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Hi well i have my next appointment until Monday so i will ask my doctor as well, but i am 31weeks ilight>pregnantilight> and have been having this ilight>yellowilight> ilight>dischargeilight> for about 3 days now. its not alot but its mucus like and sometimes its in little chunks. i got checked when i was 27 weeks and had no yeast infection or nothing, i also got tested for Hiv, chlamidia, basically everything and i have nothing. So is this normal or something bad? Help please im really scared. This is my first pregnacy.
your body has a lot going on right now and wastes to get rid of..i never had a ilight>dischargeilight> problem but ilight>whenilight> i noticed a nasty clearish green mucusy discharge i immediately wanted answers. Mine was my mucus plug shredding and coming out in pieces. She told me any discharge during pregnancy is normal and only to worry if it has a foul smell or is bloody red. She said some have brown yellow green blueish purpleish clear white so many colors of discharge but it is normal...
i had sex with the same guy last Saturday/Sunday, and since then i've been having this ilight>yellowilight> ilight>dischargeilight>. it doesn't smell bad, but i feel a little itchy, like with yeast. The amount has been diminishing since the week has gone on. i'm calling the doctor tomorrow, but does anyone have any ideas about what this might be?
i am also 17 w 6 d and i have been having alot of ilight>dischargeilight> lately. My doc told me that as the pregnancy progresses, the more ilight>dischargeilight> you will have so discharge is normal. if it has an odor to it or a strange color, there is the chance that you could have an infection, like a bacterial one. i would ask your doctor about it.
also sometimes my doctor said that i would see a ilight>yellowilight> ilight>dischargeilight> and that was becuase of the yolk inside the cathedar. i did see some brownish ilight>dischargeilight> and they told me to expect that too. Best of luck, but just try to relax i know its hard but try to watch tv and focus on other things.
So i get alot of ilight>dischargeilight>...this time ilight>whenilight> i went to the toilet and wiped i had green discharge! But ot doesnt smell birn or itch. is this a problem ??
Foundt out i was pregnant last thursday, did 3 clear blue test and got midwifes next week. im having ilight>dischargeilight> which is white/ ilight>yellowilight> ( can only tell its ilight>yellowilight> ilight>whenilight> i wipe on the toliet paper) sorry tmi. Worried is it normal in early pregnancy or do i need go doctors ?
at 4 weeks i had a white discharge that almost felt like i need on my self, and up til now, its gone from that to like a pale ilight>yellowilight> ilight>dischargeilight> and i don't feel it at all i just see it on my liners? is this discharge normal? What does it even mean? Xoxo thanks in advance!
My ilight>dischargeilight> has always been yellow throughout my pregnancy. i don't know why but i do know that i've never had a yeast infection the whole time and have been perfectly fine. i think as long as your not itching or burning down there you should be fine. Or as long as you don't notice it has a very strong foul odor.
hi, i'm 17 years old and i have white, kind of clear, ilight>dischargeilight> and ilight>whenilight> its on my underwear, its yellow. i'm not pregnant but i am on the pill. i've never been to the gynocologist and never had a pap smear. What could this be from and is it serious?
i am 15 weeks ilight>pregnantilight> and i know that ilight>dischargeilight> is totally normal during pregnancy. i just need to know what is normal and what is not. i just heard a story from a gal who went into pre-mature labor b/c she had a bacterial infection and didn't know it. She thought she just had normal discharge. So, that got me worried. So, if you ladies don't mind me asking and you don't mind sharing to put my mind at ease, are you having discharge, too? What color is it?
im not sure about bad maybe a dark ilight>yellowilight> or cottage cheese like ilight>dischargeilight> anything that has an odor or if it stings burns or hurts when you urinate... but what you described is normal it increases as you progress in your pregnancy.
