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i have read posts in the past where some of you have suggested vinegar baths, vinegar water douches to help w. yeast infections. i feel as if i have a yeast infection coming on and want to nip that in the bud.. asap. i sat in a tub of water w. vinegar (i smell so lovely) but didnt know how long to soak for? also, how much vinegar and water do i mix for a douche? and how much should i use of it? how can i squirt that mixture up there?
and there's this info about how to cure yeast infection. But it has to be apple cider vinegar. I am really suffering yeast infection badly it already got swollen cause of super duper itchy.
I have a really bad case of Yeast infection. I have medicine and cream prescribed by the doctor. It is really burnt and iritated. I keep reading to take a vinegar bath... and can't stop thinking that it is going to hurt like crazy.
I was given an antibiotic via iv and now i think i have a yeast infection what is safe for me to use
You can make a leave on rinse using a diluted vinegar and water solution, using 1/2 cup of vinegar to one quart of water. Put this in a squirt bottle and spray on, or you can dab it or pour it on the affected areas. The anti-fungal shampoo kills the yeast infection and the rinse helps to prevent new yeast from sprouting. The yeast grows so fast that you will have to repeat this daily during your dogs worst season. You can begin to spread out the washings to twice per week over time.
I been having yeast infection on and off and haven't been treating it cause it only last a day or two. Now I have a yeast infection and it last over 2 days. I need to call my doctor tm sap.
Ive tryed changin just to cotton underwear, no scent soap, no bubble baths and no tight jeans likee all summer lol. I only douched because the vinegar and water one isnt thaat bad I guess and is supposed to help.
So i read in a post a few days ago, that putting greek jogurt up your vagina would help heal the yeast infection. ...i tried that yesterday and today it was only getting worse so i stopped. Anybody have any advice?
not sure if a yeast infection would cause her to be sore or not, has she been itching it? my daughter is 4 1/2, and she has been having red rawness on her vagina. this has been going on for over a year, and nothing is making it go away. she has been on several medications for it, the doctors have ruled out a yeast infection. i am worried. she gets so raw that she cries. ive been using different types of baby bum cream to see what soothes her. if it goes away... it always comes back.
Apple cider vinegar mixed with water and douche. Take probiotics. Cleared up my candida.
One other comment -- even though Lotromin is not cheap, just slather it on. Don't smooth it on so it rubs in, like hand lotion, but put it on instead like whipping cream on pie. Well, maybe not that much (LOL) but put on more than you might think is needed, each time. My son's diaper rashes always went away when I really ladled on the stuff. I think the diaper absorbs so much of it that it's pretty much useless when put on the way we would put lotion on normal skin.
I had one awhile ago and as I live out in the boonies and work from my home it is really hard to get in to a doctor. So I went online and found that douching with water and vinegar is a home remedy. I did it a couple times a day for a couple days and it was over. Just a weak solution. Mostly water, little vinegar. Now if you are pregnant, I am not sure if you can do this so I would find that out first.
I had a slight one also at the start of my second trimester, I can't use the creams as they irritate me, my Dr told me to mix 1/3 cup white vinegar in 1 litre of water and bathe the opening 3 times a day and it worked, I don't have it anymore. it's amazing.
I read that home remedies for a yeast infection are unsweetened yogurt, garlic and lots of water. I have been applying yogurt to the area once or twice a day and i tried a garlic paste but it stung super bad. I also took a hot bath with apple cider vinegar in the water last night. I guess my question is, is it normal for symptoms to come in intervals like mine have? Also any other treatments to suggest and do you guys think this is what i have? Should i try monistat or something?
I have tried several creams and also wash my penus 2 times a day with Water/Apple Cider Vinegar and nothing. I have gone to 3 docs and they say they can't see anything and that I exagerte. I finally took a picture of it and my godfather(who is a doctor) saw it and said that it is a fungal infection. He gave me Sporonox 1 pill daily for 15 days.
