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Avatar_m_tn The vet did bloodwork and put her on zonisamide 100mg twice a day. She continued having them so vet doubled her dosage to 200 mg twice daily. She continued having them but they were much shorter in duration. So the vet added phenobarbital 1g twice daily in addition to her zonisamide 200mg twice daily. My question is about the side effects. It has been a week since the pheno was added and she is still very clumsy and can't even walk up stairs.
Avatar_f_tn My little Boston started having seizures a year ago August. 1 each month for 3 months then 4 in one day. Started 16.2 mg PB twice daily. October 4 she had a seizure an hour before she was to have her normal dosage. The October 12 she had one while we were gone. She was pacing, running her head along walls, circling my legs. Took her to the vet the doubled her meds. She is basically a zombie, did double for 3 days called again backed down to 1 1/2 pills thinking it was too much.
Avatar_n_tn It's time for your vet to do some more investigative work. It was reasonable to suspect a drug interaction, but that apparently isn't the problem. It's time to do some imaging studies like x-ray or an MRI to see what, if anything, is happening in the brain. This is particularly important given your information about his recent fall. Your vet may want to look into possible problems in other areas of the body as well, so expect some blood and urine work.
Avatar_m_tn //www.leospetcare.com/keppra-and-zonisamide-new-treatments-for-seizures-in-dogs/ 60 tablets (one month for a 30lb dog) of 100mg zonisamide costs at three pharmacies: 1) CVS – $ 226 2) Walgreens – $ 111 cash, or $54.99 with a $20/year Walgreens Savings Club Card 3) Costco – $ 14.88 (!!) 60 tablets of extended-release 500mg levetiracetam (Keppra) costs at three pharmacies: 1) CVS – $ 240 2) Walgreens – $ 245 cash, or $106 with a $20/year Walgreens Savings Club Card 3) Costco – $ 36.76 (!!