Ab exercise after c-section

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Avatar n tn There are certain modified ab workouts you can do during pregnancy that are good to do, working out your core is not a bad thing, and you will be using those muscles for labor. You can look up core exercises while pregnant and find them. It is important to ok it with your doctor too though. Sit ups are not recomended.
Avatar f tn s a 6 week wait for exercise after a vaginal birth but 12 weeks after a section to give your incision time to fully heal, cause it's not just that neat little scar on your outside but 8 layers inside as well that have all been stitched up. And even then you have to ease yourself into the exercise and not go in at fell speed.
Avatar f tn How long after a c section can I work out like go to a gym and exersize programs
Avatar n tn My best friend is expecting. she's kinda worried she'll gain too much weight that will be impossible to get rid of when after the kid is born. but she's sticking to a healthy diet. she really loves her veggies! especially with a bit of dressing! but she doesnt mind some meat every once in awhile. so she stopped her exercise cause she and her mom fear it will harm the baby and make it hard to give birth naturally. plus she's scared of a c section thing....
Avatar f tn After the c-section make sure you take the time to stand up completely straight before walking :)
10591196 tn?1411435782 Depending on if you have a c section or natural. My doctor said if I have natural I have to wait six weeks to do anything crazy, but I can go for walks in the mean time. If c section he Normally clears at 8 weeks.
Avatar f tn How soon after having a c section can I do.
2181422 tn?1400511380 So after we've had our babys we can't use the baby excuse anymore... I've lost all the weight I gained while pregnant and I fit into my pre pregnancy weight.. but its just NOT the same. I had a c-section and am mostly breastfeeding. My tummy is just jiggly lol I've bee. Waiting for the 6 week mark to fully start working out been afraid to pull or mess any of the scar healing. Though I walk alot and chase a three yr old around all day too. I guess this is just a vent.
5796302 tn?1382980534 I had my baby via c section on Dec 2nd, so I know it hasn't had much time at all to heal, but I'm just wondering was anyone ever able to get rid of their "pooch" from having a c section? I keep hearing people say its impossible to get rid of it no matter how much time/exercise. I'm hoping someone how there can tell me its possible to have an attractive stomach again? And if so, how?
Avatar f tn I had an emergency c-section nd i lost every pound that i gained after the c-section..
Avatar f tn It says surgery is often usless because people dont exercise after I.couldnt afford the surgery im sure. Nor would.my body be able to handle.a.surgery at this.point. I will look into it.if.it comes to that.
1091003 tn?1257710173 Yesterday I finally said screw it, Im returning to exercise. I did a 10 minute ab/core workout and everything was fine. Then I rode my bike for an hour and a half. Everything was fine. I woke up this morning and felt find then decided I would do my core workout. About 10 minutes after my workout I started having skipped, irregular heartbeats. I think it was an anxiety attack but not sure. Everything I read says exercise should decrease stress.
Avatar f tn After my c-sections (3) I've been told 12 weeks before sit ups, crunches, and planks. Less intense ab exercises are okay after 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn To all you mothers who had a c section and previous multiple ones... i commend you!
Avatar f tn I usually stop situps and hard ab workouts at the 2nd semester. You want those muscles strong, but not inflamed. Light plank holds and exercise ball workouts are good. Plus I find its really easy to oull an ab with all the relaxin and round ligament pain. Let you abs relax drink something with some sugar and see if he gets moving around again.
Avatar f tn after how many weeks can you start working out and have sex after having a c section??
Avatar f tn I am about 7 weeks preg. New mom, is it ok to do situps??