So now I have a case of yeast infection. If it's not one thing it's another. I don't know the soonest I will see my doctor. So now I need to know... Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can take safe to hold me on on this uncomfortable feeling of having a yeast infection until I see a doctor? Any safe home remedies money is tight?
I have several questions about the treatment of a yeast infection. I was prescribed diflucan to take two times within 5 days of each other. I did not have any symptoms of a yeast infection - other than I was having pain during sex, so therefore I refrained from intercourse with my boyfriend until I seen a doctor.
I have several questions about the treatment of a yeast infection. I was prescribed diflucan to take two times within 5 days of each other. I did not have any symptoms of a yeast infection - other than I was having pain during sex, so therefore I refrained from intercourse with my boyfriend until I seen a doctor.
So all together I've had a yeast infection for four months now.I'm 31 weeks pregnant and just want a safe effective way to get rid of it. I've thrown my underwear away and have tried everything I can think of. It has completely ruined me and my husbands sex life. Someone plz give your advice!
im a virgin but after i recieved oral sex i got a yeast infection and i got those bumps on my libia as well. i think theyre swollen nerves but my doc told me not to worry. it itches after use soap but it hasnt spread. im wnodering if it was inflamed from the yeast nfecton or im alergict to soap or my bfs salya.
Ok I have a yeast infection and can't get a good night sleep due to itchy burning the medicine is taking a while :( anyone know how to relieve the itchyness/burning for now (or or good) also how long should it take for the medicine to work please answer fast
She tells me that she thinks she has a yeast infection and passed it along to me. There is no external symptoms, only penile tingling, burning on the inside, and some painful urination. For the past two days I have been eating yogurt, taking cranberry pills, and drinking apple cider vinegar trying to fight the infection. Can anyone vouch for me that this is an actual yeast infection? And does the action I'm taking seem like the right action to take?
I am 21 weeks pregnant and I thought I had a yeast infection and several obgyn visits ago I told my doctor that I get them a lot so she prescribed me some cream. The time before when I thought I had one it turned out not to be and so I didn't use the cream, but this time I did. You insert it vaginally and push like you would if it was a tampon. Sorry it this is too much info, but have no other way to describe. I have been having a lot of discharge...which is usual being pregnant...
If you notice symptoms after receiving oral sex, be sure to start rinsing your outer parts off with a gentle vinegar and water wash right afterwards. The human mouth is teeming with yeast organisms and this is a very common reason for frequent yeast imbalances. Sometimes you will get a yeast infection if you are on antibiotics. Treat it if you are SURE you have one. There are lactobacillus capsules in some health food stores that might help restore your normal flora.
However, recently I was fingered, and very roughly I might add which I'm not used to, got a yeast infection and took meds, still had irritation and soreness...yesterday I went to the doctor who said she didn't see anything that looked like an STD, but she did see a bump near the opening of my vagina, and she said it seemed like I had almost a bit of a hymen that was torn.
I drink cranberry/blueberry juice (not the sugary kind) and eat grapefruit when I feel a yeast infection coming on. When I have a yeast infection that has just begun, generally eating half a grapefruit in the morning will get rid of my symptoms and they will not return if I eat grapefruit for the next few days. Try eating grapefruit. Sleep in the nude, or without underwear. Yeast are anaerobes, meaning they do not like oxygen. Get some air circulating!!
Ok I had a yeast infection last week and I called my Dr and he called in that pill for me. The yeast infection is gone now but I have scratched myself raw and it is killing me. I have been using vagicaine cream that has benzocaine to numb it so it doesn't hurt but still that wears off after about 30 minutes. Walking put me in terrible pain and I can't sleep at night because I wake up almost every hour from the pain and burning where I am raw.
Hi all, I actually stopped pumping for my baby (had a preemie, so I could only pump) 3 months ago because I got a yeast infection on my nipples and it was so extremely painful and so difficult to get rid of that I couldn't take it anymore. I tried EVERYTHING to remedy it, and finally thought that killing my milk supply was the only thing that I could do. Unfortunately, however, it looks like I sacrificed my milk for nothing because I STILL can't get rid of the yeast.
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