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1281316 tn?1295902012 Finally went back to the gym. Feel horrible!! Walked on treadmill for 21 minutes, went about .60 miles and burned 112 calories. My average speed was 1.7 mph. So slow!!!
8566467 tn?1398746415 Yesterday on my day 2 i went to the gym and did 4 miles on the treadmill, 50 squats, and 20 minutes in the sauna, came home washed clothes, cleaned, and organized. when i got out the shower i felt pooped but couldnt quite relax bc my legs STILL felt restless! uggghhh! So i asked my fiance to massage my calves with my stress relief lotion and i guess i fell right to sleep bc next thing i know its 5 am (it was about 1030pm when he started massaging) and everything in the room was dark. lol.
Avatar m tn When my heart problems started happening last year, when I first turned 23, I was taking Adderall every single day for school, a lot of it, and taking preworkout later that day and going to the gym and exercising very heavily. Then, on the weekends, I would go out drinking and blacking out while also consuming vast amounts of Adderall. I repeated these processes every single week and weekend. In other words, I wasn't giving my heart a break.
Avatar f tn I purchased a new health monitor that measures my heart rate 24/7. I've been to the gym twice this week and during cardio training my heart rate is around 150-160. I'm fine with that, my heart rate recovers pretty quickly but after about an hour I've had heart rate spikes hitting around 180 on both occasions. Should I be concerned, I've not actually felt my heart racing or anything like that. If it wasn't for the fitness tracker I wouldn't even know. Any advice is welcome.
1741471 tn?1407162630 //superbodysuperbrainblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/24/children-brain-development-and-linking-movement-to-academic-achievement/ Physical exercise is crucial for the present and future of our kids. The kids brain reaches at age of 10, 90% of the total adults size. However, the development of different areas of the brain are very different between kids and adults.
Avatar f tn I´ve read a question like this before although I am older than the other post. I am a 33 year old female, about 125 lbs, 5,4. I´ve been running for 16 years, but have in the last year been paying more attention to my heart rates. I´m always running at a pace of about 6.5 - 7mi/hour. I usually run for about 45 to 50 min, 6 to 7 days a week.
Avatar m tn I'd suggest you ask your doctor if you should wear a 24 hour heart monitor, that will usually help understand the type of problem you have. Also, An Echocardiogram would probably be prescribed before a pacemaker is inserted.
Avatar f tn Had first midwife appointment today who told me gentle exercise is good. Also met with fitness instructor at the gym who gave me special programme (much easier than I've been used to so good excuse to take it easy for a while, he he!).
Avatar m tn Hi, i've been going to the gym a lot in maybe the last 6 months or so, i do around half an hour of steady jogging at a decent speed to burn fat, and work my cardio on other days a lot more too!
Avatar n tn I found it strange that it takes me at least an hour. The funny thing is the exact same thing happens to my sister. At the gym once, one of her fitness instructors got very worried! We are both pretty fit. Just one of these things I suppose. I think you are right about the rate dropping to 120 in the first couple of minutes. It is especially important that the heart rate drops by at least 12 beats per minute in the first 2 mins after exercise, from what I read.
Avatar m tn I plan on joining a gym like 24 hour fitness for a while to help with recovery since I havnt been able to do a lot of real exercise while on treatment. Im hoping that will speed recovery and restore my energy. I want to look as healthy as I know Im going to feel for the rest of my "mature" years..
Avatar n tn Thank you... I appreciate your comments regarding my sudden increase in HR. I will get an appointment with another hospital/Cardiologist to have a new evaluation. I'm taking Magnesium and I feel better. I read the Pauling Report and decided to take Vitamin C, and L-Lysine. I've been taking L-Lysine and Vitamin C, for 3 weeks. I take Vitamin C, twice daily and L-Lysine twice daily. Yesterday, my EKG showed Vent rate 49 BPM, "marked sinus bradycardia with sinus arrhythmia.
Avatar f tn You can continue your workouts just make sure you aren't over doing it and staying well hydrated. I am 15 weeks and I'll spend a hour and a half at the gym still. Just later in your pregnancy you will have to modify your workouts a lot. Can always look up fitpregnancy.
Panda Thank you for responding. Every Monday and Wednesday, I take "U-jam" and every Tuesday and Thursday, I take "Body Combat" Both classes are at 24 Hour Fitness. U-jam is a hip-hop class and Body Combat is a mixed martial arts class. They are group x classes and are great cardio that focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training). I used to take martial arts when I was in high school, so Body Combat and Turbo Kickboxing are right up my alley, next to any type of dance.
