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Many doctors do require their patients to go off H2 blockers (a specific type of antihistamine. H2 blockers inclue Zantac (ranitidine) and Pepcid. I cannot recall the chemical in Pepcid at the moment. Another questionable med is Elavil (amitriptyline). It is an antidepressant but has some antihistamine qualities. Every doctor is different on these meds. Many don't want to cause issues with going off of these meds.
The GI did add Zantac 300 at bedtime and Carafate qid. in the meantime. The children's hospital usually takes a couple of months to actually get a non-emergency EGD done. I don't feel her case is an emergency, and will try to wait till they can get it done. Thank you for your time.
I have taken zyrtec daily and it works for only a short while as well as allegra and I even throw in some Zantac. Also have used Sarna lotion. I keep threatening to go get a steroid shot but hate to take them as I have had two this year for respiratory infections. I have had some added stress in my life but this is getting to the point of ridiculousness. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.
Talk to your Dr about a possibility that you over produce histamines and if an antihistamine along with the Zantac will help.... Another possibility could be is a thyroid issue, was that ruled out?
I've been to a dermatologist who told me to take Zantac as an alternative type of antihistamine. I've been told it's just stress and it will go away. I've been told that it's seasonal allergies. This is the season with fewest allergies and it's still raging. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
I have been treated with 5-6 different topical creams, foams, in conjunction with prednisone, zantac, and another med. The itchiness goes away but comes back at least once a month and does not go away for at least a week. My face gets red, blotchy, itchy, hot, it becomes dry at times, and the bumps below my ears. I've been to my dermatologists many times, he has tried many things but it does not provide a permanent relief. I have not had this problem until about 2 years ago.
BhumikaMD Send Message Add as Friend View Profile BhumikaMD Thank you for responding ! 1. yes I do take antihistamine, ether zertec 10mg. or benadry l change up on the weekends. IF i miss a dose some times I have swelling with in 24 hours. I take prednisone only if I have an attach .I also take Zantac for heart burn 2. I have not had a cat scan sence before the nose operation 3. blood pressure is now with in the normal range, but just a little high last check.
I have the same condition. My general doctor referred me to an allergist/immunologist, and I was told that I have autoimmune urticaria (hives). I was prescribed an antihistamine (Zyrtec), Zantac75 (an antacid that also has "alpha blocker" properties), and Doxepin (an antidepressant that also has "alpha blocker" properties. Over time, I stopped taking the Zyrtec and Zantac. Now I am only taking the Doxepin. This seems to control everything pretty well.
It more commonly affects women and may occur alone or in association with other forms of urticaria. Antihistamine medications may help provide relief. Unfortunately, the cause is unknown. (ref: If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor or be referred to a dermatologist. Take care and do keep us posted.
Try taking the OTC Claritin along with Zantac (yes, you heard me Zantac 150), and Zyrtec. Only at night if it's really bad will I take Benadryl. Now this really helps and believes me when I tell you that I've been to my Family Doctor, A dermatologist, and three different allergists. I've had a lot of testing and they have determined that I need to live in a bubble, but since this is not an option I'm taking a truck load of drugs and the occasional steroids.
Yes, acid reflux can cause the symptoms you describe even though you may not be experiencing the typical heart burn symptom. As the dr suggested, you could try an OTC antihistamine to start with (they are cheaper). I would recommend Zyrtec (or its generic). Afrin is the original name brand for oxymetazoline. Never use it for longer than 3 days at a time and then off for three days. You can rotate if needed.
I then ask why if it would cause a false positive for benzo or because like soma it to od on methadone with that and she would not tell me so I was wondering if any of you may know anything, I am just wanting to find something that will help my tummy. I eat zantac like crazy 3 or 4 150mg a day. But anywho I hope everyone is well take care stay strong and God Bless.
Chances are that the antihistamine was a histamine H1-receptor antagonist. Many protein based allergens (bee/wasp stings, etc.) seem to trigger histamine H2 responses. Since Copaxone is a copolymer, histamine H1-receptor antagonist may not work well. The histamine H2-receptor antagonists, like cimetidine (Tagamet) or ranitidine (Zantac) and famotidine (Pepcid) might actually work better. I know, it sounds goofy, but the histamine response causes the acid pumps in the stomach to turn on.
Doctors have not been able to give me a proper diagnosis, they suggested taking antihistamines Zyrtec (racemic selective H1 receptor inverse agonist ) in addition to Zantac (histamine H2-receptor antagonist) as they thought the dilation of blood vessels (redness) were caused by the release of histamine into my body. They did not work. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could suggest what may be going on with my body, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
They are very painful and itchy and causing her to fall into a depression. She is on a cocktail of antihistamine that seems to have zero effect. She has tried a low histamine diet which did absolutely nothing......If anyone has any answers, cures, or remedies that seem to work for them, we would greatly appreciate the advice......We would also love to hear from people who have similar symptoms and how they deal with life/work on a regular basis. Thank you.
