Yellow discharge could i be pregnant

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Avatar f tn ilight>iilight> am 8weeks ilight>pregnantilight> with my second child and ilight>iilight> am getting ilight>yellowilight> ilight>dischargeilight> every time i go pee and wipe? Why is this??
168006 tn?1241016561 Notilight>iilight>ced yesterday that my discharge is changing. it was yellow and seems to have a stronger and more foul odor to it. i am also occasionally getting a "watery" discharge. it is usually a sudden feeling of being wet, but it doesn't continue to leak so i doubt it's amniotic fluid. i am 35 weeks pregnant. Are these signs of pending labor, or should i be concerned about infection?
Avatar f tn ilight>iilight> have a strong suspicion it ilight>couldilight> ilight>beilight> BV, bacterial vaginosis. Try searching for it. Yeast is different, and BV is more common.
Avatar n tn The only thing i've ever heard about ilight>yellowilight> ilight>dischargeilight> is that it ilight>couldilight> ilight>beilight> trichomonas. Your dr can take a swab and look under the microscope to diagnose for that.
5793136 tn?1375298104 Yup like the other ladies said, its normal.
Avatar f tn Hello dear! There might be a possibility that you are pregnant! :) Based on what is happening to me right now,i'm pregnant and also having a discharge of a milky white and sometimes yellowish,sometimes turning brown. As long as your discharge is not having a foul odor,you don't have to worry about. Take a pregnancy test or consult a doctor.
Avatar f tn The morning after pill (or plan B) can cause irregular bleeding or spotting, that's just a result of the pill. it can also mess up your cycle quite a bit and actually isn't very good for you. As you probably know, it isn't 100% effective either, but since you took it within the first 24 hours, it's going to be as effective as it can be. Chances that you're pregnant...pretty slim, but still always a chance. Vaginal discharge is normal and every woman gets it.
Avatar f tn ilight>iilight> am not to sure ilight>iilight> think ilight>iilight> might ilight>beilight> ilight>pregnantilight>. ilight>iilight> havent done a test yet, but ilight>iilight> am about 7 days late, i have cramping like i am going to get my period and the cramping seems to get worse at night. i also have a yellowish discharge. my breast seem to be getting harder but are not sore. i dont have morning sickness or cravings. So im very confussed to as i might be pregnant or not. Can someon help?
1461759 tn?1295324365 i also have a stuffy nose and a little cough, i've been having headaches, some people say i've gotten a little bigger and my grandma and aunt said my breast seem like they've gotten a bit bigger, i just started to have lower back pains every once and a while now, and the other weekend i was outside and i started to feel light headed and dizzy, and i've been feeling nauses but have't thrown up yet, and today my urine is a bring yellow...could i be pregnant?
1620998 tn?1298994428 i am having a white discharge that ont stop and it has increased yesterday it started out as a couple of drops and today it look like ilight>iilight> wet my paint, but its not ilight>yellowilight> ilight>couldilight> ilight>iilight> ilight>beilight> pregnant?
Avatar f tn i done so research for u and yes you can have black blood as old implantation xx u ilight>couldilight> ilight>beilight> ilight>pregnantilight> ilight>iilight> really hope you are xx baby dust to u
Avatar f tn and my period ended the day before... what are the chances that ilight>iilight> ilight>couldilight> ilight>beilight> ilight>pregnantilight>?? ilight>iilight> am freaking out here. ilight>iilight> have been super stressed, so idk if that can delay ovulation, but today i saw a glob of snot looking yellow discharge that had a chunk of blood in it... ): any help is appreciated!!
529440 tn?1232117305 ilight>iilight> have heard that you can have more than one mucus plug while pregnant. Maybe that is what it could be?? i really don't know what one looks like tho. i have never lost one.
Avatar f tn Have had two ultrasounds and baby said to be doing well.Has anyone else experienced this?ilight>couldilight> this ilight>beilight> a start of miscarriage? Will ilight>beilight> going to hospital when hubby gets home.
Avatar m tn if ilight>iilight> were you ilight>iilight> would not panic ilight>dischargeilight> is normal during pregnancy but just to ilight>beilight> on the safe side check with your doctor to make sure you don't have an infection i highly doubt it's a miscarriage you may have a yeast infection or a UTi
Avatar f tn im still trying to get my health insurance straightened out cause they are somewhat retarded where ilight>iilight> live but ilight>iilight> will ilight>beilight> going to the doctor sometime within the next week or so..thank you guys you was a little concerned...
Avatar f tn ilight>yellowilight> ilight>couldilight> mean an infection so ilight>iilight> would make an appointment to ilight>beilight> sure and get the antibiotics you need.
Avatar n tn Go see a doctor for a blood test.
Avatar f tn So ilight>iilight> get alot of ilight>dischargeilight>...this time when ilight>iilight> went to the toilet and wiped ilight>iilight> had green discharge! But ot doesnt smell birn or itch. is this a problem ??
Avatar n tn hi, im 14 weeks ilight>pregnantilight> ilight>iilight> have ilight>yellowilight> ilight>dischargeilight> in my panty which is sticky and foul smell, i dont have any itching.
Avatar f tn Twice before i took the morning after pill i had two random globs of blood and once a membrane like brown type of ilight>dischargeilight>. This is not something that is normal for me whatsoever. Like ilight>iilight> said my period was supposed to ilight>beilight> here by now but instead, i have a very thin, yellow with a tint of brown discharge that smells like period or like a fishy odor. i cannot smell the odor unless i purposely try to... Normally before my periods, i have a very thick white discharge.
5457586 tn?1369874289 every oncr in a while i get a snotty ilight>yellowilight> vaginal ilight>dischargeilight>. it doesnt smell or burn or anything. its just alarming! ilight>iilight> never had any of this with my first pregnancy. My anxeity level has been pretty high since learning that i am pregnant with twins. im 10 wks today.
Avatar f tn i looked it up and the only thing that i found similar to my case was the yellowish-green discharge that many pregnate women get after a few weeks of pregnancy. ilight>iilight> know for a FACT that i'm not ilight>pregnantilight>...i'm only 15.What ilight>couldilight> this ilight>beilight>? Any ideas? it doesn't hurt but has a slight sour odor. it's not noticeable unless you're up close and personal with it.
Avatar f tn ilight>iilight> just read something on what to and it says to call labor and delivery if you have that color discharge.
Avatar f tn ilight>iilight> wouldn't ilight>beilight> worried about white ilight>dischargeilight>. Your body is naturally making more moisture and as long as it doesn't turn green/ yellow and smell bad/ fishy. it's just your body cleansing itself. And as long as there's no blood or cramping you should be ok.
Avatar n tn im 5-7weeks pregnant and have been having clear to white ilight>dischargeilight> like crazy. But yesterday ilight>iilight> noticed almost ilight>yellowilight> ilight>dischargeilight> like urine. im not itchig or expercing discomfort. My doctor is unavailable till Wednesday.
Avatar n tn i think its normal because firstly in pregnancy there is a lot of ilight>dischargeilight> and varity ilight>iilight> m 18 weeks too nd ilight>iilight> m experiencing the same But u shuld ilight>beilight> worried if its from mud browm to red color Tht wuld nt be okay i think...