Avatar f tn Im a plain simple housewife ang has no time to go to the gym or fitness class so hula hooping will be great for me... And my waist line is 41 inches... Omg!!! Its hard to say that... Even my hubby dont know that... My self confidence is poor... I cant even interact or socialize with other. Im just staying at home with my baby and do the household choir im from a poor country philippines.. So poverty is one factor on my weight... Cant eat variety of food... Sorry about that...
Avatar n tn .. Or avid fitness enthusiasts? Just wonndering how your getting along with training and diet while on Interferon. I started treatment 2 months ago and have been on a huge downhill slide ever since. It is very depressing. Anyone care to compare notes on trying to hang onto training while on treatment?
Avatar n tn He has had him check his blood sugar regulalry but hasn't offered any solutions to his blood sugar ranging from 30 to over 200. he just keeps telling him to take his 24 hour insulin and the fact acting, which he does religiously. Does anyone have any resource suggestions on how to eat to keep from waking up in the middle of the night. Also, I know that weight gain is normal when using insulin but he has put on over 20 lbs in the past 6 months.
Avatar m tn I even asked a former junior college teacher in his early 40s if he said that stuff is a turnoff for a guy near 24 which is me. He said it was but at the same time he said playing even ONE hour of video games at my age is too much so he lost a bit of credibility there to me. I'd just like to read feedback out of curiosity.
288609 tn?1240100356 Allmost forgot that your body will not be able to regulate it's tempature very well and hot showers are a luxury that require assistance and 1/2 hour recoup time. Don't let this scare you just have to find your limits.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist consulted with the electrophysiologist and they told me to start taking Toperal XL immediately and have scheduled me for 4 more tests including a 24 hour harness monitoring test, a PET scan and a catheter in the heart test. I am VERY hesitant to take any medication because I have NO symptoms and my blood pressure, heart rate, etc are all fine. Any suggestions????
Avatar f tn hiya` listen....life can get boring, but we are the rulers of our own destiny. I have some suggestions, i hope they will help you. Since i am not sure what your interests are (besides kitty-cats)...these will be sot-of general. One thing is to decide or discover what your interests are...if you dont even know...(it happens) and there are many books that will help you on this journey if you have no clue as to how to begin the process...
1900896 tn?1323047241 lol yeah 24 hour urgent care dentists...mine isnt that bad...actually instead of feeling miserable...or F-ing miserable...feel great your beating me on days clean...and you will feel better before i do...
Avatar f tn 6, am vegan and was hospitalized for stage 2 hypertension that wouldn't go down during the night (I had a 24 hour B.P. machine on twice, but I could rarely sleep both nights so no wonder) This was about half a year ago. Except for a slightly enlarged left ventricle (from the hypertension I suppose) the doctors at the hospital and my cardiologist didn't get any unusual results from my blood tests, E.K.
7257553 tn?1389960637 I have been back to my cardiologist about this issue and he took me off my beta blocker figuring i didn't need it anymore due to my blood pressure has been normal along with my heart rate. He did some test to make sure everything was fine such as 24 hour holter which came back normal no issues a chest x-ray that was normal ct scan of brain that was normal a long with a blood work up that was normal. I also had a full echocardiogram and stress test 6 months ago that was normal no issues.
Avatar f tn It's not quite aerobic, but it can work your whole body as easy or as hard as you're able. I used to go to 24 Hour Fitness an average of 3 times a week, warming up a little on the treadmill (their's have fans built in), then going to class. The water is so cool, I have to wear a rash guard shirt to keep warm enough to keep my shoulder muscles from cramping. I would love to go back by at least walking through the water; great support, plus the resistance of water.
Avatar n tn You may be a super responder with todays tx and only have to tx for 24 weeks, or you may not be clear at week 24 and have to go for 72. A thousand things can happen in ones life that could throw a monkey wrench between you and tx. If you got insurance, are otherwise healthy, don't a a newborn waking you up every night, etc., I would go for it....that is after you have read a little more on this board.
Avatar f tn A pure vegetarian and a fitness freak with a good amount of time spent in the gym under the guidance of a trainer and a non smoker and only social drinking in moderation, which he had given up as a part of his New Year’s Resolution. Our family has a genetic longevity schedule. My paternal grandfather lived till he was 97 and my paternal grandmother was 84 when she passed away. My maternal grandfather lived till the age of 70, while my maternal grandmother is now 78.
2065676 tn?1331426040 Now it's working but now I have to treat for a full 48 weeks instead of the regular 24 if I had gone with the FDA-approved current drugs. So the easy way out is not always so. That said, I'm about to do shot 24 and I've got no side effects. None! So I've gone from being terrified of needles to taking 5 minutes out of my week and I go about my day. No one could tell I was treating. I feel great. And a lot of people are like me.