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Avatar n tn one of the reasons i think i do this is cause last spring me and my mother where walking around in the mall when i felt very sick so i headed for a bathroom but unfortunatley i didn't make it i throw up about 3 to 4 times on the way to the bathroom and i was totally embarassed bout the whole thing and the fact i hate throwing up period!!!
Avatar n tn My daughter is 10 wks. old and is just now throwing up, she has been doing this for the past 3 days straight, and has done it twice today. She threw up a lot on my husband tonight. His shirt and her onesie were covered. We have had her on the same formula since she was born, Enfamil with Lipil. Can you tell me what is wrong with her? She doesn't have a fever or anything so I don't understand it and we are only feeding her 4 oz every 3 hrs.
Avatar n tn okay so my son has throw up every bit of milk i have gave him since yesterday (Sunday) from 6 till now so i gave him some pediatric electrolyte today and he is throwing it up too anything i else i can do for him he has no fever but is very crabby... and just wants me too hold him...
Avatar f tn Starting Last tuesday my 3 month old son started throwing-up.. three times on tuesday none on wed. once on thursday none on friday three times saturday and Yesterday. He has no fever, and nothing is different when he does throw up. It is now projectile ... It just flows. 1st dr said it was a virus ( on tuesday ) ...it's not. 2nd dr said it was stomach spasms gave him medicine and it didn't work AT ALL. Has anyone ever heard of this before? i can say it's not spit up.
Avatar f tn I don't believe it was quite sun poisoning, because there was no purple skin and no throwing up, but I definitely ran a high fever and was absolutely miserable for a good week. Then the skin began to heal. There was an EPIC peel and some mild itchiness to go with it. I was diligent about using a good lotion and aloe daily. After three weeks, the worst of the burn was gone.
Avatar n tn co-sleeps. No fever, no diarrhea, and in a good mood. We bathed and played for awhile back to bed. She immediately vomited again. Got her back up, cleaned her up. Got dry heaves, but in 20 minutes nursed, fell asleep on my chest in semi-upright position. After an hour, carried her back to bed. She slept incident free until 8:30 a.m and woke up in a good mood.
172826 tn?1423426556 Okay so a month ago Cameron ended up with a high fever.. 104...apparently it was from mosquito bites. Now today he felt rather warm to the touch i took his temp and he was at 100 which for him is a slight fever so i gave him some tempra...a few hours went on and again i took his temp and he was now at 102..an hour later he was at 103.7...he has his 4th bottom tooth coming out..no bug bites anywhere..
376008 tn?1312484756 I hope that I'm in the correct forum for this. I have a 6 year old (7) in June of this year who does not like to poop. He was potty trained fairly quickly when younger and had no real problems. A few years ago, I noticed that he would go for days without having a bowel movement. When I'd ask him about it, he'd tell me that he didn't have to go, though it was obvious that he did and was holding it in.
Avatar n tn My wife and I have a 6 year old daughter and last week she began crying on the way to school and confessing to my wife everything under the sun, such as "the teacher told us to write our name then date but I wrote the date first, I was talking at lunch when I wasn't supposed to" and so on. She never gets in trouble at school, during the resent parent teacher conference her good behavior was highlighted as a strength.
Avatar n tn She started the throwing up again in the morning before school during that week. This week her teacher is back and no throwing up so far. I did take her to see the pediatrician last week, no diagnosis made, just advice given, nothing I hadn't heard before. She and I went to a classmate's birthday party at an ice skating rink this weekend. She loved being there but it took 2 hours after being there until she was ready to try ice skating. That's just her.
Avatar n tn My 2 yr old did the same thing. He would wake up 5 & 6 times a night. Screaming bloody murder, I was really worried that he was having horrible nightmares. I never was able to get sleep. So here is my question for you Does your child snore? I know that is a crazy question, but I took my son to the Dr several times about the fact that he would not sleep through the night and they never did a thing.
Avatar n tn okay so my son has throw up every bit of milk i have gave him since yesterday (Sunday) from 6 till now so i gave him some pediatric electrolyte today and he is throwing it up too anything i else i can do for him he has no fever but is very cranky... and just wants me too hold him... what do i do????
Avatar f tn extreme chills which induce shaking and teeth chattering, cannot warm up, no fever...ever. It lasts anywhere from one to four hours and insomnia, as you can imagine, plays a part (who can sleep when they're feeling like they're in a deep freeze?). I have to pile on blankets, etc., even in the middle of summer, until it goes away.
Avatar n tn It's midnight here and I found this thread after putting my 6 yr old back to bed after yet another episode of fever, leg and abdominal pain . . .
Avatar m tn I’m a 35 year old American male who has been experiencing periodic Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO) for about 14 years. Up until 2001, I was healthy with no significant medical history. In 2001, I experienced a sudden onset of severe epigastric pain (heartburn-like pain). The pain was severe enough for me to visit the ER. I was given a CT scan and bloodwork that all came back normal and was sent home with some acid reducers.
