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My dr prescribed it to me too being dizzy and light headed are some side affects of it and itll sometimes knock me out for an hour or so
My first pregnancy (in which I ended up miscarrying) my doctor tried me on phenergan and 2 other kinds of nausea pills. I honestly didn't like the way phenergan made me feel, all it did was put me to sleep and then when I woke up id be sick as a dog again. But with this pregnancy (I'm 33w+4d), for the first 5 months I couldn't eat or drink anything without it coming back up and I actually lost weight. I went to a different doctor and he put me on zofran which worked miracles on most days!
I have severe hyperemesis so my doc put me on phenergan every 12 hrs and in between zofran every 8 and it has worked for me!
zofran is usually used to control nausea in cancer patients or for surgery. with pain meds, they usually give promethazine, which is what i take. so in answer to your question, no. i have not taken zofran to the best of my knoweldge.
zofran is safe :). there are 2 nausea medicines that are considered safe for pregnancy, and zofran sounds like the better choice for you (since phenergan makes you sleepy, and that's the other option, i think it would freak you out!). every medicine is going to carry warnings, and there will be people who SWEAR that this medicine caused this or that...but that's the internet for you. it is considered safe, and your OB only prescribed it because they felt it was safe....
It's great that Zofran is working for you. And I know exactly what you mean by night and day. I felt like a completely different person after getting Zofran on board. I also agree with you: Do not suffer. Ask for a prescription if you need one.
Hi. I am 40. 8 weeks. Was losing almost a lb a day. I'm on zofran now. Are any of you on it too? Has it helped?
I am currently 25 weeks and have been on zofran for the past 17 weeks and my baby is fine. There are many false claims out there against certain meds just like there are about vaccines. Be careful what you read and from where.
I'm 8wks and have had morning sickness for 3wks non stop, I could no longer take it anymore, none of the remedies were helping so I went to the ER today because I don't have an appt wit the gyn until the 16th. The Dr prescribed phenergan & I'm a bit surprised. I thought zofran was usually the drug of choice for pregnant women. Anyone else taking phenergan??
zofran works much better than phenergan for nausea /vomiting. I tried it , no sides.phenergan tends to cause drowsiness and cand drop your blood pressure.Zofran is expensive, around 75.00 for a rx. not sure how many pills, but not many. Good luck...
, I take it about an hour or hour and a half before my 8 am Riba, again late afternoon, and again about 9-10 pm. If I don't take it every 8 hours I am a lot more nauseated throughout the day and eve.
Phenergan is an old drug and works very well for nausea and also for sleep...does have a hangover effect...so dont take too much til u know it well if you work...25 mg is a standard dose...I have some from a while back but have not taken it as have not had nausea....
I'm 22w2d and still on Zofran everyday 8mg 3x a day. I too ended up w/some iv treatment for dehydration & it helped tremendously. I also took Phenegran at night. I'm so sorry that you're this sick & that the Zofran's not working.. Maybe try Phenegran suppositories?? You'd have to talk to your ob as they are only available by prescription.
You might want to try going to the hospital of you haven't been able to hold anything and the Zofran isn't helping. They can help get nutrition to the baby and could possibly prescribe something that will help you.
I think the combination of the Zofran and my hormones caused major headaches, but Zofran is def not optional for me!
It works pretty well I take it every day still at 32 weeks and I also take phenergan too on occasion. They both work great for nausea.
I had the phenergan that you rub on your wrist and it didn't work. Can they give the pill for while pregnant?
the phenergan has caused neruological damage. The question now is it permanent. I am OFF phenergan and on Zofran now. They gave me klonopin for the restlessness and it has helped for now. Hopefully the damage is not permanent but time will tell.
I stopped taking the Prilosec as of this morning but I did take the B6 and stool softener. I'll take the Zofran every 8 hrs or so and another B6 and the folic acid and aspirin tonight. I'm going to stop taking the Benadryl and I'm also going to skip the phenergan and see how I sleep tonight. I hate taking all of the meds unless I absolutely have to. We'll see what happens. I was able to eat some cream of wheat last night and this morning....
By the way, I know about Zofran also but it was prescribed to Joe last time when the compazine wasn't working that well, but our insurance said no because it is much more expensive. There is a generic Zofran now but it also is way more expensive than Phenergan and Compazine. I should have added that Joe didn't do all that much actual vomiting but he had lots of dry heaves. We tried some of the ginger cures also but no miracles there.
phenergan/promethazine works for nausea and itching/rash working great for me
feel constantly hot and want to remove layers of clothing want cool drinks look hot and bothered and red-faced feel irritable and hot tempered Try sipping peppermint or spearmint tea. Sugar-free peppermint sweets or chewing gum may also help. Peppermint or spearmint essential oil will not suit everyone, as the strong smell could make you feel more sick. Herbal remedies Other herbal remedies worth trying include lemon balm tea, slippery elm lozenges, or small amounts of chamomile tea.
i took zofran all through this last pregnancy (from about 13wks until delivery at 36wks). no problems with me or the baby because of it. it's better for you to take the med and be able to eat because the baby needs it. i never had any side effects from it, and my little girl had no extra problems from it. good luck to you and your little one.
I took 8 mg every 8 hours for a few months. Don't let this go. It will snowball. If the phenergan does not work, then ask for Zofran. Zofran does not make you sleepy. Phenergan does. Phenergan is cheaper, but Zofran works better (in my opinion). It is used to treat the nausea from Chemo. Plus, as youi said, if you vomit enough doses, it may affect treatment outcome. Hope you get relief soon.
All it did was put me to sleep, then when I woke up I just felt drunk and groggy and was still sick as a dog. I loved zofran though, I wouldn't have been able to eat at all or even drink if I hadn't of had it.
Zofran or phenergan works amazing
I've never heard of that being perscribed in pregnancy, I take zofran and or phenergan ...
I've had every antinausea medication under the sun.. I currently have a port and I give iv fluids, iv zofran, and iv phenergan at home. I hang a bag of zofran every 6 hours and inject phenergan every 4 hours (even when I'm not pregnant!) I've had the reglan and to me it just doesn't work that well. I like the zofran better, but phenergan is my life line. I have sever nause, vomitting, and pain so I have to take all of them. I'd start with the zofran. Do you have both??
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