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No not normally. Yellow discharge cam be anything from chlamydia to bacterial vaginosos. Which is a bacterial infection not sexually transmitted abd quit common during pregnancy can also mimic similar to yeast infection or present with no symptoms aside from discharge but often has a fishy a bad odor with it. Either way with yellow discharge you need to call doctor office tell them and get an appt to get treated in the event that it is something.
Today it looks more yellow than a brown or a white any idea? Ive had my urine tested and no infection could it be anything else.
I am 8w6d and have been have some yellow discharge after urination. There is no smell or itchiness. Is this normal?
Does it smell? Could be yeast. Discharge is normal but if smells, burns, call your doctor.
Hi i'm 38+4 weeks and I've been noticing a yellow discharge, it's not thick and there's no foul smell. Does anyone know if this is normal?
Today I have noticed yellow discharge and some blood,no fishy smell,no pain,no itching,virgin.My period date is coming soon.So is it really something to worry about?
For the past 3 days I've been having a yellow to clear discharge. There is no odor and I think that is the part that's confusing. If anyone has any input that would be great.
I always have to wear a pad or a pantie liner because the yellow discharge stains my underwear. The odor is not noticeable, unless I smell my underwear or my pad up close. The texture is not very thick and it is smooth. The texture is not clumpy or lumpy and does not have the "cottage cheese" like texture. There are no itching or burning sensations. Also, It is not swollen or red in my vagina area.
Hi well I have my next appointment until Monday so I will ask my doctor as well, but I am 31weeks pregnant and have been having this yellow discharge for about 3 days now. Its not alot but its mucus like and sometimes its in little chunks. I got checked when I was 27 weeks and had no yeast infection or nothing, I also got tested for Hiv, chlamidia, basically everything and I have nothing. So is this normal or something bad? Help please im really scared. This is my first pregnacy.
I had sex with the same guy last Saturday/Sunday, and since then I've been having this yellow discharge. It doesn't smell bad, but I feel a little itchy, like with yeast. The amount has been diminishing since the week has gone on. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow, but does anyone have any ideas about what this might be?
I always have to wear a pad or a pantie liner because the yellow discharge stains my underwear. The odor is not noticeable, unless I smell my underwear or my pad up close. The texture is not very thick and it is smooth. The texture is not clumpy or lumpy and does not have the "cottage cheese" like texture. There are no itching or burning sensations. Also, It is not swollen or red in my vagina area.
I have a bright yellow discharge it was itchy until I used 1 dose yeast med now it is just bright yellow not as much of it and no smell....
Do I have aid if i have a yellow brown discharge? What is it? I have no smell, itch slight abdomen pain?
The itching and clumpy symptoms go away except for the rest of the month I have a very pale almost translucent discharge with no smell. There is also no smell while having the itch or chunkiness. I was urine tested for chlamydia and gonnorrhea. I have also been blood tested for syphillis, HIV and the like which have returned negative. I was wondering if this could possibly be trich or an STI at all? Could this be a side effect from my birth control pills?
Ok, so we've determined I am somewhere between 6-8wks pregnant and I've been having for about 3 days now a heavy dark yellow/brownish this normal? and is it common in pregnancies??
Recently I've had a light colored yellow discharge. It's not a lot, and it's only yellow when I wipe it wit tissue. On my panties, it dries and it's clear. It doesn't smell weird. Back up information, I'm 16, I've had sex twice with my boyfriend he says he has no infections (that he knows of - he's never been tested) and both times we've used a condom.
About 8 times.... The last few time I had went I noticed a thinner yellow discharge. No odor no itch no burn... everytime I have gone's been there. Like a pastel yellow. 34 weeks btw. Anyone else have this issue or know what it is?
The weird thing is that my thick yellow discarge has NO smell. On websites yellow means STD. Any suggestions? I also feel like I am allergic to condoms--I hope that the allergy explains it all--but you never know. Has anyone experienced yellow(almost neon) colors ? If so did it have an odor? Im in search of someone who has had thick yellow discharge.
My period is about to start for this month, so i was wearing a small pad just in case. I noticed though that my discharge had changed a little. Its a yellow/green color and its sticky like mucus or snot, and it doesn't normally smell, it just smells like my discharge normally does. The only time it ever smells is if i've been wearing the pad all day or for a long time. When it does smell the only think i can think of is sweaty gym socks if you know what i mean.
Hi Im 20 year old and I have yellow green discharge without smell im so worried about that is that normal?first my discharge is look like cottage cheese I go to OB Already they said i have yeast infection they gave me vaginal table for 6 days after the medication my discharge become liquid then turns to yellow green color. Please help me i need a best answer to this problem.
you should not be having that kind of discharge or smell. anytime you have yellow discarge it is not good or if it smells. the longer you wait the more chance you have that it will cause more problems or if it is a infection it can lead to PID which can affect you having children one day. see a dr asap.
i seem to be having a white discharge sometimes yellow and it gives a very bad smell,i get my periods on the right time,and i have no other problems,but i have been wearing a loop for the past 3 years now to prevent pregnancy,i am healthy and sexually true to one partner,i feel very bad due this offencive smell,can you please advise me as to why does this happen?
Bacterial infection symptoms or bacterial vaginosis is another cause of vulvovaginitis. These are most commonly a yellow to brown discharge with a foul odor. The discharge can be very light to heavy and a liquid consistency. The odor is a fishy smell and can be quite strong if you have a bad bacterial infection. Bacterial Vaginosis can be cured very easy in the privacy of your own home. Go and see another Doctor,preferably a female.
every oncr in a while i get a snotty yellow vaginal discharge. It doesnt smell or burn or anything. Its just alarming! I never had any of this with my first pregnancy. My anxeity level has been pretty high since learning that i am pregnant with twins. Im 10 wks today.
I have to change my underwear every day or wear a pad. It's such a strong fishy smell i can actually smell it now while I'm seating upright. It's sometimes liquidy and sometimes really thick... always yellow/brown in colour. It stains. I keep crossing my legs incase the smell flies off to the air. I'm a virgin and no it doesn't come during my period days only - this is daily. My periods are regular. I'm a teenager.
Im 26 and i just started getting this BEFORE my period for the first time there is no smell snd no itching or burning. I only notice it after I use the restroom and wipe myself. I checked around and as long as there is no pain or other symptoms we should be alright. Contact your OB/GYN, Planned Parenthood (free because your under 18) or family doctor if your really concerned or have any chnages.
I have been having a lot of discharge (yellow) it doesn't smell or nothing but it never went away is it normal??also my nipples hurt so much when they get hard is all this normal or do I have to speak to my Dr.
I'm 5 weeks and for like a week or so I've had yellowish greenish smell no hurting or burning..what could this be?
The strangest thing is, that when I used Safeguard soap, the cream didn't change the smell and the pumps disappeared for a while. Last month I had bloody discharge for 2 days between my periood and gynecologist told that cervix is bit red, but treatment can be done after receiving test results. Tests showed that all STD results are negative. PAP result was classified PAP II. Culture from cervix was also clear. Pelvic ultrasound only showed multifollicular ovaries, so this is also clear.
Also positive for UTI took full round of anti-botics and 5 gross yellow dye pain pillow. Still hurts a little bit to urinate. But the big thing is this gushing, yellow watery discharge with no smell. It soaks threw my panty liner and pants. Hurts to sit down, tiny itch not much. When it comes out it's in a warm gush, like I peed. it's not like discharge normally it. This looks like pus and water , but you cant see through it. When I pee it sprays in every direction. So UTI...yes....
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