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519035 tn?1348279373 Just curious as to what we take for our supplements. Unfortunately I have a pill box now:) But maybe we could help each other out with this thyroid mess.
1013194 tn?1296463081 Day capsule is.. Night Capsule.. Soya bean 4g Soya bean 4g Black cohosh 1g Valerian 1.
1563145 tn?1295359574 I took the report to my Naturopathic Doctor, and we fine tuned my supplements, and Increased my Magnesium . I had already been taking Copper as the Johnson protocol suggests, but had no idea how low I was in Magnesium. Within 3 days of adding 300 mg more of Magnesium, just as Johnson explains in the book, my heart palpitations and racing heart stopped being a problem.
4524270 tn?1355881950 At the dose of 3G I got atrial fibrillation. Since then I have used 2.5G, but sometimes tried to increase with 1/4G or decrease 1/4G. My TSH is abot 0.002. Free T3 is below the upper reference limit. I have again got atrial fibrillation, I have many infections, eg. chronic sinusitis. I have also many other diseses, eg. mild hyperparathyroidism. An endo advised me to drop my Thyroid dose to 2G. I have low basal temperature. On 2.5G my basal temperature was 36.3-36.4C (sublingual).
Avatar n tn Can L-Tyrosin and B6 Caps be mixed/taken with Prozac? Will any vitamins or mineral supplements interfer with this? What about soy isoflavoids for hot flashes?
Avatar f tn In my opinion you should avoid too many or too high of a dose of supplements. Some vitamins and most minerals are fat soluble and are stored in your body rather than secreted. These storage levels can reach toxic levels and do more harm than good. Water soluble vitamins such as Vit C are not stored, if you take more than you require you body quickly dumps it through your kidneys. Rest when you are fatigued. Don't over stress your body. Be good to yourself.
211940 tn?1267884866 The little bit of research I have done points to the LI-14 acupuncture point (large intestine), which may signal something going on in my digestive system which needs correction. Also, I am starting to take daily megadoses of 4g-10g ascorbic acid (Bronson No.