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I took zofran from the time I was 2 months pregnant until birth for severe morning sickness . My son was born with no hand . I dont know if theres a coneection .
Any moms been prescribed Zofran for nausea?? Did baby come out with any problems? I have been seeing a lot of bad commercials about this and birth defects....
I have taken it for almost my entire pregnancy three times....my babies were fine. I would have died if I didn't have it.
Ladies dont take zofran!! The medicine used for morning sickness. There was a recall. It doubles the risk of birth defects when used in the first trimester. I'm not a dr/nurse or in the medical field of any sort... i saw it on tv and Googled the recall is all.
I took the generic zofran with my first and had to with this baby. Nothing wrong with my babies. I feel like there is a risk with every medicine. If you look up side effects to anything there is always somethi g.But sometimes you don't have a choice. I was puking non stop. Until 20 weeks. Side effects are very minimale to very few people.
Just thought i should share cuz apparently some women who have taken zofran while pregnant had babies with cleft lips or paletes http://www.nationalinjuryhelp.
My friend took it with her pregnancies and delivered healthy babies,but i know there are massive lawsuits against zofran. I would say consult with your Dr and approach with caution.
I am 14 weeks pregnant and my morning sickness has suddenly increased very bad I called thr dr today and the nurse gave me a prescription for zofran so far it's helped me and it says there are no side effects to me and my baby but some thing I was reading online says about causing cleft palates has anyone else taken this and is your baby perfectly fine?
I'm 23 weeks and cannot go without mine (zofran) for more than a day.. I talked to more than 1 Dr. And they both said it is harmless.. Like another blancaboo said they would not give it to us if they thought it to be harmful.
So I've been seeing all this negative stuff about zofran causing all kinds of birth defects to unborn babies. I'm 30 weeks pregnant & I've been taking zofran my entire pregnancy, so it's worrying me. Has anyone else taken zofran? What are your opinions on it?
I hate zofran, it doesn't work for me but it may for others but yes I agree don't lbeleive everything on tv.
You do relize in 2012 the same pharmaceutical company for the same drug was fined 3 billion for giving it under the counter For other things that were NOT fda approved! But that was ok because that pharmaceutical company made 12 billion on that drug that year so just a small price to pay for big business! You do relize they used me and everyone one else as ginnie pigs why they sat back and collected!
Is it safe to take zofran during pregnancy. My doctor perscibed it to me for nausea. But then i got freaked out about a commercial i saw in tv about zofran causing birth defects.
Dmpnonna, I weighed 120 before pregnancy. Minus 40 pounds. I got down to 79 pounds. I went into preterm labor bc my body just simply could not support the weight of my baby. At 22 weeks my baby would not have survived. I was told by so many doctors "you have your baby now, he WILL die" zofran saved his life. If it wasn't for zofran I would weigh 107 now and I wouldn't still be carrying our sweet little boy at 30 weeks. Sometimes drugs are necessary.
I have extremely nauseated daily for the past 2 weeks. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I went to the Dr last week and my Dr prescribed Zofran. The problem is everytime I take this medicine, I see the commercial on TV that talks about Zofran causing some birth defects. Is anyone else taking this medicine or have heard these birth defects. Thanks!
I think every medicine has its risks but the benefits outweigh the risks for you at this point so do whats best for you and babies health.
I took Zofran for about 3 weeks. No signs of disability or heart defects.
Stop taken zofran now it causes birth defat for your unborn child stop taken it now
I could not get to a pen fast enough so if anyone has the number please let me know ASAP. Thank you. Please don't anyone take Zofran for any reason during pregnancy.
But I suggest calling your doctor and pharmacist but to warn you I am sure there has not been any trials of zofran on infants or unborn babies. The national council only approved zofran officially for cancer patients and adults with severe nausea. After I heard this I have decided its better safe than sorry. Hope this helps.
With this one i was prescribed maxolin as tge dr said it was too early for Zofran??? I was 6 weeks at that time and she made it sound like i couldn't have zofean yet. She is a new gp. Never seen her before but my usual dr who i love and trust tild me maxolin is garbage and to go straight to Zofran. Confusing.
How about promethazine is that safe?
Hi ladies, I just heard on the news yesterday that they are stopping Zofran for pregnant women because it causes cleft palates, heart murmurs, still borns and more. Zofran isn't suppose to be used for pregnant women but for cancer patients. It was never meant to be consumed by a pregnant woman but the pharmaceutical company paid off a lot of doctors to give it to pregnant women.
I took every form of Zofran, Phenergan, and even Thorazine (and eventually had a PICC line and TPN) during my first pregnancy. Sometimes you have to make sure your baby survives first by getting you through. By the way, she's perfectly healthy. I have also been taking it during this pregnancy and I know that I would have ended up on IV fluids without it.
Yes ik i have heard that and im sure she has to(shes been a doctor for atleast 22 yrs) thats why i said i know what it can do, but see if i dont take it i cant keep even water down which i believe is worse then the slight risk of zofran to my babies health.
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