40 weeks pregnant with gas

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Avatar f tn Oh yea!! And your partner will probably get use to it . at 40 weeks pregnant It's impossible to stop or prevent it at all. It comes without warning lol. And this is my 3rd pregnancy and darting while pushing was something I could not avoid. Not only has my bf heard me have diarreah and fart. I also threw up on him literally minutes after having my last baby.
5981907 tn?1383748869 Oh ok. Lol. Well, these BH contractions mixed with gas are making me feel very uncomfortable. I'm praying she comes out early rather than pass my due date... this *****...lol Thank you though for the advice...
Avatar f tn My first pregnancy.....I am 40 weeks pregnant and i havent dilated nothin at all...but my hips be hurting son much can barely walk..sometimes my lower abdomen hurts and my back too....sometimes my head hurts abd i feel nausea....did anyone is going thru this o went thru it?
Avatar n tn i am 40 weeks pregnant today and have alot of milky white discharge does this mean i am in early stages of labour
Avatar f tn im 40 weeks pregnant and my fetal has decreased in movements what should i do?is it normal?
Avatar f tn 40 weeks 3 days still no baby is medically induce more painful then naturally going into labour ? U was due friday 25 but getting induced medicaly on the 6 feb..Has any of you ladies been told that your baby is small I mesureing at 36 weeks and I'm 40 weeks 3 days ? first time iv been told my baby is small but have to have a scan waiting for a call tomorrow but baby is happy kicking away happy as always..
Avatar f tn I'm 40 weeks pregnant today I went into the dr this afternoon and my blood pressure was high and I'm feeling really sick to my stomach and very weak why is this
Avatar f tn So I'm 40 weeks pregnant and I'm being induced on Thursday. I heard it's always better for the baby to come natural and I've tried just about everything but he's being so stubborn!! Any tips?
Avatar f tn What did being induced feel like? How long did it take till you had your baby? What do they do?
Avatar f tn Omg, yes i been with my boyfriend for 6 almost 7 years and i never farted in front of him not even when i was pregnant with my son. But with this baby i can't stop.
Avatar f tn im 40 weeks and 1 day. and im feeling very fed up ive really had enough of being pregnant now.
Avatar n tn Not everybody gets tired at the end. I have had days when I do need a nap, but other than that it has been good. Same with when I was pregnant with my daughter. I have been sick though so I haven't been running around, but most days I'm up doing things whether it be cleaning or playing with my daughter, or helping my mom. Although I do get miserable at times and I can't wait to meet my son I'm not tired of the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I'll be 40 weeks on Wed n still haven't had any contractions. Very uncomfortable I can't do anything without being in pain :-( I just want my lil boy out...
8266573 tn?1403137275 And I'm still pregnant, this too me is a record I've had my past kids (4) by 39 weeks no more never made it to my due date. . I'm just so anxious for him to be born not only that but I'm physically exhausted :(.. who else is 40+ weeks? How are yall feeling?
Avatar f tn I m 41 and 23 weeks with my first child. A boy!! I m going to name him Eli.
Avatar f tn I had a lot of gas with both of my first two children...I would get sharp pains with mine...and gas in my chest. I would talk with your Dr. about something for the gas if you get bad pains...I ended up taking gasx and prilosec for mine. It helped! Good luck!