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How about promethazine is that safe?
I called the RE's office this morning to see if he will go ahead and prescribe me Zofran for the nausea...I don't remember throwing up this much with Travis and at least with him, I could eat meat - This one - Nadda.
I had to go to the hospital last week for dehydration and they prescribed me Zofran and said I had signs of Hypermesis. The Zofran helps to keep food down, but the side effects make me feel awful too. Not to mention I feel really bad taking meds while pregnant as I rather things natural. It has been a full week and I want to stop taking them. Has anyone experienced hypermesis.
I was hospitalized, homecare with iv, every med you could take etc. I am still on zofran now and it is working wonders for me. It is safe. I used it during my first pregnancy but it did not help, but this time success. It does make constipation a bit worse. But I would rather be clogged up than vommiting 24hrs a day.
Due april 18th my nausea woke me up this morning. Thanks to zofran i was able to get down 3 crackers. Symptoms are of course nausea,what feels like constant headaches, and no matter how long i sleep or if i just woke up I'm still tired or ready to lay back down!
EDD is july 7th. i wish this pregnancy was like my 1st. i wasnt sick at all, i didnt gain any weight until like 5-6th month. but in this case i get nauseous if im hungry, which makes me not want to eat. im starting to show already, none of my pants fit but i havent gained any weight bc im not eating a lot lol >.<. if my bladder gets full i start contracting, nobody wants braxton hicks this early! and of course exhausted all the time.
Maybe this is my girl and this is a sign of all the headache i will be in for. Maybe this is my payback for all the headache i gave my own mother. -this is the only thought bringing me through, because seriously, i dont know how im going to make it until December. Any morning (all-day) sickness suggestions? To all the December mommies, maybe we can keep in touch since we have one big thing in common. Seems like most ladies in here are due this summer.
if your insurance does not cover this drug or any drug, call around and price compare and don't suffer like I did for several more days. Generic Zofran worked great for me once I got it.
Maybaby and number3onherway you are in my thoughts and am hoping yoour bodies will be able to keep the babies in for a little bit longer. But if not I have heard that its mostly lung development left answering a bit of weight. Our babies are now making sufficant to help them breath onvtheir own when they are borne but the rest is fine and I have heard of a short for speeding lung development.
Hey, call me boting but for a boy I like Julian or Matthew, and for a girl Leanne.But at 8 weeks we haen't given it much thought.
Ask your doctor for phenergan or zofran for nausea. Im also on the progesterone shots weekly. I have to stay on them til 37wks. Iv had 2 miscarriages one died at 11wks and I didn't know til I was 15wks. My second I lost at 17wks my baby was perfectly healthy I found out I have a weak cervix. Im now 12+5 the shots haven't made me sick but the progesterone capsule does sometimes. Im on 5 different prescriptions. The shot, progesterone capsule, foltx tablets, profe forte, and citranatal.
now I just don't know whether or not to ask for the liquid OR just ask for something different, like zofran lol I just can't stay at home and sleep all day.. I've already missed so much work from doing that now. if I take promethazine I'm pretty sure the nausea will go away, but I'll still be at home.. in bed.. all day lol Lord help me.. thanks for replying!!
Yes please read the other post and as you said it was la ife threatening condition for you, I would REALLY think about having anymore babies. How do you know this would even work for you anyways....and if it doesnt then you are back to square one. And if you have other children to think about you may not want to risk your life again.
I took it for my nausea but I got a prescription for it and yes it really does help because I had out really bad.
Yep wrong on both babies for me...thought for sure my first was a boy. totally a girl. thought this one would be a girl because the pregnancy has been so similar...definitely having a boy. with both of my pregnancies there was a LOT of nausea/vomiting first trimester, and between 16-20lbs weight LOSS...with DD I got my appetite back 2nd trimester but with this one..I'm 31wks and still absolutely no appetite. no bloating...lots of peeing...exhausted...
