6 weeks after miscarriage no period

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Avatar f tn I don't want to get your hopes up, but 6 weeks after my miscarriage i still didn't get a period so i took an HPT test and it was ++++, turns out you can get pregnant again with out ever having another menstrual cycle. It turned into a happy and healthy nine months and DS is almost 7 months now. Some times it takes awhile before your body can get back into a regular cycle. I would give it a few more weeks before contacting your doctor.
Avatar f tn Hello..I had a miscarriage almost 8 weeks ago. It was my first pregnancy and I was 6 weeks along. I had a normal miscarriage with no cmplications and no D&C. But I have not had a period since my miscarriage. My doctor is giving me a perscription to make me start. Is this something that could cause me to not be able to get pregnant again? Thank you!!
757181 tn?1234254959 Hi All, Im back to posting as I have question to ask. Today, is my 5 weeks after a natural miscarriage with no D&C at all. The process was fast and after 3 weeks my hcg level where back to normal. My question is, how long that it would take my period to come back after miscarriage? I have read on the net that it usually come back after 4 - 6 weeks but I don't know if would apply this to the women who had D&C or not, mine is just a natural miscarriage. Any thoughts would help. Thank you.
Avatar f tn At this point I would contact your dr. Usually you should have a period 4-6 weeks after the bleeding stops from the MC. It really depends on the person. Sometimes if your period does not start, they will give you a shot to start it.
1007230 tn?1284135209 5 weeks) i never had a period come to find out i was pregnant again....i lost that one (6 weeks) also and after the 2nd miscarriage i went 8 weeks before i got my period...good luck have you taken a test to just see if you could be pregnant again ??
1628779 tn?1299596398 from the 3 pregnancies i lost, once the bleeding had stopped (which was around 2 weeks each time) my period returned about 4 to 6 weeks later. you may well be due a period any day, if you are stressing over it that could be delaying it.
1432875 tn?1283390080 I got my first period 6 weeks after my first m/c and that was 6 weeks from the last day I bled. I'm still waiting for my period after my second m/c. And you are right, it's different for everyone. I have heard it taking 8 weeks for some people, so who knows.
Avatar f tn Before getting pregnant my period were bang on 28 days, no sooner, no later.... Got a period 4 weeks after m/c.... So counting from then to next period, i would now be only 2 days late..... Just wondering has anyone else had similar problem, and have their periods gone back to normal after m/c....thankin u..
Avatar f tn It took me exactly 4 weeks after the bleeding had stopped (from the miscarriage) to get my period but my doctor said it can take 4-8 weeks to get a period. It also depends how far along you were when you lost the baby and your menstrual cycle. I hope you're doing well. Also, you're super fertile after miscarriage, so it is possible to get pregnant very shortly after.
Avatar n tn everyone varies....I bled for 6 weeks after DNC and then took a few more weeks for AF.
Avatar f tn hi i had a miscarriage on the 16th august i was 12 weeks pregnant but baby stopped growing at 10 weeks i bleed for 5/6 days been trying again but had no period yet still waiting so not sure whats going on there.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago, I was 5 weeks pregnant. I have not had a period yet and 2 pregnancy tests show positive yesterday. Does that mean I'm pregnant again? I dont know if I should be excited or not.
Avatar n tn Had a miscarriage that required a D&C in July. Was almost 12 weeks, but had no signs of a miscarriage. Ultrasound showed fetal development stopped at 6-7 weeks. Has been 3 months since D&C and no period yet. OB is now starting me on a estrogen/progesterone regimen to hopefully induce my period. I had no problem getting pregnant naturally just 6 months ago, but am now 39 and concerned it could be a problem. Has anyone miscarried at this age, then had such a delay in their period?
Avatar n tn I know that this may sound a little silly, but are you talking 6-8 weeks after m/c or 6-8 weeks after spotting? The reason I ask is because I spotted for almost a full 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn It has been 15 weeks since my miscarriage. I still have not had a period. My doctor told me not to schedule an appointment until it has been six months from my miscarriage. Doesn't that seem a little far away? I feel really ignored and alone. We are wanting to conceieve, but have been told should wait.....6 mos?!?!
911955 tn?1247337027 Most women will have a period 4 to 6 weeks after their miscarriage is complete. I counted from the day that my levels were down to 0 and around 28 days AF arrived. If it doesn't start within the next few days and you may call your dr to see if they can give you something to help bring AF on so that your body can get back to normal again. The pain could be an indication of AF coming on, it's hard to tell though. Sorry to hear of your m/c.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks. Anyways, I bled for 6 weeks after the D and C. 2 weeks later I had a my first period and it lasted for over two weeks. And now I just finished my second period and it also lasted over two weeks. I was just wondering if anyone else has had more than one period that was really long and if anyone knows if it is the sign of a problem?
Avatar f tn I had another dnc and was told my period would return between 4 to 6 weeks this hasnt happened but i have had two episodes of severe pain in my pelvis lasting for 4 to 5 days each time and exactly 4 weeks apart . I have had my hormone level checked and ny LH level was elevated that was 2 weeks ago which sugested that i ovulated. I ended up in A&E yesterday with severe pain . I had a scan and my ovaries look fine but my womb is tender.
Avatar n tn is this how any of u felt before ur first period after a miscarriage?? or do u think i am pg???