Avatar f tn My mom used to get kidney stones quite frequently and she would get sicker than a damnn dog from them- fever, chills, throwing up, pain, weakness.. Wishing you well, and please update us when you can. I will be thinking of you hon!!
Avatar n tn Does it get better? Crying does not help, I just end up with puffy eyes and no closure. I am very active, so this dragging my butt is killing me. I am not looking for a food fight, just some good advice and a shoulder to cry on, and a reason to keep going with TX. Call me a baby I can handle that one.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend has 3 dogs, 1 of which is a female blue heeler (Tyler) about 4-5 years old. Tyler started developing a cough in mid-August, 2013. She has been coughing for the past 6 months. The 2 other dogs are in perfect health and have not developed a cough. I have outlined below the steps that have occurred during the past 6 months. - Month 1 - Normal coughing with a foamy white substance coming up after cough. She eats grass. She was prescribed antibiotics and small strength of steroids.
Avatar n tn I'll bring it up. we've got a follow up visit this month, should have the video capsule endoscopy by that time as well. Thanks for your help.
847328 tn?1289786714 I just took my little one for a check up yesterday. He gets his 2 month needles in another month. He did say that they do develop a fever which is what builds up an immunity due to the injections. 102 seems pretty high though. How are your little ones doing now? It doesn't hurt to insist on them being checked out if the fever doesn't go down.
Avatar n tn she like i has no pregnancy symptoms but i assured her that it was normal and to be thankful. her 6 year old also shows a lot of concern for the babys well being even though she does not know what is going on. i feel so guilty about having a good pregnancy while she is not. I also feel extra emotional bc of my hormones. the doc. said that her cervix is closed and her blood levels were good ( i dont know what that means). i guess my ? would be is she having a miscarriage or is this normal?
Avatar n tn She also threw up when she woke up that morning. When I say she's throwing up I'm not just talking about a small amount like spit up she is throwing up a lot. Well after she threw up that first time monday morning she was fine again all day and just as happy as could be. Again on monday night and Tuesday morning she threw up again. I have been nursing my daughter every since she was born and I'm wondering if there is any way possible that somehow my milk is making her sick.
Avatar n tn I think it's great that we can all talk about this and exchange advice. I'm 32 yrs old and a mom to a 6 yr old. I never had any PMS growing up(started period at 11) or any.issues during period either..not even cramping. But i did have a heavy flow. It became less and less as i got older. I'm not on BC either and have a good diet. I recently figured out it was appr a week before my period that I started experiencing this. It is CRAZY how a women's body changes once she hits her 30's.
Avatar n tn I started to get these symptons after a cold, this is my 4th month with these symptoms..gurgling/croaking noise coming up from the mid chest area, feeling like something is stuck in my throat, slightly to the right side of throat more so than the left, at first I had slight heartburn in the first month of the symptoms, but now just all the other symptoms.
318181 tn?1336447096 On cd19 it was still only 7mm and I would have thought it would be thicker than that, just because it had 19 days to thicken up. Usually it is around 6 to 7 on cd12.
Avatar n tn Last irrigation was done 2 weeks ago, culture grew strep. Was put on Amoxil, one week later he is throwing up and running 103 fever. Was given 2 shots of Rocefzin (spelling??) and given Cefzil. In his 5 years of life, the longest he has ever been off of an antibiotic is 6 months. I am scared to death he will get severly sick and not respond to an antibiotic. What is causing all of these infections in his sinuses'???
Avatar n tn we have a chihuahua 2 yrs old. we took him to the vet cause he was loosing weight and throwing up, diahrrea not eating or drinking. the vet gave him some tablets and injected some sort of IV with liquid under his skin for hydration. plus a couple of shots. he told us that he should be ok and to call him. the dog started kind of recuperating within a few hours, but now he is going down again. same symptoms and breathing a little fast and short.
299260 tn?1304219705 my little puppy is going to be one at the end of this month. they grow up so fast. arlotheslug- i think you have every right to make a rational choice as to what is the best for you, your husband, your future child that you wil carry and the child that you are goign to adopt to what is best for all of you. no criticism here. the sheer fact that you are even adopting is the greatest thing ever and i think you are wonderful. please let us know more details when you find out.
Avatar n tn Like I would get the bloating (which carried on through each month and added to the next month - I now look about 6 mo ths pregnant and have actually been offered seats on the train!) the PMS the aches but now bleeding. Its like I have a blockage. I looked at amenorrehea but it doesnt seem to relate to me. Just have to wait for thr gym appointment in Dec I guess. *****! Oh and I'm not pregnant, did the tests myself and also blood tests and urine tests with GP, all negative.