i know this is tmi but im a ftm and ilight>whenilight> i was 8 weeks ilight>pregnantilight> i started getting this light yellowish ilight>dischargeilight> that had somewhat of an odor, i didn't think anything of it because other than those 2 symptoms i felt fine and thought maybe it was because of my prenatals or something but when i went to my 1st doctors visit i told my doctor and she said that was not normal and took a culture. it turned out that i had bacterial vaginosis and she prescribed me some medicine to take it away.
wow, i posted almost the same question on the maternal board. ilight>Whenilight> you say golden do you mean ilight>yellowilight>? i'm also 11 weeks today and have the same thing.... Did the OB make it sound like it was bad?
it's quite common to have more vaginal ilight>dischargeilight> while you are ilight>pregnantilight>. it's usually quite harmless. What you are noticing is called leucorrhoea. This is a mild-smelling milky fluid or discharge. it happens because more blood is flowing to the area around your vagina. it's probably not that different from the discharge that you had before you were pregnant. There's just a lot more of it now. if your discharge changes, it may need treating.
i am 31 weeks pregnant and for the past couple weeks i have been having a ilight>dischargeilight> after i pee. ilight>Whenilight> i am done peeing i wipe and theres this yellowish slimy looking discharge on the toliet paper, its always a yellowish color or a yellow color with a slight green tint to it. it doesnt happen every time i use the bathrooom either. at first it was like every other day for a week that it happened now its just like every couple a days.
i am 32 weeks pregnant & i'm experiencing a discharge.. its gross & it has an odor . it's been happening for a couple weeks, i keep telling the doctor about it & they don't seem too concerned. But, i am .. is this normal ? Should i get a second opinion? Please help!
i have white ilight>dischargeilight> and a rash and swollenness down there is that normal ? it is very itchy as well , even ilight>whenilight> i bathe the itchyness never goes away.
but the last couple days its been yellowish/green and some peach color like ilight>dischargeilight> along with the clear. yes i had sex like twice and yes i know i shouldnt have and i was wrong for that but we use condoms and i would wash up and put a little in afterwards to be on the safe side. the condom never broke so i am not sure what this could be so any advice would be so much appreciated.
hi there i'm 33 and a half weeks pregnant and just wondering if anybodys getting the same like discharge as me it white and jelly looking i'm jus wondering if this is normal at this stage, i know your ment to lose more dicharge ilight>whenilight> your ilight>pregnantilight> i'm seeing my midwife on wednesday and any info before going would be great thanks jessica x
i've gotten creamy white ilight>dischargeilight> at various times during my cycles...couldn't tell you specifically ilight>whenilight> tho, it could be signally the return of your AF since you recently stopped breastfeeding.
dandeelyon is right, u are starting to leak colostrum, which is the first stage of Breast milk, ur baby definetly needs that ilight>whenilight> he/she is born, it helps to fight bacteria and infection, its the baby's own personal antibiotics, then comes the thin white breastmilk it has the right amount of nutirents the baby needs then after that its the fatty milk, that helps your baby gain the right weight while getting his nutirents and personal antibiotics.
i had tinted ilight>yellowilight> cm ilight>whenilight> i was ilight>pregnantilight> (i miscarried), and i had it with this last cycle, which i found out today, i am definitely not pregnant, as i got my period. So, for you, it could very well mean you're pregnant, but i wouldn't use that as a "for sure" sign. Are you temping or anything? Do you have any other symptoms? Best of luck to you...i know that the 2 week wait can be excrutiating..trying to decide when you can test or not. hope you get the answer you want soon.
im 2 days late & today in the morning when i whent to the rest room i had a yellowish discharge i also did a hpt & it came out negetive #anybody???
Tuesday was mostly fine, but today i have a dark ilight>yellowilight> that sometimes has some brown in it ilight>dischargeilight>. Has anyone had this ilight>whenilight> they have miscarried?
i need help you all, i think i may be pregnant i am 5 days late on my period & i'm never late, iv had unprotected sex alot this month & have horrible headaches, i have a clear/pale yellow discharge & when i wipe. i have slight cramping but usually when i start my period i have cramps for a day then AF comes but that hasn't happend iv had cramping for about 4-5 days someone help!
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