If you know that you can safely take the OTC meds benadryl as well as either zantac or tagamet, you might try that just to see if it helps. This would be combining an h1 antihistamine (benadryl) with an h2 antihistamine (either of the two "stomach" meds I listed), and is sort of a one-two punch for certain types of allergic responses. At the least, it can be tried with easily available OTC meds and little hassle and you haven't lost much $$ if it doesn't end up being the solution.
But what i dont understand is my hives come on and they are soooooo painful, and any place pressure is applied, ( like a blood pressure cuff tightening on my arm will cause the hives to be around my arm) I have taken all the the antihistamines, and the best was a combination of the H1 and H2 blockers which is just a stomache medicine like zantac and antihistamines together ( DAILY) I have taken steroids, and steroid shots, but that is a temp. fix when i have a severe out break.
) Since May, 2008, I have also unfortunately suffered from chronic hives, and dermatographism. I've been given everything from steroid pills/shots/creams, and essentially every antihistamine in the book. At the same time, Rosacia (which I've had for about 10 years) also became a chronic pain-in-the-butt, and has proven difficult to treat. Over the last 5 years I've become allergic to several antibiotics, a few other meds, and even Claritin.
Hi Meg Whatever the reason for the hives you must get it seen to and at the very last take some antihistamine. You are "hiving" such a tough time at the moment so allow yourself to wallow and get all the sympathy and help you can. BUT please get checked out to this allergic cannot be too careful and I hope that Dr C has some answers. Hope you are not itchy as well.
I have good luck with a combination of Zyrtek and Zantac. Evidently the combination of the over the counter stomach med Zantac with an antihistimine like Zyrtek is quite a successful combination for allergic reactions, etc. My doc suggested this combination for me once Benadryl stopped helping. I'm doing good with the Zyrtek/Zantac.
i have tried claritin, clarinex, benadryl, zoning, green tea, vitamin c and b12, and doxepin and zyrtec and zantac. the doc did a thyroid test and i am fine..what can i do to make these flipping things leave?
She thought it could be allergies, said to take drops.. but I don't know for sure which ones. I am trying decongestant and antihistamine at bedtime in cased sinus is secretly the problem. I am worried ...and the eyes don't itch or water like they have in the past with allergies that I would take drops for.
To help control the stomach acid, one should not drink alcohol or drinks with caffeine in them, or eat chocolate or spicy or greasy foods .Take some OTC antacid like Mylanta.You can also take zantac(ranitidine)or prilosec(omeprazole).These will help.Also keep your fluid electrolyte balance optimum by drinking lots of fluids. Rgarding your skin problem,pls describe the rash and symptoms so that a list of differentials can be made. Hope it helps.
Two regimens of antibiotics have proven to be ineffective. I am using daily the generic equivalent of Flonase, am also taking an antihistamine, Advair, and doing nasal irrigation with a neti pot. I have also had a chest XRay, which my physician said was clear. An ENT doctor examined my nose and throat using a camera probe and indicated that my vocal cords were slightly infamed -- but that was about it. Even with all that, I can't seem to shake this condition loose.
I have tried benadryl, zyrtec, claritin, chlor-trimeton, zantac (in combo with an antihistamine), allegra, hydroxyzine, doxepin, xyzal, and prednisone. I have even tried homeopathic medicines. None of these are effective in taking the itch away except prednisone which I obviously can't take long term. I am wondering if anyone has an effective combination that they would recommend.
Do you benefit from the antihistamine or antiallergic medications and the steroids? Has a CT scan of the sinuses been done? Is your blood pressure still on the higher side? Are you on antihypertensive medications? What does your allergy specialist suggest? Are you on any thyroid medications? When were the tests that you mention done? What is your total leukocyte count? Let us know the answer to the above questions so that we may be able to help you. Hope this helps. Regards.
I went to an allergist who wasn't sure, but seemed okay with the hives diagnosis and put me on Zyrtec (1 every night), Allegra (1 every morning) and Zantac (One twice daily). Still not working. The itching is so bad that I have bruised almost every square inch of my upper legs and some of my arms. I called the doctor back this morning and am awaiting orders. Can ANYONE tell me what to do?
prescribe an antihistamine. Pills pills pills. I take Zantac (my preference based on results) every day. The stomach conditions seems to be permanent & the hives on occasion if I haven't taken Zirtec in awhile. Some of my acquaintances also have this combo problem. Hives came around the same time as the heartburn/GERD.
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