I also take zofran for nausea but that gives me horrible headaches. I have surgery in October 2013 to remove a chocolate cyst and that's when they found the endo to tell you the truth I feel worse after the surgery:( I guess it's a journey with a long road:(.
YUK. Still throwing up. The Zofran helps but only lasts for about 6 hours by the end of the day I'm sick again. I can't wait for this to get better!!!!
I've got lots lol just friends what weeks for you. Just going to list it all lol... ginger tea, ginger capsules, preggie pop drops (can get a babies r us), ginger ale (seagrams or canada dry), crackers, pressure point wrist band, vitamin b6 (per doctors recommendation, and dosage as to much can be very harmful to you and baby affecting nervous system), eat every 2-3 hours, small bland meals, Never ler your tummy get empty only makes nausea worse. And finally protein protein protein!
Try vitamin B6 and half of a regular unisom for the nausea, bonus if you take it at night it will help you sleep a little better, but it does get better, of you're still really suffering don't be afraid to speak up amd ask the doc for something stronger like zofran, it was my best friend this pregnancy especially taking care of two little ones
I just want to give a quick update. I'm still very depressed. They did get me on some antidepression medications. I felt ok for the first few days, but I couldn't keep taking it. They gave me the liquid cause they thought it would be easier on my stomach, but it was so harsh I threw up every time I took it. I haven't had it in 3 days and I'm slipping. I called today and they got me the pill form. I'm going to try that tonight. (BTW- its Celexa).
After only a few days of this I talked to an ob nurse at the hospital who told me it was most likely acid reflux which is something I have suffered from a long time but not this bad and constant but I said ok and started taking a zantac every night before laying down for bed the taking 2 tums once I got settled in to bed. Now a week later of throwing up every night and I'm completely exhausted and fed up.
I just needed to NOT think about babies or IVF or anything of the sort. I was so burnt out and exhausted from the IVF itself that I just wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. I went for my beta on 11/29 and got a 238 which the RE said was high. The numbers continued to double and the ultrasound revealed ONE healthy looking embryo that had made it. The other embryo did not make it as we had transferred two day five blasts.
My TT for substernal goiter is quickly approaching (next Tues, May 16th) and would appreciate any information from those who have gone through this surgery re length of surgery, pain, recuperation period, and any other general information to calm my "frazzled" nerves !!! Thanks so much!
You have been an inspiration to me as I'm sure for many women here. I am so very happy for you and your new son. After 3 early m/c of my own, I am finally 14 weeks pregnant. I turned everything over to God at the very beginning of this pregnancy and said, I will walk whatever road has been laid out for me. I listened to my heart and so far, it hasn't steered me wrong. I hope that my belief will carry me through.
30am and I couldn't get out of bed. The good thing is they are there every morning 7 days a week so I can go in whenever I want. My last beta was about 61000.
Hi everyone - Hope you guys are doing okay - I on the other hand am feeling sorry for myself. I started crying tonight at dinner while trying to eat a simple SANDWICH w/out gagging and throwing up! I'm so sick of it feeling like any minute that I'll be in the bathroom doing you-know-what. I'm trying to eat small meals, do all of the right things, take my Zofran but it doesn't seem to work as good anymore. I just want to eat a normal meal w/out all of the nasty nausea!!
And once I get home there isn't time for napping since I've got a 6 year old who needs to be cared for. Constipation has been a real pain in the a$$, total pun intended :) I've been taking colace every other day and I am happy to report that I've been going much better :) Headaches have come and gone. I try to only take tylenol (or a freaking tic tac since that is how well it works) if they are really bad. That's all I can think of now.
This is something i have been dealing with on and off for years. For a good year it was gone. Basically i have IBS. Sometimes i will not go #2 for 3-4 days. And if i dont go and i over eat, i will get really sick basically, i'll over eat then feel nausea for hours and hours, when i finally do have the urge to throw up, its dry heaving hours later. This landed me in the hospital once with the same symptoms and xrays basically confirmed i was packed from stem to stern.
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