks all NEGATIVE including Ab/Ag duo tests. Hep A, B, C and Syphills have all been ruled out. My only remaining thoughts are possibly CMV or EBV? However my illness has been so severe I doubt it is either of these. CBC also revealed low lymphocytes at the beginning of the illness, slightly low platelets but nothing concerning according to my doc. Also Vitamin D deficiency.
579258 tn?1250652943 This is where we can talk about our weight loss, our exercise, ask questions, share knowledge and/or socialize and get to know each other a bit. Just be sure to refresh your screen often so you can keep up with the community members! How's your day today? How's your weight loss going? Any questions?
Avatar n tn faintness, dizziness, weakness in limbs, bowel problems (diarrhea), headaches, changes in vision, cold clammy sweats, stomach problems (episodes occurring strongest after I eat),pins and needles pricking my body (like electric shocks), widespread pain in ever place you can imagine (mostly in my arms, shoulder, knees, back), esophageal spasms, heart rate shooting up to 170's during rest, inability to exercise without fainting, blood pressure bottoming out (lowest marked at 70/50-something or so)
Avatar n tn The technician first injected me with some type of dye through my IV. I had to lie still on a table with a machine over my abdomen for an hour. After the hour was up, the technician slowly injected CCK through my IV. He told me that everyone - regardless of whether there was a problem with their gallbladder - would not feel so great for a few minutes after the injection of CCK. I felt a bit flushed in my face, and I had a few waves of nausea, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.
Avatar n tn I know alot of people can't exercise or move around on this treatment, but it helps me so much. I push myself to get to class. I teach cardio kickbox, bootcamp and strengthening classes, and even though I might feel crappy before class, I feel like a new person afterwards - completely normal -- no fatigue, etc. I also try to walk everyday at my full-time job, and I feel so much better afterwards. I really feel bad that not everyone on tx has the ability or energy to do that.
1594760 tn?1298331621 My doc did an initial TSH test and said I wasn't hypothyroid - had every symptom - but it was a little on the high side and I asked to go on thyroid replacement. I was given a synthetic of 25mcg. It gave me some relief and I upped the dose to 50mcg - I am obese - had symptoms for many many years - just thought I was tired from ... I am 58. Recently I have been sleeping 18 hrs out of 24!
166219 tn?1267490838 she rolls but cant crawl. she sits up temporarily but still falls over. she can stand against the coffee table, and its funny because she is so small. im still bfing and will go till 1 yr then see what happens. she has 2 lower teeth that just popped out today or last night!! she is a momma's girl and cries when others hold her or sometimes even look at her. she adores her big brother though and daddy. when mad and yelling she sounds like she is saying mama, go figure lol.
5095426 tn?1363544645 Anti-thyroglobulin Antibody, Serum Anti-microsomal Ab (THY.PEROX.) T3, Total T3, Reverse, Serum or Plasma T3 uptake T3 Free, Serum Thyroxine, Free (RIA) Thyroxine (T4, total) TSH Should those be enough to get accurate results? or is something important missing? Should I get a second opinion?
Avatar n tn Your symptoms are classic for weakness in the muscles of the mid/lower back. You need to strengthen them with proper exercise and stretch them appropriately. NEVER NEVER let anyone operate on pain. It makes no sense. Your MRI report comes nowhere near calling out for a surgeon to intervene. Your problems sound postural and muscular to me. see a website by Jolie Bookspan, order her book THE AB REVOLUTION or another one about fixing your back without surgery.
Avatar n tn of my body had gone numb, I also was very out of it, could not focus on anything, had forgotten how to drive my car or anything, my vision had gotten so bad also that I could hardly see without running into everything. Dr's were stumped, every test they took came back normal, including my TSH of 3.9, true, alittle high, but not worth such the outcome that I was having. Dr's tested my antibodies, which came back positive, and diagnosed me with Hashi's.
Avatar f tn I have mild osteoarthritis in my hands and bulging/blown lumbar discs that I'm managing with exercise and accupuncture. I've had all the usual childhood diseases for my ear (mumps, measles, rubella, chickenpox, etc., etc.). I usually walk at least a mile to a mile and a half a day and am an avid gardener. I've been sleeping fine, as far as I know. I rarely am ill, not even with a head cold. I am careful what I eat.
Avatar f tn Daily indigestion/heartburn Extreme fatigue/exhaustion with a big drop in energy towards the afternoon Feeling physically and mentally sluggish Very forgetful with brain fog and difficulty concentrating No interest in normal activities No sex drive Huge weight gain (in 5 years, I have gained over 40 pounds and this is with daily exercise when I have the energy, watching what I eat and joining a softball team to add some extra running 4 days a week which I never miss no matter how I feel) My na
Avatar n tn even now after an hor on the computer I need a good 15-20 minutes of pec and neck stretching combined with some back extension exercise--just for a few minutes. this syndrome can caue arm symptoms. I know the terminology in an MRI report but I am a dentist not an MD---I do not mean to tell you to disregard what your neurologist advised you--- ultimately the decision is yours but i wanted to give you another possibility.
380530 tn?1239166138 Mary, I'm so glad your distressing regime is working for you. Acupuncture is defintely relaxing. Lexima, Kudos for doing aerobics, and ab work. You are very tiney at 5.2 and 112lbs. I'm 5.1 and 118lbs - I walk 2 - 4 miles daily. I'm a little concerned about your dh's thinking although. Excessive exercise and running/jogging in particular is said to cause infertility. So, I would talk with your dr. or do some internet research. It sounds like your aerobic activity is good.
Avatar m tn I wanted to be an observer rather than the one on the table. To answer your question about feeling the catheter go up you veins...I didn't feel a thing. The only thing I felt was the shot to deaden the catheter site and that was more like a sting that hurt for a very short time. That was the only pain during the entire procedure. They do something called pacing your heart to create the SVT. I've read that they use adrenaline but I don't know for sure how they did mine.
Avatar f tn but at some point it needs to be a consideration. it has been proven that strengthening our back and ab muscles will help tremendously with all back pain...even pain caused from bulging discs. we are sent to physical therapy for a reason...but most of us never continue the exercises that they start us on. i know i didnt! i always stopped because, hell...i hurt worse after i left than i did before i went in.
Avatar f tn The rhuemy looked at my elbows asked if I ran for exercise I said yes but not for over three months because of a dislocated toe, a series of headcolds and now this joint pain and swelling which by now has been over a month. She bent the fingers on my hand backward after i told her they hurt really bad and told me I have ehlers danlos syndrome. She said based on my kneecaps being unstable and my elbows hurting and my fingers bend too far back she could make that diagnosis.